"Your ploy was impressive, I must admit."

"Which one? The one where I put you in check, or the one where I checkmated Tom Riddle?"

"Both. I haven't had someone seriously challenge me in chess since 1562, and I think that you have a great natural talent for strategical thinking."

"I'm just a person who likes to fuck up people's plans. I am an agent of chaos."

Ra's looked up from the game and stared at The Joker. "Are you sure you want to be telling me that?"

"You're the one that showed up at my doorstep." The Joker was still licking his lips. Most people never got used to it, but Ra's found it endearing somehow. Was endearing the right word? Ra's discovered long ago that he was a sociopath, long before the word even came into use. Endearing wasn't the right word. No, he found it "sincere".

I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.

Maxims like these echoed throughout both men. One was trying to create order out of chaos, the other was trying to make chaos out of order, but both were working towards the same particular goal together: To destroy. Not out of malice, or evil, though in The Joker's case evil may not have been such a bad thing. The ends were realized out of ideology.

"I don't recall you being around when we were first infiltrating Gotham."

"I'm more of a lone wolf. I keep to myself mostly."

"Is this when you learned of the magical menace known as 'Lord' Voldemort?"

"Yes. 'Lord' Voldemort is infamous among the magical population. They're a very selfish lot, no different than the rest of humanity, but with the added delight of their hypocrisy being more transparent."


The chess game wore on in a traditional fashion, until they had achieved a Lucena. One of them was destined to lose the chess game.

"You know, you could kill me right now." The Joker was licking his lips again.

"I could. Unfortunately, I would probably regret it. You cut out a lot of your competition from Gotham. And for me you cut out world leaders. Ingenious. You also created a Horcrux for yourself."

Ra's smiled. He deduced this simple fact while analyzing The Joker's methodology. He always has a trump card. His games are not unlike what those on the internet like to call "The Xanatos Gambit".

"I don't believe in the concept of souls. I'm pretty sure that what keeps you anchored to this world is probably some demonic force, as is magic , ultimately."

"Magic is just what more powerful beings call a doggie bag" replied Ra's.

"I don't get the joke", said The Joker

"Yes you do. Magic is a reminder of the power of gods and devils. I don't prefer dabbling in the stuff myself, but of course I didn't put it past me to make a horcrux too. What I want to know, is how you found Harry Potter."

"Oddly enough, I found him in the Narrows."

Ra's looked up. He moved his Rook, which if it had been a Wizard's Chess rook would have had a look of horror on it's face. Rf2, it has to be.

"He was in an old treasure chest. You see, Voldemort remembers being in an orphanage after his mom died, and his dad abandoned him." The Joker predictably licked his lips again.

"The orphanage was pretty bad, but they sometimes did nice things like take the kids to the zoo or to the movies or whatever. There was an end of the year trip, I'm betting, and it was to Gotham City. The Narrows was home to Captain Kidd's buried treasure, or it was before someone pilfered it. Based on what I know about the other horcruxes, which were stored in other items of importance, like Helga Hufflepuff's goblet, he obviously picked places he found important. Potter was the very last horcrux."

Several positions had been made during this explanation, a flurry if you will. Now Ra's was preparing to build a bridge, as Nimzowitsch would have it.

"I suppose I don't want to hear about your lurid means of brainwashing."

"No." The Joker mouthed the word twice.

"And he died in the nuclear explosion, only to come back to life. I wonder why. Does he love you?"

"A little bit."

What the Joker didn't tell Ra's was that Harry Potter was transmuted to look identical to The Joker. He killed Voldemort, thus fulfilling the prophecy. Also, the Ra's Al Ghul at the explosion site was obviously a decoy.

"I win", said Ra's, smiling.

He stood up to shake the Joker's hand.