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As Naruto grouped all the letters of girls who sent him nude pictures in a pile and used a small fire jutsu to burn them. He didn't want to marry a slut that would send letters with 'that' kind of pictures to anyone that they never scene before. He then burned the letters from 'UGLY INBREAD pure-bloods' the only letters that he still had left were the girls that were not totally after him for his money and the ones that weren't were after him for other reasons. After that he was getting tired of sorting letters so he burned all of them. Then he turned into his 20 year old form.

After that Naruto went to the magical pet shop and after looking around for a wile the owner came up to him and asked if he needed help. The owner was a big man of 6 and a half feet with black hair that went down to his shoulders.

"Yes that would be nice. I am getting a present for a friend of mine as well as getting a new pet for myself. And money is no object" Said Naruto. Right after he said that Naruto could have sworn that he saw the man's eyes turn into dollar signs.

"Well sir I would like to show you the rare collection. It is over here" said the man wile leading Naruto behind a door. The room was filed with eggs of unknown origins. There was also an egg that caught his interests. It was pitched black. And as he went up to it the owner saw where he was going and said "that is something that I think you would like. When it hatches it will be a winged serpent. They are very useful and they could carry mail. They have the ability to turn invisible and are undetectable to most people if they don't want to be known then people have a hard time finding them." Said the owner

"Hmm. That sounds good I'll take it. Now tell me what is that egg over there or that one?" asked Naruto pointing to an electric blue egg and a forest green egg. They were about 1 foot from bottom to top.

"They are my most expensive eggs. The blue one is a Phoenix. But not a normal fire Phoenix that everyone thinks of when they hear Phoenix this one is a lightning Phoenix. It has the power of a normal fire one but in lightning form. Like the flame travel but with lightning. The green one is a Basilisk. But I don't think you would like it. They are deadly to all even the owner of it. And the eggs take a long time to hatch. There is a rumor that there was an egg that didn't hatch for 900 years so they don't make good pets. The only ones that get them are potion masters." Said the man

"I will take all three" said Naruto to a now shocked man

"That would be 15000 gallions" said the man and after Naruto paid it he thought that he could take a LONG vacation.

The next place Naruto decided to visit was a little store that sold potion ingredients.

"Hello? Anyone here?" said Naruto

"YAA. I'LL BE THERE IN A SEC." Someone yelled from the back room. When that person came up to Naruto the only thing Naruto could think of was 'damn she is hot' she had long blond hair that reached the middle of her back. Here eyes were emerald green. And she looked like she was 19 years old. She wore tight jeans and a black tank top.

"Yes? What is it you need?" asked the girl

"Hello my name is Naruto and I need some rare potions ingredients." Said Naruto

"Ohh. Sorry. My name is Mika and what are the ingredients that you need?" asked the person now known as Mika

"Well I need an eye of a sea serpent and 3 cups of virgin blood" said Naruto

"All right one sec" she said and heads to the back and returned with a jar with an eye in it.

"Here is the eye" and before Naruto could stop here she stabs her wrist with a silver knife and lets the blood drop into another jar. And when she was done she cast a spell on herself to stop the bleeding and took a blood pill to replenish her blood. "And here is your virgin blood." Said the women

"How can I tell if it is real virgin blood?" asked Naruto

"I am a virgin and you could cheek if you want." Said the women giving Naruto a look of lust.

"Sure." Said a now smiling as he took her to the back room (here is where a lemon would be but I am not good at it so imagine it or you could send me a lemon and I will put it here with a thank you to whoever sent it.)

2 hours later

"Well I guess you were a virgin" said Naruto as he paid and left to his house. He had 2 hours before the I.B.s meeting to get ready.

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