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As Naruto looked at his watch he found that he had 1 hour left to go to the meeting of immortal beings so he changed his age to look like he was 23 years old and into his formal attire (well not so much formal as the things he only wears on special occasion.). He wore a silver trench coat with the symbol of The Balance In bright orange. It went down to his knees and up to his neck. The coat was made of the finest silk with seals on the inside of the pockets for large storage. The coat also had seals so that when Naruto channels chakra into it, it will be as hard as a diamond. He also wore baggy silver pants that were made of the finest silk with seals on the inside of the pockets for large storage just like his coat. Under his coat he had a silver T- shirt once again made of the same silk. When the time to go to the meeting Naruto took out a ring and slipped it on and he felt his powers coming back to him.

Wile he is on earth Naruto's powers are limited to what he would have as a human. In his case when he is 11 years old he has the chakra of a mid-Anbu and the magic level of a mid-jounin to high jounin (he has 3 deferent energies not the same with only having chakra and being able to spilt it up into spiritual and the physical parts) and the physical energy of a high jounin (for a rough scale of power read at the bottom). Now he felt like he had all his power back and it felt amazing.

Using his powers he teleported to the meeting place. It was a large cave that was at the center of Mount Everest. And when he got there he was standing in front of giant metal doors. And when he opened then he found 7 chairs to the sides (I changed the number of people so not it will only be 7). The first to the left was a sky blue chair. The second was a golden chair. The third was a white chair. The first to the right was crimson red. The second was a deep earthy brown. The third to the right was black. And in the very center of things was a silver chair.

Walking to the middle chair Naruto sat in to and put his arms on the arm rests and right after he did that the door opened again and 6 people walked into the room and sat in a chair.

The first one was a gorgeous woman that looked to be about 25 years old. She had long blond hair and was dressed in a white robe. On her back was a set of white feathered wings. she was 6 foot. She went to the sky blue chair. (queen of heaven )

The second was a man that was red and had horns and a tail. He was wearing a leather coat and pants. (Think devil…with a leather coat and leather pants) he went to the red chair. This man was 6 foot 8 inches. (king of hell)

The next person to come in was an old man that carried a staff with a clock on the top. He had a hunch and stood 5 foot 8 inches. He wore a navy blue robe with golden clocks on it. He went to the gold chair. (Father Time)

The forth person was a women that had green hair and was 6 foot even. She wore a moss green robe. (mother nature)

The fifth was a women that looked like she was a 21 year old Ino. But she wore a white silk robe. As well as she had glasses. (kami)

The final person was a man that looked like kenpachi zeraki (sp? The one from bleach the 11th captain). (shinigami)

"I have called this meeting because one of our junior members have something to tell everyone." said kami as a man walked in. Wile they are the ones that make the big decisions the junior members told there side of the story. Each race had a person to speak for them that told the senior members how there race was doing.

"thank you kami. I have come to report that my sorcerers stone has been stole. An object like that could be dangerous. It could make any man the richest man. And reverse someone's age." Said the man " I beg you to help me find it."

"leave us we will talk on this issue ." Said mother nature said. And after the man left they started to talk

" You know that we need to find it. That stone in the wrong hands could be a danger to all. Good or evil could finally destroy the other and we can't allow that." Said Naruto and began debating ( maybe when I update this chapter I will make this longer.).

1 hour latter

"Is there any other item that anyone would like to talk about" asked kami

"I do." Said Naruto

"what is it" asked kami

"the British minister of magic asked for some of my rare book. And he said 1 book that caught me by surprise. So I looked into his mind." Said Naruto "what I found was what I feared his ministry has found 3 of the deity weapons and the book was the book that morgen la fay wrote about the weapons she stole from us about how to us them." Said Naruto to a shocked

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Notice- High Kage is the highest level that a human has ever achieved (Naruto dose not count because he is no longer human). This is only for ninja stuff




















S-ranked jutsus- need mid Sannin and up chakra

A-ranked jutsus- need mid Anbu and up chakra

B-ranked jutsus- need low jounin and up chakra

C-ranked jutsus- need low Chunin and up chakra

D-ranked jutsus- need low gennin and up chakra

E-ranked jutsus- anyone that can us any chakra and mold it can use these.

Notice- those are basic scales and elemental jutsus differ depending on how strong that persons affinity is

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