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After the feast when the students were going to there dorms the headmaster asked Naruto to fallow him to his office. When they got to the gargoyles the headmaster says "lemon drop". They gargoyles let them go.

"Now Mr. Uzumaki. I'm afraid that we can't have you be in the Uzumaki house. the reason is that was have lost the location of said house about 45 years ago (1 year after Dumbledore became headmaster. when he found out that the people that are in that house have more power then the other houses. he found out that they could check out eney book from the library.( Naruto dose not care about that. he has been around for longer then eney book about history can say. and in that time he has learned many things. he buys every new book once every 50 years to keep up with the new spells.)) so I would like for you to be resorted" said the headmaster

"That is all right I know where it is" said Naruto

"Ohh... alright" said the headmaster wile thinking of ways to get him to befriend only people that were under his thumb.

"Ill be going now" says Naruto as he leaves to his dorms for a start of the new school was about to start

There he was walking down the long hallways of Hogwarts. Naruto knew that Dumbledore was an old man that used his age to manipulate people to do things that he wanted them to do. It didn't help that about 50 years ago he helped defeat that weak dark lord that was trying to gain control of the world. Now he was known as the leader of the light (here Naruto thought that he needs to be take down a few pegs in the public's view). But for the life of him he could not figure what Dumbledore was up to. So as he walked to the nearest door still thinking about what Dumbledore was up to he spoke the password that lets eney door become the entrance to the Uzumaki house. As he walked in he found nothing had changed from the time he last visited the castle.

The room was just a bedroom with a desk in the in the corner. And 1 door to the left and 2 doors to the right. In front of him was a king size bed with a perch at the side. The bed looked like the other student's bed but bigger and was green, blue, red, and yellow. The first door to the right was a bathroom with a bathtub that could pass for a pool. In the second door to the right was a library. It was full of books with thing that have long since forgotten. The final door (not the one he just came in from) and the only one on the left was where he was walking to. So he put his hand on the doorknob wile putting chakra in it. The door opened into a room with weapons, scrolls and the thing that he came in here for. icha icha books. (They were more story the anything else. a women had a copy and decided to read it and to her surprise it was a good book. and gave it to Naruto. up until then he thought it was only smut but he found it to be a good book. so he bought 10 of every edition.) He walks out of the room and jumps into bed for a good long sleep.


The next day


As he woke up Naruto could tell that it would be a long day. As Naruto got out of bed he slipped on something. He search for whatever he slipped on but could not find anything. Even when he used his mage sight. After that failed he tried his life sight. Mage sight was used to see eney magic. Wile life sight was used to see anything that was alive. even things that no one else can see (Luna's sight).( the sharingan was latter spread threw all the population that gave them life sight. he found a way to get the ability. it was a jutsu that gave the person using it the bloodline of the person that it was being used on. but now they were almost all gone there were only about 7 families that still can us it or pass it down and only 5 that have people that have the ability to us it )(wile the byakugan gave people mage sight after the loss of chakra). Finally giving up on finding what tripped him he called his pet cat (Nundu) and told her that she could sleep today wile he was at class. And after a bath he walked out of his bathroom to see his little Nundu asleep on his bed. Without making a sound he got his wand from the bed side table.

This wand was the most powerful wand ever. It was made from a dead tree of life. (The tree of life is a lot like a Phoenix. it was only dead for .7 seconds before it came back alive.) The cores were of the divined and the dammed. With a feather from the purest angel (willingly given). Soaked in the blood of the most corrupted demon (forcefully taken (when ever something is taken and not give it becomes worse. Like if a unicorn's blood is given then it will not have the bad side effect that it dose if it is willingly given)). After it was made Naruto put seals on it. No one else can us it without permission. It was unbreakable.

Naruto went to the exit door and opened it. The exit was right were Naruto wanted to be. Right next to the great hall. As Naruto walked into the great hall it was clear that the people that didn't know about the Uzumaki clan/house asked people that did and all wanted to know one thing. How strong was Naruto?

Ignoring all this Naruto sat on a chair and began to eat.

000000000 dumbledore's p.o.v. 000000000000

Dumbledore at that moment entered the great hall to find it almost silent. But as he started to eat at the head table he found that the noise got louder at all the tables but the Gryfindor's. All of them were looking at the Uzumaki table. The twins were eager for something. And it didn't take someone as smart as him (Dumbledore) to figure out that the twins were up to something and it involved the young Uzumaki. He had been up all night with plots to get the Uzumaki to join him. His first plan to have him resorted had failed. The brat had known where the house was. Something he thought was only told to the headmaster for them to know if someone was ever sorted into the house. He would find a way to bring Naruto to his side. Or he would have to kill him.

00000000000 normal p.o.v. 000000000000

As Naruto finished eating people started to point at him and laugh. When Naruto asked the nearest person who was not laughing and asked what was so funny.

"It's that your hair has turned bubble gum pink. I think it was the twins that did it to you." Said a Slytherin that was pranked on the train to hog warts by the twins. ohh they didn't know who they were messing with when they pranked the best prankster in history.

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