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Title: An Interlude of Bears and Insects

By: GrizzlyTeddyBear

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, and this makes me sad. It also means I make no money from this venture. Naruto belongs to Misashi Kishimoto. I do own Paige Stone, my OC! All information regarding animal totems was collected from Dancing The Wheel by Sun Bear and Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

Main Pairings: ShinoxOC

Rating: M for mentioned adult themes

Warning: AU, Post-series start time. Rookie 9 is 23-24 years old. Fic mentions pagan religions, if you can't handle it, don't read! Also is OC-centric. Hold your pants, all will be revealed as the story progresses.

***Chapter 4***

Warmth. The feeling of safety and security…followed by sunlight hitting her in the eye.

After her exhausting day that started with a night of no sleep, working with Ibiki, working the ward, and then hauling a reluctant Drake to get medical attention, Paige went home and promptly fell asleep on the couch. However, she found herself waking up in her own bed. And she was waking up to that warm feeling of security that only comes from being held by someone you love.

Smiling to herself, she rolled over and tried to burrow herself further into Shino. "Missed you," she said, her voice muffled by the fact that her face was plastered against her husband's chest.

The kikaichu could be heard humming within his body.

A kiss landed on the top of her head. "Missed you too."

"You shoulda woken me up when you got in," she stated, finally looking up into Shino's black eyes.

His arms tightened around her slightly. "You looked like you needed the sleep."

Paige snorted, "That's an understatement." She looked puzzled for a moment, "Although usually no matter how tired I am, I wake up when people try and move me."

A smirk was her answer. "Ninja."

"Ninja, my ass…" she bantered.

Shino's reply was to run one of his hands slowly down her spine to rest on mentioned ass and give a brief squeeze. "Raincheck. I want to ninja something else."

Paige felt she was losing her composure as his unoccupied hand ran up her back, gently held the back her head and brought her forward into a kiss. Moaning in response, she tried to shift even closer to gain more contact with the man she loved. Hands continued to wander her back. When they lightly traced her tattoos, she was forced to break the kiss and arch her back.

His mouth ventured to the target her neck presented to him. Mouth caressing, licking, and kissing every inch of skin.

Coherent thought was overrated, Paige thought fleetingly before just enjoying the sensations Shino never failed to bring about in her.

Exploration was done at a leisurely pace.

A few times she tried to return the pleasurable sensations Shino was rousing in her, but a look from those endless black eyes and the pleading tone of voice when he said, "Let me," was all it took for a big lump to form in Paige's throat while she nodded her acquiescence.

Shino took her permission and turned his attention to the center of her sex. With fingers and tongue and a look of adoration while she looked back at him, he set an agonizingly slow pace.

Paige writhed under his ministrations. She could feel the slow build of orgasm, like a tsunami rolling in from a distance.




Loving black eyes.

Oh it was always the emotions behind the eyes that undid her. Arching her back, nearly bowed in half, she screamed out in ecstasy.

Becoming limp as her orgasm subsided, Paige felt her husband kiss his way back up her body. With the same agonizing slowness, he explored ever inch of her mouth with his.

Finally pulling away so they both could breathe, he whispered, "Love you."

Paige could only manage a sharp intake of breath and a drawn out moan in reply as Shino slowly filled her with his length. Another orgasm could be felt, riding on the heels of the not-yet-finished first climax. This time Shino let her wrap her arms and legs around his body, locking them in their intimate embrace. "Love you too," she finally managed to gasp out.

"Let me move, let me show you?" Shino asked in a ragged breath. It was the pleading tone that caught her attention. Shino rarely used that tone of voice.

"You do. Every time you look at me with those eyes," Paige responded, a little alarmed at this new side of Shino, but he wasn't letting her think straight to talk.

As if to prove her correct, Shino ground against her while they were still joined.

She moaned in response, and loosened her grip. When he did that, she would do anything for him.

"I need to do more than look tonight," he confessed to her. Slowly he started his motion, pumping in and out of her. Instead this time, the pace had an almost incremental build up. Every stroke became a little faster, more intense, and more fervent.

They were desperately clinging to each other by the time they both reached their climax.

Shino fell bonelessly next to Paige, and brought her into a crushing embrace. He tried to bury himself in her short, messy, blonde hair. "There were a few times…," he trailed off, but tried again, "Things are different when you have someone to come home to."

Paige willed her sex-fogged mind into working again. Shino rarely expressed vulnerability to her. For him to say those things, must have cost him. Something really bad had to have happened on the mission. She rearranged herself so she was straddling him and looking down into his eyes. "I won't push for what happened," she said, holding his gaze. "But I will always be here for you to come home to." She lowered herself so they were nose to nose. "Always," Paige repeated. Then she followed her statements with a slow and sweet kiss, leisurely exploring his mouth with her tongue, in an almost imitation to what he had done to her earlier.

She took her time in reacquainting herself with her husband's body, and a small part of her understood Shino's unhurried pace before. When she had reached the obvious sign of his appreciation of her efforts, Paige took him into her mouth, and continued her exploration. Licking, swirling, bobbing slowly up in down while holding the rest of him in her hand.

His hands alternating between fisting the sheets and hovering to the side of her head. It looked like he was fighting against an urge to grab her head and increase the pace of things.

When it looked like he was about to lose his control, Paige stopped what she was doing, and gradually crawled back up her husband's body so she could stare down into his face. "Shino," she tried to get his attention. She positioned herself so her entrance hovered above the tip of him. "Shino," she called out again.

Black, lust filled eyes sluggishly opened to regard her behind hooded lids.

"If you ever died on me…" Paige lowered herself with deliberate slowness onto him, pausing to enjoy the sensation of being filled. "I'd follow you to the afterlife to bring you back and then beat you senseless for being stupid enough to get yourself killed," she emphasized her point by squeezing her inner muscles, making Shino groan. She then proceeded to set a pace that didn't quite build up to Shino's previous speed, but was filled with such desperation, that she let him hold onto her hips, steadying her motion. A slight shift in angle enabled Paige the extra push needed to plummet over the edge again. She could feel her husband reach his own orgasm soon after.

Paige fell into the arms of her husband with their bodies still connected. "Love you," she breathed. She was feeling tired again.

Shino carefully slid out of her and maneuvered them onto their sides. "Love you too," another kiss was placed on the top of her head. "Sleep, I'll be here when you wake up."

Giving a sleepy smile, she closed her eyes and nuzzled into the embrace. The last thing she remembered before falling into her first peaceful sleep in weeks, was a whispered, "Thank you," from Shino.

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