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"Jimmy-Jam, come out, come out wherever you are."

Jamie clung to his mother's side, his body trembling against hers. She wrapped her arms around him, her heart throb against her chest. She looked around the room, it was small. There were posters of cartoons on the wall, toys sat on the shelf coated in dust, crayons and coloring books were scattered on the desk. The bed covers had rockets and astronauts on them.

"Jamie, come on out I promise I won't hurt you." Carrie's voice was closer this time and Haley could hear her footsteps as they approached the room.

"Jamie, baby listen to me I want you to hide underneath here. I want you to put your hands over your ears and close your eyes." She instructed him, pointing to the bed.

"But mama what about you?"

"I'll be fine. The next time you see me, everything will be okay." She told him, pushing him towards the bed.

"Promise?" He questioned, he didn't want to hide without her.


The doorknob twitched faintly as though being tested from the other side. Finding it locked, it moved more frequently.

"Open up! You shouldn't be in there, that's his room!" Carrie shouted from the other side, her fists pounded against the wood.

"Go." Haley commanded and Jamie crawled under the bed. Haley placed herself against the door, she knew that the lock would not hold for much longer, it was old and cheap.

"Carrie don't this!" Haley tried to reason with her.

"I'm doing what I have to for my son!"

"He's not your son, he's mine!" Haley shouted.

Carrie growled in frustration out in the hallway, she took several steps back before charging into the door. Her body collided with it and Haley could hear the wood that held the lock splinter in defeat. She grimaced.

"Just a little bit longer, help will be here soon."

Carrie charged at the door again and this time it gave away as Haley had been expecting. She was ready for her and shoved her back out into the hallway. She was caught off guard when she felt a massive, searing pain in her stomach. Everything had happened so fast. She looked down at the ever growing crimson mark that was getting larger by the second, staining her shirt. Carrie let the long, sharp, steel carving knife linger for a moment before ripping it away with force. The once, clean, untarnished utensil was now covered in a red, thick substance. Haley gasped in shock, she struggled to breathe. Her trembling hands found the wound and the warm, red, bubbling liquid seeped through her fingers. Her knees shook and for a moment she staggered, her back hit the wall trying to support herself. Her legs gave out underneath her and she fell to the floor, her head rested against the wall. Her lungs burned trying to recover from the shock and take in the air they desperately needed. Her eyes were moist, tears forming in them.

"I told you I would do what I have to, to be with my son." Carrie spoke her voice was cold and emotionless. Her eyes black and callous.

"No, h-he's my s-son." Haley stammered, her skin was quickly becoming pale, losing it's color. The blood from the wound had rolled down onto her jeans, collecting itself and drops had fallen onto the wooden floor. Her brown eyes were slowly losing focus as the light faded from them. She was fighting to stay awake.

"Not for much longer he isn't'." Carrie placed the bloody knife against her throat ready to cut. Haley tired to push her away but it was effortless.

"Jamie." Was her last thought as her eyes closed. They struggled to reopen when she heard a gun being fired, her vision was hazy but before her she saw Carrie laying a few feet away, bleeding from the chest. A ragged, scruffy looking Dan Scott stood in front of her.

"Haley, stay with me." The words were distant and echoed throughout her mind, her eyes were heavy and she could no longer keep them open. She sank into the warm, comfortable world of darkness. She never heard the desperate cry calling for her.


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