Chapter Two

The disquiet that enveloped me as I entered my parents' empty house was awfully unnerving that day. I had been used to living alone in California ever since my mom remarried. But it still got to me, sometimes.

I shook my head and ignored the uneasiness. I got ready for school the same way I had always used to.

At eight o' clock, I found myself in the school parking lot. Not surprisingly, my best friends Alice and Rosalie were late. Don't get me wrong; I didn't come early to school because I was excited. I just could not give a fuck if I looked extraordinarily beautiful on the first day of school. Those two, on the other hand… They got along for a reason.

Rosalie Hale had been my best friend since we were nine years old. As kids, we spent all our time together, every single day. It didn't matter if we were in the same private school, or that we shared classes by the hour. After school, she would be at my place or I would be at hers. We were inseparable until Jasper Cullen moved two doors down the street and decided to offer us Oreos in fifth grade. You see, Rosalie's mom strongly disliked junk food so we immediately jumped at the chance when Jasper gave us some. He continued bringing said junk food to school for the rest of the school year.

Yeah, we totally used him, and he loved every single day of it. Ask him, he'll confirm that he loves us both.

His best friend Emmett McCarty soon joined our little group in seventh grade because he had a thing for Rosalie. Eventually, Jasper and I decided that we should date each other as well. We were great for a while, until Alice Brandon came into the picture.

Yes, the same girl who was my best friend.

"So, are you planning on getting back with Jasper this year?" she had asked me the other day ever so casually.

Let me think about it.

And the drama starts again.

Jasper and I had been dating a total of four years. On and off, we went, from the day that Alice Brandon showed up. Do I sound bitter? I didn't mean to.

There was a time I was sure that Jasper would be my husband one day. That was probably in eighth grade. Eh, I didn't know any better. We stayed together for a long time because we were just so good together. It was convenient and nothing bad came out of it since we were close friends.

It also helped that Jasper was really great in bed.

Great as in he does something new every time.

"Hey, Bella!"

Speak of the devil and he shall be seen.

Why did he have to wear that leather jacket? He knew how much I loved it on him. Ugh.

Hands down, Jasper Cullen was definitely gorgeous. I dated him for many convenient reasons, and him being smoking hot was just one of the best parts of it. He was a bad boy – and I loved it when he acted like one. In spite of the bad boy persona, Jasper treated me right.

"Hi, Jas."

He gave me a small peck on the lips, out of habit, of course.

And that's how our friends found us that morning.

Jasper stood next to me, nonchalantly hanging on to my waist, like he usually did. "Can I talk to you later?" he asked quietly.

I smiled at him and replied: "Of course."

"Let me walk you to class," Jasper offered.

I nodded appreciatively so we made our way to Grey Hall, with Alice and Rosalie tagged behind us. We all had Classic Music for first block, except for Emmett who had Trigonometry.

That would have sucked the life out of me too if that had to be my first class.

The classroom was already filled when we arrived. Most students were usually energetic on the first day of school as they shared their experiences from the last summer.

Alice and I were busy exchanging our stories. I had gone to Santorini for a summer vacation with the fam bam. I learned that Phil had bought a traditional Greek house for his and Renee's fifth anniversary. My stepbrother showed up for one week before he went back to his own life. It was quite eventful but I spent most of those two months by myself and with some friends I met there.

Rosalie and Jasper, on the other hand had a more interesting conversation of their own, effectively interrupting Alice.

"Jasper, do you know an E. Cullen? He's supposed to be our teacher." Cullen was not a common last name, so he had to be related to him as Rosalie insinuated.

Related to Jasper or not, E. Cullen was late on the first day of school.

"No, it can't be…" Jasper said in disbelief.

Suddenly, everyone was quiet and that was my cue to get ready for class.

I looked at the teacher for the first time as he wrote his name on the board.

Okay, so he was definitely not old and he had a sculpted back. It was easy to see through his thin, dark blue button down. If his backside was any indication of his front side, then there was fifty percent chance that this class could be fun.

It wouldn't hurt to have a good-looking teacher. Sometimes, that's what students need to get motivated to attend a class.

I immediately crossed my fingers, praying that he was just as beautiful from the frontal view.

And he was. He turned around, catching me off guard, and said: "Good morning class, my name is Edward Cullen. Welcome to Music 101."

Fuck my life.

Well his front looked definitely better than his back, all right!

I needed to find a way to drop this class – better yet, get into one under an old, boring teacher.

"Fuck." Oh, so it wasn't just me. Jasper looked like he was dealing with issues of his own.

"What's the matter?"

"He's my brother," he replied firmly, confirming that he was indeed related to E. Cullen.

"Like, by blood?"

And I thought asking stupid questions was beyond me.

You know those times when you think your day couldn't get any worse? Well, I was just thinking that.

"All right, let's start the day right by checking everyone's attendance," Edward said.

I was screwed, big time.

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