Chapter Eight

Friday before the first Homecoming game, I took it upon the girls and myself to throw a good-luck party for the football team. We wanted to make sure that the boys were in high spirits for their upcoming game, not that they needed any more dutiful reminder (Coach did an amazing job there). All of us wanted the first game to be memorable for the boys since it would be our last year in high school. Jasper had also casually mentioned that they expected some Ivy League scouts to be there. He made it sound like he didn't care but I knew him. Deep down, he wanted to be noticed and was probably hoping for a scholarship, too. It was obvious that the boys needed all the moral support that they could get.

The girls did a wonderful job with fancy decorating, not that I expected any less. Jessica and Lauren had assigned the cheering squad to prepare the most colorful, encouraging banners that now hung everywhere. They went all out with the glitters and I think Lauren might have something to do with that. The girl had a freaky obsession with glitters, and I still couldn't understand why.

By midnight, the Cullens' place was filled with almost half of the school population. Good thing we had unlimited supply of the finest booze, thanks to Emmett's older cousin Riley who owned the one and only German distillery in L.A.

Jasper was known for throwing the best high school parties in the last half decade. In simplest terms, he had the most suitable place for this purpose. An entire floor was especially designed and constructed to host a party of two hundred. There was a grand Victorian ballroom where most of the guests usually hang out. Some took advantage of the Olympic lap pool and big jacuzzi outside.

"Hey, B! Come play!" Tyler Crowley called to me. Our group of friends were happily lounging in the game room. Yes, the Cullens had a cool game room (entirely separate from the ballroom) that accommodated two pool tables and a poker table, multiple dart boards, a mini-golf area, and a full-sized bar. There were also 110 HD television screens hanging on every corner of the room, showing different shows but on mute. The floor's sound system was centralized, meaning the DJ had complete control of the music playing all over the perimeter of this house.

"Yeah, bet against me, little Bee," Emmett challenged. Nobody ever won poker against Emmett because he was a fucking awesome cheater. That's what Rosalie told me anyway. Nobody was ever able to witness or prove how he cheated, though.

"Nah, thanks!" I shouted back with a playful wink. I was not about to lose a thousand dollars to that guy. These people bet on real money as if they were playing in Vegas.

Jessica suddenly popped up from nowhere, nudging me in the side. "Hi, Bella!" She already had alcohol breath. Ew. "Where's the other Cullen brother?"

Edward had allowed us free reign over their parents' house by spending the weekend with a close friend out of town, and Jasper couldn't be more grateful. I, however, felt differently. It would have been nice of him to join our festivities, but really, what did I expect? As our teacher, he was not supposed to let this happen. He was, in fact, being cool by pretending that he knew nothing of our plans.

Did I invite him? You bet your ass, I did. And he said no.

Not that I thought he would say yes. I mean, imagine someone of his age at a high school party... Weird picture.

"He's at a friend's, Jess," I answered simply.

"Oh, I thought he might be here," she slurred.

"Sorry for bursting your bubble, but he's not the type to go to high school parties." Well, not in this year anyway.
"He's so hot, right?" She sighed dreamily and walked away on a zigzag path. I suppose she had too much to drink. Shame, most of these people did not know how to hold their alcohol.

I walked through the crowd of people, looking for my boyfriend. The last time I saw him was two hours ago, and I already began to worry.

The problem with Jasper is that he was a social user. It was okay when we were fifteen and exploring. It seemed like a valid excuse to me at the time. I mean, who did not smoke weed at one point, right? However, Jasper was a different person when high. He was aggressive and loud. One time in a dance club, he was involved in a brawl over something so petty. He claimed that the bartender kept hitting on me when he was just doing his job, serving us drinks on the dot. He had said, "Too attentive." He caused fifty-thousand dollars worth of damages, a potential lawsuit, and almost exposing us being underage. Fortunately for us, the club owner was a cool bro to Jasper (his words, not mine) and he valued his friendship. Regardless, I made it clear to Jasper that we would not go clubbing together any time soon, or at least until he learned to control himself in public.

After thirty minutes of asking around without success, I resignedly went upstairs and headed toward his bedroom.

The blasting music of Nirvana emanated from his room. Yep, my boyfriend was in his room all right.

Opposite Jasper's room is Edward's, and I could not help but second think my path. There was a really small chance that he had left his door unlocked...

So what would I do, snoop around? Bad Bella.

My hand almost reached the gold-colored knob, but the door to Jasper's room abruptly opened.

I quickly turned my head around and saw Alice walking out of my boyfriend's room. She was teary-eyed and giggling uncontrollably, until she finally realized my presence.

"Lock the door on your way out!" That was Jasper.

"Bella!" Alice looked like she had seen a ghost, and I didn't know if I should feel even worse than I already did. "It's not what you think."

"Then what the fuck are you doing in my boyfriend's room?" At that point, I was not even sure if I spoke English, or whatever gibberish. I felt the blood rush to my ears, thinking the worst of the situation.

I quickly pushed past Alice and hurried into Jasper's room. He carelessly laid on his king-sized bed, topless and almost fast asleep.

Alice tailed behind me. "We were just talking, I swear."

Jasper had smoked, all right. On the floor were remnants of once perfectly rolled sticks. "Jasper, get up!" I pulled on his arm, willing him to wake up.

"Fucking hell! What's that for?" I might have shoved him too hard. And there could have been a sharp slap, too.

"I cannot believe you!" Too soon, I felt my cheeks getting wet with tears. I was frustrated beyond belief. Nothing else compared to how I felt. I did not want my worst fears confirmed by either one of them, but how was I supposed to think any differently?

I turned around and saw Alice still standing at the door. Her wide eyes expressed only guilt, accompanying her sincere cries of apology. "I'm so sorry, Bella." Without another word, she ran away, leaving me crying helplessly while Jasper easily fell back to sleep.

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