Alicia's POV

I ran all the way home. I can't believe that ass would do this to me, after everything I did for him and told him. Oh, I'm sorry your probably wondering what I'm talking about so here is what happened.

Flash back

I was sitting on my bed reading a magazine, when I heard the door bell ring. I got up to get it, and what I found was a bag of Reese's, my favorite candy ever. Something my boyfriend always sends me. On the bag was a note and the note read

Meet me at our swing tonight at 8:00 and I will be waiting for you my princesa with something sweet to eat.



I know cheesy, right? But, that's what I love about him, no matter how cheesy he is he can always make me smile.

So I got there at 8:00 and boy was I looking fly, I had on my favorite low ride jeans that show off all of my sexy curves, and my favorite South Pole shirt.

So when I got there I was really excited but, I was not prepared for what I saw. What I saw was my enimiga, Payasa (also known as Graciella) making out with my BF. I had never felt so humiliated in my life. I didn't want Nieko to know that I had come so I left without being noticed and ran all the way home.

End flashback

So here I am now at home all alone on a Saturday night with nothing to do. I tried to forget last night but I couldn't it just keep on playing over and over in my mind like bad hip hop song. I could go to Misty's party but I might see Nieko and burst out in tears right there.

Nieko called me a few times but I ignored him. Although on Sunday when he called I agreed to meet him at 1:00 at the park where we had our first kiss together and this is what I said to him….

I know a cliff hanger. This one is going to be cool guys cause I got the idea for this one from a song I was listening to. So that you guys know Princesa means princess in Spanish.

Payasa means clown but that is her street name REVIEW please I will update when I get my 3 reviews. Oh one more thing read my other story too its called Little Miss Cinderella

BTW the song I was listening to is called nothing like me by Hector Troy really good song (look it up on ) Enimiga is enemy in Spanish