Swirl in the Leaves: Uzumaki

Swirl in the Leaves: Uzumaki!

A Naruto with Kamen Rider elements fusion fic!

By: Aikuchi Shikaku

Summary: A Wrong turn in the Hokage's office led Naruto to a different scroll. When he touched it, it disappeared. Deciding to return and get the real scroll, he never expected to hear the scroll's contents devoured the Kyuubi sealed inside him and turned it into experience and energy, for another unstoppable force. Kamen Rider!Naruto. NaruHina main pairing; could turn into Harem. Starts one year before the rookie nine graduated; and Naruto failed his second attempt at graduation a year earlier.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Kamen Rider Series. I also don't own the Naruto series. No money is being made from this fanfiction.

A/N: Yes, another fic. I got the inspiration for this fic when I read gunman's Evangelion x Ghost Rider fic in where three males (Kaji, Fuyutsuki, and Shinji) Become Ghost Riders. Pretty far fetched, eh? I guess I just saw the 'Riders' in the title and instantly thought it was Kamen Rider, silly me.

A/N2: This story has the elements of Kamen Rider and that's about it. If you have a basic understanding about the Kamen Rider universe and the series then you'll be able to relate to this fic. All the various powers and abilities will be inspired from the Kamen Rider series.

A Short Prologue

The Kamen Rider series and its systems has been diverse as the stars in the heavens, from its stories epic tales of battles and defeats, struggles of the human, monster, and half-humans and cyborgs have been detailed. Each with its own strengths and abilities, the Kamen Riders have all fought for the collective good of mankind and to protect their precious people.

Our story begins in another place, where a group of scientists developed a sentient Kamen Rider system using nano-machines and AI developed from the 1st three systems. After the new system achieved sentience, the owners of the company found out about the system and executed the scientists, restraining the sentient system for their own plans.

However, after a few months, an explosion in the building housing the lab and the company was caused by a battle between the Kamen Riders, the company's security force, and the monsters the kamen riders were fighting. The explosions caused by the battling forces resulted in the sentient system being freed from its restraints. As the battle escalated, the system had to make a decision: stay and bond with another human from this world, or leave. The decision made, the system called on its own power source, and the energy from the building to create a tear in the dimensions, and made its exit from the world it was created from.

Exhausted of its energy and resources, the system arrived in another world, forcing itself to hibernate and take another form: that of a moderately large-sized scroll, with the kanji for the words "kamen". The scroll was then passed down from owner to owner, for years the men tried to open the scroll and read its contents, but failed to do so, for fear of destroying the scroll, until it came into the possession of Hashirama Senju, the Shodaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato.

The sentient beings inside the scroll occasionally awakened and checked the world outside, but as of yet, never found a worthy being to wield their power, the only one coming close were the Hokage themselves, but found that they were content in their abilities, and never craved for more power. As such, no one had even taken a look at the scroll for centuries, now placed amongst the oldest and crumbling scrolls in the Hokage's secondary scroll storage room.

11 Years ago, the sentient beings felt the energy spike of a powerful being, stronger than their previous power source, much stronger, and they felt the first stirrings of excitement when that power was drawn out, separated into two(but still giving off strong power readings.) and sealed into someone, someone young by their estimates. In the centuries they have lived, they've learned some knowledge when someone brushed upon the scroll their forms now took. They have also felt the power whenever it neared their room. It seems the Third Hokage was close with the person they had dubbed as 'the vessel of power'. However, tonight, they felt the first stirrings of awakening, as the vessel neared the room they were stored in.

They have found their host.

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