Stork loved the Condor, almost more than life itself, much if not most of his life was spent within the Reinforced 'Axar' Synthesius Carbize walls of the Condor's hull and he wasn't about to change this fact.

But morning light shone brightly through the view ports of the engine room and Stork knew that the Storm Hawks would be arising from there beds soon, he would have to tell them what he had been doing all night.

Even if they didn't like it.

Rays of sunlight slowly filtered through Aerrow's window, a bright and soothing gift compared to the last week of horrendous Storms and Gales. Radarr was the first to be greeted with it, and he didn't take it well.

The furry 'Mission Specialist' quietly stirred wincing at the bright sun shining into his eyes, he groaned and stretched full length in his basket trying hard to embrace the awaiting firestorm known as waking up from unconsciousness.

Opening his eyes the double visions swirled painfully before subsiding, Radarr whined softly and pulled himself to his feet scratching his head. 'Uhh….What Happened?' he thought wirily. He looked around ignoring the sunshine and saw Aerrow's bed in its usual state, messy. 'Yeah, he's up at least' he thought again. Taking a few steps he grabbed his leather overalls and slowly slid them on still trying hard to fight the tiredness, then realising last nights events and Chloma Crystal. Breakfast would be awaiting, 'Well, at least there's something to look forward to today'

But Radarr's hopes would be severely shattered, as he was about to find out…

Finn and Junko enjoyed there cereal, a little too much for Piper's liking who was currently reading a map of nearby Terra Amazonia.

Finn slurped loudly.

'Finn, I know you and Junko like to eat, but please! Close your mouth and stop sending milk flying all over the table!'

'Uh..Yeah right, Piper! This stuff is to die for!' Said Finn continuing to send choco hoops flying into Piper's face.

'Then die.' Piper said gritting her teeth. Finn gave her a sarcastic smile and returned to his cereal.

'Hey everyone' Said Aerrow walking through the doors from the corridor. 'Sleep well?' he asked.

'Oh yeah, just fine…' Yawned Piper '…Listening to Finn sleep talking about his 'Girls' and Junko snoring' Junko looked up from his cereal.

But in Aerrow's presence Piper turned to a different subject.

'How's Radarr?' she asked calmly sharing Aerrow's Empathetic look. Aerrow didn't want to answer but he knew that it couldn't keep down forever. He sighed disappointed by what had and what was happening to his blue furry pal. 'Its not getting any better, every night its more nightmares and now he's sta…' Aerrow didn't finish, he looked at Piper who was pointing to something behind him. Aerrow nodded and turned to see Radarr emerge from the corridor tired and fed up.

'Uh..hey Radarr' Started Aerrow 'Hungry?'

Radarr nodded, he was exhausted and above all a mess, Radarr wouldn't have given a shit about sticking his finger up at Aerrow but he knew that taking it out on his friends wouldn't help one bit.

Jumping onto the Table Radarr fumbled for the Choco Hoops and a bowl, but grabbing the box he found that it was empty. He sent a sharp deadly eye towards Finn and Junko, they both let out innocent smiles and eagerly went back to devouring the Hoops. Radarr groaned and pushed the box away. Aerrow sat down next to Radarr and patted his head.

'It'll be alright' he said soothingly. Radar's thoughts had been concentrated on that particular sentence. But his thoughts were almost destroying him. Literally.

A second later the doors to the engine room corridor opened and someone or something emerged. The Storm Hawks stood staring in awe at Stork, Radarr shifted his head in Stork's direction and was amazed, and bewildered.

Stork had a special bond with anything protective, but a Level Zeta-009 TRS-Lp9 Universal Protective Suit was a bit much even for him. Aerrow stood and walked towards Stork.

'Umm….What's with the Armour, Stork?' he began examining the Merb.

Stork lifted the Respirator from his head revealing a small yet strangled smile.

'Well, I'm a little…frightened to say the least to say this but…um…'

'Spit it out!' yelled Finn.

'We've got new engines' Said Stork

Aerrow's face suddenly lifted to a more positive attitude. 'New engines? Ah, why didn't you say so?' lets see em then!' he said walking towards the corridor. 'Uhh…Wait!' Stork said frantically, he quickly fastened the Respirator back onto his face. 'There not quite, um…safe' he continued.

'Why not?' said Aerrow. The Storm Hawks sent a suspicious look towards Stork. He groaned, 'ah, well, you'd have found out eventually' he said walking to the table in the bridge and unpacking a Blueprint from the TRS-Lp9 Backpack.

The Storm Hawks quickly gathered round the table Finn and Junko brining there boles along with them.

The Blueprint was incredibly complicated, several symbols dotted out over the design and unreadable text scribbled by the white markings.

'What is it?' asked Piper, bewildered.

'Fusion Engines' Said Stork.

Radarr's ear pricked up high, 'What did he just say…?' he thought, scampering over and jumping onto the Table he took a quick peak at the Blueprint, a complete schematic of 2 Fusion Engines, and a Fusion Reactor. Horrified Radarr slowly took a few steps back, his mind was a battlefield, he could still remember it from the book, 'Fusion Reactors, Fusion Bombs…' Every thought pounded harder and harder sending shockwaves of panic throughout his body, he began to shake.

'Radiation…' He thought.

At this instance he overloaded with fear and collapsed onto the Table, unconscious.

Aerrow gasped, he stood paralysed for a minute and then slowly took the sleeping body of Radarr in his arms, shooting an angry look at Stork he walked down the corridor towards his room.

It was late afternoon when Radarr's eyes began to flicker, Aerrow was quietly reading on his bed. At the moment he heard the groan from below him he sprang to life. Radarr sat up rubbing his head waiting for his eyes to adjust back, looking up he saw Aerrow's face. 'You okay?' he said calmly.

Radarr looked down, it was obvious that he wasn't.

It was clear, 'I am losing this fight' he thought quietly. It was tough enough thinking that he was insane it was even harder knowing that he was going to go insane. A tear dropped from his eye, 'Its just so hard to cope with' he thought again. A warm hand rubbed his head 'I know its hard, but just try to forget it' said Aerrow. Radarr didn't know whether to be insulted or confused, 'FORGET IT!? DON'T YOU THINK I HAVEN'T FUCKING TRIED!?' he screamed to himself.

Pushing Aerrow's hand off he ran out the room brushing the Tears from his eyes. Aerrow sighed, 'This is going to be very difficult' he said to himself.

The Condor during mid afternoon was usually quiet, on a few days, such as this one. Piper was confined to her lab finding out the hard way why Firebolt Crystals and Boomer Crystals Explode violently when mixed, Finn's ear was glued to the radio in his room listening to the mid-afternoon game of Motball. Junko had taken to building a model of his skimmer out of the metal junko that his room was coated in. Stork was back in the engine room, stabilising the Fusion Reactors Rods. Aerrow had flown out on recon in the nearby airspace.

That just left Radarr.

The poor critter's tears were shedding everywhere leaving a wet trail behind him.

Returning to the bridge Radarr jumped onto the Table hoping to find the leftovers of something good, instead he found the Blueprint Stork had shown them. He turned his head away in disgust, it was almost too painful to even peak, but Radarr knew that he would have to see it eventually, what if something went wrong? What would he do then? Grudgingly he reached for the Blueprint deliberately crumpling it.

Illegible writing coupled with very complicated diagrams made it hard to recognise what the Fusion Elements and the Stabilising Compounds were, either way Radarr had seen this sort of stuff with Aerrow's Skimmer so deciphering it took about a minute, The design was clear. A Large Reactor made of Lightweight Anti-Zeta Material, a secondary layer consisting of Theroium Alloy. Inside was an accessible vessel that housed the retractable Stabilising Compounds, then the sealed off Area showing a holding of around 12 'Light' Grade Traxium Tritum Fuel Elements. The Control Compounds were the only things that went in or out of the Fuel Element Vessel. The Atmonic Reactions the Fuel Elements produced were fed through two pipes each heading for one Engine on the exterior of the Condor.

Radarr squinted at the design, 'That's a fuck load of Radiation' thought Radarr. 'Well it may power the Condor for a good 20 Years, but I don't like it.'

Tossing the Blueprint aside he walked back to Aerrow's room ready to get on with something more productive.