This is my first OTH Fanfiction. Most of the stuff is from my head. I DONT OWN OTH but I wish I did, as do most people. As for my other stories, I am still writing them. I know the first chapter is very short; it's just how it happened.

Peyton, god he loves her.

He loves the way her hair shines in the sun.

He loves how a song can make her so happy.

He loves how she smells after she has had a shower.

He loves to look at her when she is a sleep.

He loves how she says she loves horror movies, yet when she watches one she ends up scared out of her mind.

He loves how she says she hates the winter, yet every winter she will go out and build a snowman.

He loves to make cookies with her, even if they taste really bad.

So why was he getting married to someone else...