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An Alternate Promise

It ran through her blood like an electric current, making her giddy and her entire body tingle in pleasure. Ten-month-old Tsukino Usagi couldn't understand why she crawled away from the picnic blanket while her parents were busy, only that she had to. She wandered around for a little, exploring her surroundings. In the midst of her expedition, she discovered where the strange sensation was pulling her to.

Her tiny hand rested on the arm of a three-year-old boy with ebony hair. He felt it too, but being the 'big boy' he was, he knew not to wander off. That is, until a shock ran up his arm. Chiba Mamoru jerked his head to the limb and found himself looking into oddly familiar crystal orbs.


They simply sat there, not quite comprehending the situation, when the boy heard his name being called. That was when he was shaken out of the little world of blue eyes and back into reality. He got up, reluctantly, and started to leave. The curious orbs turned sad. Mamoru had to reassure her.

"We'll meet again," he promised the baby, who smiled and cooed in pleasure. Once the boy left, Usagi's frantic parents finally found her and took her home. She stared in the direction she had last seen the boy.


A/N: I thought of this idea when I was watching Sailor Moon R Movie. It's supposed to be just a sweet little one-shot piece about their past. I'm sorry it's so short, I just couldn't see it any other way.