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The door to the snack shack swung open allowing a warm breeze and bright light to flood the entryway. Three men walked in and settled down at a table. Since it was fairly early the tiny restaurant was rather empty and the recent customers stayed quiet, not talking. One folded his arms and slumped back into his chair, he kept glancing at the noisy air conditioning in annoyance, the other was picking at the paint on the tables with his back hunched over and the last was looking out the window with a pensive expression. The kitchen door was suddenly kicked open with a loud bang and a dark skinned man poked his head through.

"Hey! I thought I heard the front door open!" The man grinned and waved at his customers. "'Sup guys, glad you could make it!"

"Hey Kai." The three of them greeted as Kai took a seat at the table. One flicked out a small blue card and looked pointedly at the chef.

"So, what the hell is this thing?"

Kai plucked the card off the table and grinned, "An invite, dear Gray, an invite."

"Well, Goddess Kai, I know it's an invitation. Why did you give it to us? Cliff and Tim and I have better things to do than sit here in your stupid snack hut."

Tim laughed, "Well, it's my day off today so it really wasn't much trouble actually."

"Duke and Manna said I could take a break today too." Cliff mumbled as he examined his blue invitation.

"Well well, Gray, seems like you're the only one who objects to being here. And its snack shack, not snack hut." Kai flashed the sulking blacksmith a bright grin, "Don't worry, see, I've been thinking lately that us guys haven't had as much bonding time as we should have!"

"Bonding time?" Cliff questioned.

"Yes Cliff, bonding time! As the only fine eligible men in this town we need something that holds us together, the glue if you may. So I began thinking that it was a must that we do guy stuff together."

Kai nodded his head happily but Gray, Cliff and Tim looked less than convinced from his little speech.

"You're missing a few guys then," Tim spoke, "If you wanted all the eligible guys in town you should have invited Rick and Harris."

Kai slapped his forehead, "Rick? That guy would rather kill all his chickens then hang out with the likes of little old me. He's got this sister complex, see? And well, Harris...he's law enforcement and I was thinking that he may not agree with the things I've got planned -"

"I'm leaving, I've got better things to do than sit here and listen to you talk nonsense." Gray began sitting up but Kai pressed his hand on his shoulder.

"Give us a chance Gray, I promise we won't bite."

Gray rolled his eyes but slumped back into his seat with a sulky look on his face.

"Alright then, let's get this party started!" Kai hopped up from his seat and dashed into the kitchen leaving the three other men a little speechless as they stared after him. The bandana clad chef emerged quickly though, holding on a tray, a glass with popsicles in it. He placed the platter in the middle of the table and grinned proudly.

"This, boys, is my finest creation."

Tim stared at the glass, "They're popsicles, Kai."

Cliff picked one up, "They're an odd color..."

"An odd color indeed!" Kai slung his arm around the pony-tailed traveler, "A vanilla and peach blend, perfectly combined to be satisfyingly delicious and unique."

"Yeah but..." Cliff stuttered and blushed, "They...they look like..."

Tim coughed as his cheeks pinked slightly and Gray rolled his blue eyes, "They look like dicks on a stick."

Kai let out a barking laugh and slapped his knee, "Fantastic observation Gray. They were meant to look like that; I call it my erotic cuisine!"

Tim laughed, " want us to bond by eating penis shaped and coloured popsicles?"

At that, Kai's face turned a shade of green, "My Goddess, Tim, do you want to eat penis shaped and coloured popsicles? I'd really hope not! No, no, no, these are for some very special customers due to arrive in any moment." Kai checked his watch and as if on cue the snack shack's doors swung open again, this time five girls walked through, all clutching little pink invitation cards.

"Ladies, glad you could make it!" Kai greeted happily as he rose from the table. "Take a seat!"

Mary, Karen, Elli, Popuri and Ann plopped down at the table next to the guys. Mary tentatively waved at Gray who simply blushed and sunk lower into his seat.

"Doctor! I didn't know you were coming here today as well, we should have just come together!" Elli smiled as she waved her pink invitation card at him.

Ann grinned at Cliff but paid no more attention to him as she was in deep conversation with Karen and Popuri was giddy with excitement as she watched Kai adoringly.

"Well now, I'm glad you lot of you could make it!" Kai announced happily as soon as everyone was settled, "I have with me, a new dish I'm thinking of selling, so to kick start its arrival I'm giving away one free sample to everyone!" He proudly flourished the popsicles to the girls who oohed and aahed accordingly.

As each girl grabbed a peachy popsicle Popuri found herself without one. Looking at Kai with big, sad, red eyes she whined, "Ohh, Kai! There's not enough for me!"

The chef just laughed, "I wouldn't worry about that!" he raced back into the kitchen and emerged holding another popsicle. "For you." He offered the treat to the pink haired girl, "Its chocolate, I know it's your favourite."

She clapped her hands happily and took the chocolately popsicle happily. When Kai turned around to give the rest of the guys a thumbs up he was met with the rolling of eyes and the shaking of heads.

"A chocolate popsicle?" Tim choked out, flabbergasted.

"Well, yeah, I mean, how would it make sense if I gave her a vanilla one?"

Gray suddenly looked very embarrassed as he glanced over to the next table. Three other gazes followed his and were met with quite the sight. All five girls were happily licking and sucking the frozen treats, exclaiming that they were indeed, delicious.

Just as Cliff was beginning to think that giving the girls penis shaped popsicles was a good idea his jaw dropped in horror and he let out a terrified gasp. Ann hungrily bit off a chuck of her popsicle and crunched it in an enjoyable manner.

"Whoa, you actually bite your popsicle?" Elli asked in between licks. "I find my teeth get too cold when I do that."

Mary nodded vigorously as her mouth slid up and down the icy treat but Ann laughed, "Biting is the only way to eat a popsicle!" With that she crunched off a large chunk and chewed it loudly, making smacking sounds.

Kai, Tim and Gray spared Cliff apologetic glances and as Cliff looked away with a terrified sob but their eyes were soon drawn back to the spectacle before them. Soon enough though it was interrupted by the snack shack's door swinging open for the third time that day.

A flustered Rick tromped into the building, a look of anger and resentment gracing his features.

"Popuri! There you are! I've been looking for you all morning, you have chores! You can't just sit in this dumb shack and eat...popsicles!" He practically bellowed at his younger sister but was quickly silenced by Karen who stood up and popped her popsicle into his mouth.

"Shut up Rick. Let her have some fun for once." Karen grumbled and Popuri let out a muffled 'mmhmm' as she sucked her chocolately treat happily.

Well, it would have been all fine and dandy except for Rick seemed to find the frozen treat extremely delicious. He licked and sucked it eagerly as Karen laughed. The boys on the other hand were frozen in complete horror. Watching Ann biting off chucks of a popsicle that looked like a penis wasn't so bad since well, none of them were attracted to her that way (aside from Cliff), but watching Rick sucking on one was just...disgusting. Tim shot up from his seat suddenly, his face a lovely shade of green, he tumbled out of the restaurant and the sounds of him throwing up outside could be heard. Kai scooted out soon after him as well as Gray and Cliff.

Rick watched them run away questioningly as he licked the tip of the popsicle, "Did they eat something funny?" He asked the girls, but they simply shrugged and continued to enjoy they're free frozen delights.

I really do apologize. This is just so filled with retardedness but I sort of couldn't get the idea out of my head.

Haha, stay tuned for chapter two? (maybe)