Chapter 1: Infiltration

Ok this is my first Roswell fic so be fair! I tried to make it as understandable as possible and i'm sorry it is short so enjoy!

Target found, let's just hope security isn't that tight but then again breaking into a heavily guarded lab and having hopes that you don't start a full scale war while trying to claim a bounty.

He thought to himself as he was above the complex and looking through his scope camouflaging himself from enemy sights.

Time to move in

He crawled down slowly and quietly and got up slow and steady and used the trees for cover as he proceeded to the side entrance of the complex.

He spotted a guard tower and took quick cover on the ground below he drew out his tranquilliser gun and took aim and fired a silenced round into the guard knocking him unconscious.

H e needed a way to get into the place, the fence was electrified and rigged with an alarm so his best option was to look elsewhere.

However he spotted a truck going into the place and just had an idea.

The truck stopped and was approached by a gate guard to confirm the drivers and he then let them through but while the guard was distracted he had already slipped past him and was holding on to the bottom of the truck which took him inside the complex and into the facility.

The truck stopped and he let go and waited for them to leave so he could crawl out from under it and hide behind some crates for cover.

He looked around for any indication of security and all he saw was a camera surveying the surrounding area, he looked carefully for a blind spot and saw the right hand corner and ran towards it and kept himself out of it's vision until he saw his chance to get past it and make to the door.

However he had no idea that there was another task force out do a strike on the facility at the same time as him, and apprehend the target.

"We are directly in front of the facility permission to engage?"

"Permission granted use extra caution subjects are armed and dangerous."

He turned to a group behind him.

"Ok guys we are heading in keep your guard up and try not to get killed these guys are extremely dangerous."

They all nodded in unison and headed down there.

Back inside the facility he was able to sneak past some security and is now using the surveillance room as his guide to finding his target.

Found you

He saw his target the Head of security of Dynasty corps, Lance Smythe. He was wanted for several disappearances in the last ten years and the police have not been able to nail him due to lack of evidence but now an incident happened and he fled the country to here but why was the company helping him after they fired him? He looked again at him and thought for a second he looked like a snake.

He rubbed his eyes and it was normal again.

I need to finish this now! Cos I think I'm seeing things now!

He disabled the security cameras and alarms in that area. It was easier to sneak around the corridors he saw the entrance way to the labs where Smythe was but he needed an access key to get in so he hid inside a nearby storeroom for the safety equipment and awaited any personnel going in.

He saw a scientist going to the door and saw he had an access key, out of nowhere he snuck up behind him and put his hand over his mouth and dragged him back into the storeroom out of sight and used a basic chokehold to knock him out. He grabbed the access key and headed for the door and used it to get in.

He went through the doors and checked his surroundings, he only saw doors leading to small labs and work areas for employees. But he approached the big one to look into it and saw something that would change his life forever.

What the hell is going on here!

As he saw that there were scientist but were about seven feet tall and had tails and were slithering across the floor with scaled skin.

They seemed to be running some sort of tests and he saw a human male restrained by steel shackles and they had operating tools right next to him, didn't take a genius to think what was gonna happen next.


An explosion sounded and he knew he had to find the target…fast!

As I said I did try to make it understandable and characters will be revealed in th next chapter!

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