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Chapter 23: Betrayal

"When this is over will you come with me?"

"I will be with you all the way."

"I love you."

He still remembered those words, the woman he cared for, the one who got to him, the one woman he loved…


That was the past, two years ago to be precise and the Alliance was beginning it's reform of members but still were weary as their main focus was to stop the Sioux and their supposed plan.

"Anything new?" John asked.

"No nothing, but that last bit of info was right on the money at least we've slowed them down." Jim said.

"For now…but how long is this gonna go on?" John questioned.

"As long as The Alliance keeps on fighting, or when we all die of old age." Jim joked.

"Yeah but still we have to keep on pushing and hopefully we'll find…

"John dude, he's not coming back, I can't even find him, it's like he's dropped off the face of the Earth." Jim said.

"Yeah tell that to my sister, she hasn't been the same since he left, no calls, messages not even a damn postcard!" John said in an angry tone. "My dad won't talk about what happened between them that day, I just don't get it what did he find out there?!" John questioned.

Jim was speechless as he had nothing he could say than just put his hand on his friends shoulder for support.

Meanwhile Raine was working with Myrna to try and find any traces of the stolen stones that are used for Banshee teleportation.

"Anything?" Raine asked.

"No nothing…they haven't used them yet or they do not know how." Myrna said coming out of her meditative state.

"We have to find them before they strike, we must stop them we must…


Myrna sensed her worries, fears and…

"I don't know how you feel but I know you miss him." Myrna said.

Raine did miss her partner…best friend and lover.

"Why did he go? Where did he go?!" Raine said tearing up.

"I do not know why he did what he did but sister we are all here for you." Myrna said comforting her Banshee sister.


"We've got a tip off, two Dynasty agents are planning a robbery at Biotech, let's go!" John said as he and Jim went to investigate together.

They made it to Australia as they drove up to the entrance of the plaza building and saw the door had been blown open and knew they were already In time to catch the culprits in the act as they armed their guns and went to stop them as they exited their car and approached with caution.

"Whoa, they really didn't waste time in letting themselves in!" Jim said seeing the wreckage and debris from the destroyed entrance.

"They want the binary fusion generator, it's on the 38th floor so we'd better get up there real…

"They're coming down here get ready! Jim said as he checked his scanner.

They armed their weapons and as the elevator stopped at the ground floor they saw the doors open and out revealed a mercenary…human as he had a black infiltration suit and was pointing an MP5 rifle at them as he fired on them.

John and Jim ducked behind some pillars and returned fire to him as it was neck and neck but John nailed a round into the merc's right shoulder as he dropped his gun.

"Okay, don't move…where's your partner?!" John demanded.

As then a shot was fired and John lost his gun, as another shot was fired Jim lost his, they looked a bit shocked as then they saw the culprit step out of the smoke.

"Holy shit…Travis?!" Jim shouted seeing his team-mate again after a long time.

"What the hell are you doing?!" John said seeing he was the one who shot them.

Travis just stood there with a blank look on his face as he pointed the gun at them and holding a metallic briefcase.

"Evans, get the briefcase and bring the car around now." Travis ordered.

"On it." Robert said.

"Why are you doing this?! We're on the same side?!" John asked now really confused.

Travis looked different, his hair was a bit longer, he hadn't shaved in a few weeks and was wearing the Dynasty black mercs outfit.

"You all betrayed me…your friends, family and especially your father!" Travis said.

"Is that why you walked out on us?! And you're working for them now?!" John said in anger.

"Exactly now tell your dad I'm coming for him real soon!" Travis said.

As then a car came crashing through the lobby entrance as then Travis just left them and got in and drove off.

Both John and Jim got up as they surveyed the area and were just in shock to what had just happened.

"Did you see what I just saw?" Jim asked just gob smacked.

"Did I?! How could he do this?! That son of a…that damn traitor!" John said in an angry tone.

Just as John went on ranting on how he was right all along and now wanting to kill Travis Jim noticed something on the floor.

He picked it up and knew what he had just found.

"Guess what grunt?" Jim said.

As John turned to him coming out of his rant and saw a small object in his hand.

"What is that?" John asked pointing to the object.

"Our ticket to finding them." Jim said.


Jim was analyzing what he found earlier, while John went to deliver the news to the Commander.

"HE'S WHAT?!" Nick shouted in disbelief.

"As I said, he's working for them now, I can't believe it myself but he's betrayed us." John said.

"You do know what this means right?" Nick said.

"Yeah protocol twelve, better go gather the troops." John said leaving to do so.

Nick sat down as he just took in what he just heard.

It was an hour later and every member of the Alliance were gathered in the command room as Nick was atop ready to address his troops.

"Attention everyone we have a positive ID on the ones responsible for the thefts, acts of terrorism and possibly the ones who destroyed our satellite." Nick announced.

He flicked the main screen over to a face.

"Robert Clark Jones, an agent of Dynasty, he is regarded as the best with hand to hand combat, lethal and brutal military tactics, with no regard for any life at all, he is considered highly psychotic use extreme caution." Nick explained.

"The other man involved with Jones…

He flicked the screen and up came a photo of…Travis?!

"Travis Cross…former Alliance agent, now working with Dynasty, he is a master of hand to hand combat around the level of Jones, an expert of guerrilla warfare, a weapons expert and uses unorthodox methods to accomplish his missions, he's extremely dangerous and use extreme caution when attempting to engage." Nick explained.

The entire flock of agent were in shock and dismay as hearing that one of their agents has now betrayed them.

Among the agents was the one person who thought she knew him so much better as Raine stood there just speechless and stunned as tears streamed down her face.

"How could you?…how could you do this to us?!"

"I…I…I loved you…Travis!"

Her mind was in shambles as she tried to get her head around this news that her former partner was working for the enemy.

It didn't make sense…none of it did.


Located in an undisclosed base, there lied two men who approached a platform and knelt as then a hologram came up and the figure was Smythe.

"Have you acquired the device?" Smythe asked.

"Yes, but we ran into a minor problem." Robert said.

"What?" Smythe asked.

"My old friends in the Alliance, just Logan and Fitzpatrick, only a minor threat but I dealt with them." Travis said looking at Robert motioning his failure to stop them.

"Good…I had my doubts about the both of you working as a team but you've both been successful as of late but this next assignment only requires one of you." Smythe said.

Robert then stepped forward as he knelt down. "I am always ready to serve the cause." Robert said.

"Actually I require you Travis for this mission." Smythe said looking to him.

Jones looked a bit insulted as he chose Cross over him their most loyal agent.

"What do you want me to do?" Travis asked.

"It's possible suicide but we need you to head to an Alliance controlled warehouse and seize an artefact of great importance." Smythe explained.

"How much resistance is there?" Travis asked.

"A small amount but I think it's something you can handle and can you please try to bring it back in one piece." Smythe said.

"No problem just supply me with what I need and I'll get it done." Travis said.

"Hold on! Why him? I mean I've been an agent for you since day one of my creation and I'm more experienced to deal with the Alliance dogs!?" Jones protested.

"We're sending him because of his history with them and his knowledge on their tactics and weaponry, so shut your mouth Jones and do as your told!" Smythe said as Jones did so in a huff.

"Cross, do whatever it takes to acquire the item and kill all who stand in your way." Smythe said as he dismissed transmission.

Both men left the platform as Jones confronted Travis.

"You'd better listen, I was here long before you! And if you try anything I will kill you!" Jones threatened.

"Is that a threat? Or a promise? Cause really I don't care and as far as being here longer than me, they can see I'm…just…plain…b…e…t…t…e…r than you." Travis mocked him as he walked off leaving Jones incredibly pissed off.


The base was now on high alert as they were expecting a call from Dynasty agents as the Commander sent both John and Raine as they would be making sure they didn't get away unscathed.

"So what are they after?" John asked.

"We're sure it's the Argon Matrix chip, that thing in the wrong hands will be devastating." an agent said.

"Yeah we already know that, look what happened to Atlantis." John said.

"Do we have any idea who's coming for it?" Raine asked.

"None, it could be both of them or one either way we have to capture them alive, I gotta score to settle with Cross!" John stated.

Raine just looked distant as the mention of his name in hatred made her feel like she was torn between love and duty.

John seeing his sister with that look on her face he had to be the supportive big brother and talk with her.

"It's him again isn't it?" John asked her.

She just gave the look which answered his question.

"Look if he does show up can you face him?" John asked.

"I know you think I can't but…he betrayed the Alliance, us and me, I want to capture him and I want to be the one who brings him in." Raine stated.

"Then I'll leave him to you, so you can get it out of your system." John said as she got the joke.

"Believe me I'll do more than get it out of my system." Raine said in her Banshee voice as she loaded her gun.

Outside the base Travis had arrived after he was taken across the boarder by air then the rest of the way by speedboat, it was hard enough getting through without being seen or stopped by the harbour patrol and with the amount of firepower he had was something he did not want to be caught with.

He docked his getaway by the riverbed and tied it to a small tree with the rope on the end of it, he went back over to the boat and brought out a huge black case as he placed it on the ground and flipped the latches off and opened it as in it was a few explosives with a detonator, a customised handgun with silencer and a tracking device.

Grabbing the equipment he loaded the gun and placed the explosives on a holster safely away as the tracker activated and he saw where he needed to go.

Making his way up a hill as he crawled through the darkness and the grass he was completely camouflaged as he crawled for a few miles until he found the base, he saw it was like the one back in Roswell only it was a different sort of mountain base, it was a log cabin and as he was briefed it was the only way in and out of the base as he then looked at it.

Well time for a change then.

He began to take off his suit.


The Logan siblings were keeping a close eye on security and everything seemed to be quiet too quiet…


An explosion was heard as it echoed throughout the base. "Commander! One of the fuel tankers has just exploded!"

"How bad is it?!"

"No fatalities, just minor injuries."

"Good put the entire base on high alert and get an med team down there now!"


"We'll go keep an eye on the vault." John said as the Commander left.

They made their way down to the vault, they took the elevator down but then Rain began to hold her head as it looked like she was having a headache.

"Raine, what's wrong?" John asked as he went to his sister's side.

"Uh…he…he's…here…I can feel him…he's near by." Raine said.

"Who is?" John asked.

"Travis…he's close." Raine said as she was nearly crying.

The doors opened as he knew she was in no condition to fight. "Raine…stay here let me handle him." John said as he left her sitting down as she began to cry with the pain she felt.

He left her as he went to the vault and saw it was already open and entered to find someone was opening a box and then closed it and was about to take it.

"FREEZE!" John shouted.

As then the guy turned around and it was Travis and he was wearing an Alliance engineer uniform.

"Cross! So you came?" John asked.

As then he produced his gun. "Yeah I did, they trusted me with this mission." Travis said as they were at a standoff.

Both men circled one another as it was all just like a scene from a wild west movie, with both the former comrades and team mates now enemies by unknown circumstances that caused this change in Travis and with John's orders to bring him in alive was going to make this even harder.

How in the hell am I gonna beat him? I couldn't even do it the first time we met?!

John said in deep thought doubting he could take the renegade agent on or even beating him.

Travis just stood there with the metal box in his left hand and pointing the gun with his right, as both men continued to circle the room not taking their eyes off one another.

Then the silence was broken with the sound of their guns being armed as the safety was taken off.

Say it ain't so! Travis is now one of the bad guys?! What will happen in this showdown between former friends? Why did he do this?

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