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Chapter 24: The reason

The tension was high as both men continued the showdown and neither was backing down until Travis broke the silence.

"So how you been?" Travis asked.

"Okay getting married soon." John replied.

"Congrats, is it four eyes?" Travis asked.

"Yeah and don't call her that." John asked.

"Sorry, so is she with you?" Travis asked.

"Yeah, but I don't want you near her." John said with anger in his voice.

"You never did in the first place." Travis said.

"I have orders to take you in." John said.

"Let me guess protocol twelve, It must be important if a DOA has been put out on me." Travis said showing he knew what it meant.

"Did you do all of those things?" John asked.

"You mean the destruction of government property and the chemical plants in Texas?" Travis asked.

"That and other things." John said.

"I didn't do those ones that was Jones, he can get a bit carried away at times." Travis said.

"So if he did those that mean you were the one responsible for the Chicago blackout." John accused.

"Now that was me, I needed a distraction so I could take the plutonium from the power plant without any problems." Travis said.

John remembered back about several months ago that there was a reported theft of nuclear material during the blackout but they just passed it off as a terrorist incident.

"How do you wanna handle this?" Travis asked.

"I take you in the easy way or the hard way." John said as he took the safety off his gun.

"Fair enough but I'm not gonna hold back so I'm giving you one last chance, walk away now." Travis warned as he took the safety off his gun.

John stood defiant as then Travis took that as a no and as they were about to engage Travis threw the box at John as it hit the gun out of his hand and then realised he was now at the mercy of his former friend.

"You don't wanna do this!" John said as he knew he was staring death in the face.

"You know at one point I wouldn't but now…

Raine then poked her head round the corner and…BANG!

"I would." Travis said as he stood there just emotionless.

However he didn't notice there was a witness as Raine saw her brother gunned down with a bullet wound to the heart and Travis standing over him.

Now seeing what he had become had mixed her emotions for him as her rage just built up to boiling point as she just lost it and went after him full on Banshee.


He heard a familiar scream and knew it meant trouble for him as he turned around to face Raine, his former partner, friend and lover…and she was pissed off!

"Raine I…

"TRAITOR!" Raine shouted in her Banshee voice as she just blasted him square in the chest as he went flying into the wall.

Travis was still moving as he got back up but she just blasted him again, but once again she hit him again as he went to get up she just blasted him and was continuing to do so as it was hurting him with each shot coming at him. Her emotions were running wild as it was a mixture of anger, confusion and sadness as she now just wanted to make him suffer for putting her and everyone else through hell.

But she began to feel weak as her powers were beginning to fade as she fell to her knees as Travis got up and was still hurting from her attacks but he shrugged them off and knelt down to pick his gun up and went over to her as she went to get her gun out she got up and both were now at a standoff with one another.

The tension in the air was so thick as now they were pointing guns at one another and the friendship and love they once had was no longer there.

He then just dropped his gun to the floor for no reason at all as it confused and scared her as she knew him better than anyone…or so she thought as he walked up to her with the gun still pointed at him and he just continued to do so but stopped directly a few inches as he was directly in the line of fire.

She was now getting nervous as he looked deeply at her as did she as he grabbed the end of her gun and brought it to his own head.

"Do it…do it…DO IT!" Travis shouted as he kept a tight hold of the gun barrel to his head.

Raine was now incredibly confused as she saw not the man she once knew but some hired gun who now did what he wanted, when he wanted.

As then she took her finger away from the trigger as saw her brother on the floor made her put it back on the trigger and show no mercy to Travis, but seeing his face just made her more hesitant to pull the trigger.

The gun began to tremble as he could feel it and he saw the look on her and it was written all over her as he just grabbed the gun out of her hands and threw it to one side as she was now unarmed but she was about to go Banshee as he saw the change coming he quickly grabbed both her wrists and restrained from activating her powers as both of them were now in an embrace.

Both were looking into on another's eyes as it was as they used to be and Travis just brought his face closer to hers as she tried to resist but she wanted it just as bad as he did as they exchanged saliva once more, it had been two years apart from one another and both did not want to stop as they went deeper as he let go of her wrist and she wrapped her hands around the back of his head to lean him in.

It was just pure ecstasy between them, but Raine then began to feel light headed and saw Travis holding her shoulder with a slight grip as she tried to fight but she succumbed to the hold and fell asleep as they broke their kiss and he slowly laid her on the floor of the vault leaving her still as he let her head down slowly on the ground.

He grabbed the box and his gun from the floor as he knelt down to her and kissed on her lips again as he left the place.


Raine was woken up as she sat up quickly and looked around she looked to her brother to see he was fine, but there was a bloodstain on his left part of his chest.

She also knew she was in the infirmary and knew Travis got away.

"Hey sleeping beauty good of you to join the living." John joked as she smiled.

"Wha…What happened? Where's Travis?" Raine asked.

"Well as you can see he got away." John answered.

"But I heard the gunshot and your wound you should be…

"Dead? Yeah I thought so too but he shot me with a blood splatter dart, the same effects of a bullet but he used a tranquiliser…he's mocking me!" John said feeling humiliated.

Raine hearing that made her think of the moment between her and her former partner and lover…the kiss they shared was incredible but she couldn't think like that he was the enemy now.

"Maybe he just couldn't do it." Raine said.

John raised an eyebrow to that. "Sis, he ain't the same guy anymore I don't know why he's like this, but only one person can answer that and excuse me I'm going to see him." John said leaving abruptly.

He headed straight for the office of his father and Commander and just swung the door open as he just cornered him and just point blank asked him.

"I wanna know right now! Why did he betray us!" John demanded to his father.

He got up from his chair and walked towards the window observing the entire base and looked out.

"I sometimes wonder if I'm becoming like him, I mean he did all this to make things worse for everyone else and the Alliance just so they could invade Earth, but it's like he never left." Nick said as he continued to look out into the distance.

John knew who he was speaking of and had to say something.

"You're not like him everything was all fine and dandy until he came along." John said.

"He didn't start this war, they did we only tried to help them but they didn't want help they wanted domination, I thought at one point we were screwed against them, it was like they knew us better than we knew ourselves, but when he came along, the playing field was even they didn't see it coming, none of us did, we finally were getting the upper hand on them but now…this happens, it's all my fault." Nick said.

"What do you mean your fault?" John asked now confused.

"I let fear get to me, I…I…I had to do it when it was over, he's too dangerous to be kept alive, but I knew you'd all protest and so I decided to have him put in suspended animation until I could think of something." Nick said as John could not believe what he was hearing from his own father of all people.

"No wonder he betrayed us! Commander…Dad, he was one of us." John said.

"No, he's nothing but a clone, a monster created by their twisted experiments, that's what he is!" Nick stated.

"I know…and I don't care, he's still human to me and everyone else, you just drove him away and now he's against us…do you have any idea what you've done?" John said now questioning his motives.

"Yes and I regret it but now I exposed him for what he really is and if we see him again no more DOA it's now been moved to Protocol thirteen." Nick said.

"Thirteen? Does that even exist?" John asked.

"Yes but it's only used in emergencies." Nick said.

"What is it?" John asked.

"It means that now Travis Cross must be shot on sight." Nick said.

John now hearing this being put out on Travis was now just plain crazy, is he that much of a threat to The Alliance?

Elsewhere in another part of the world, Japan to be more precise Travis had just awoken from his sleep and checked the clock next to the bed.

9.23 AM

Might as well get up, no point in laying around here all day.

Travis got up and made his way to the bathroom and had a quick shower and was cleaning his teeth as he looked at himself in the mirror.

Was this the right choice? Hell it was! He was planning to imprison me and I didn't like the thought of being frozen for the next several years!

Mentally telling himself he made the right choice as he exited the bathroom and got dressed.

He entered a huge front room as he looked out the huge glass window overlooking the entire city of Tokyo the sky was clear and he just turned away to the kitchen as there at a table were two women and both were enjoying a breakfast as they turned to see him.

"The beast has awakened."

Travis just grunted as he just pulled up a seat and at down with them.

"Is he always like this in the mornings?"

"I wouldn't know…we've never gone that far have we?"

"Give it a rest Lana I don't think the wife appreciates you talking about your failed attempts to fuck me." Travis said as he buttered his bagel.

"Oh she has now has she?" looking to her wife.

"More times than the amount of bullets I've fired." Travis joked as she laughed.

"Ignore him Gracie he's just a little crabby this morning cause he hasn't had his first cigarette today." Lana said as she knew he was out of them.

Travis was expecting this from her all the time he stayed over, I mean he was glad she could help him but she was the last person he would think of to go for help but at the same time he needed to be in the last place anyone would look for him and what better way for him to have privacy and security than a mobster's daughter's house.


Travis was out on the balcony of the house as he was in the middle of a smoking session and in his own thoughts.

Wonder when they'll decide to kill me? I mean I did betray them and not only that he's got it out for me.

He took a few drags on his cigarette as he then went back to the day he was reunited with Raine.

God she looks amazing…that was worth the blasts to the chest, she a better kisser forgot how good she felt.

Why didn't she pull the trigger? She could've ended it right there…oh wait I forgot she can't do it!

Travis knew her weakness and played on it as he took several more puffs of his cig.

He then heard his cell go off as he went to answer it.

Caller ID was Jones as he reluctantly answered it.

"Cross…the boss wants to see you." Jones said.

"Why?" Travis asked.

"Just get back here…now!" Jones said as he hung up.


He got back in as he packed up and was on his way out.

"Work again?" Lana asked.

"Yeah no rest for the wicked, see ya later." Travis said as he left.


Travis was asked to head back to headquarters and he was back within several hours as he saw waiting for him outside the briefing room was Jones.

"Enjoy your vacation?" Jones said.

"It was ok what do they want?" Travis asked.

"Not sure they'll tell us when you've arrived so let's go." Jones said as they both went into the debriefing room.

They both approached the platform and some holographic figures appeared before them.

"Cross once again you've accomplished another mission without any problems." looking to Jones.

"And also reports state that the demise of John Logan was by your hand…we commend you on that kill."

"Thanks been waiting a while to do that." Travis said.

"Now we have a mission for you both regarding our facility in the Antarctic."

"What do you require of us?" Jones asked.

"We need you to oversee production."

"Something wrong?" Jones asked.

"We also need you to deliver the DNA sequence there and begin the production of the subjects."

"Let me guess uninvited guests?" Travis asked.

"As always yes, do not let them near the facility…that is an order."

As the holo message ended and they both exited the room.

"Just because you killed John Logan and have become the poster boy doesn't mean you're the best…just remember your place here, you follow my lead got it!" Jones angrily said.

"Whatever." Travis said walking off.

Jones looked at him not caring with such hatred. "You won't be cocky for long." Jones said to himself.


They were on the convoy delivering the samples as the mission was simple, get there in one piece without any interruptions.

Travis was driving the convoy as Jones was keeping an eye out for anything and also on the cryogenic samples in the back.

"So we just get these there, go in, do a sweep of the area and eliminate any possible threats?" Travis asked.

"Yes but don't forget you follow my lead…is that understood!" Jones said loading his rifle.

"I guess so, it's not like you're the lackey and I'm the prefect." Travis said.

Robert hearing that then realised he just insulted him and was about to hit him…


"Contact! Get this damn thing moving Cross!" Jones said as he got his weapon ready.

Travis just floored it as he tried to get away from what he saw in the rear view mirror, Alliance trucks and crafts coming after them as he was now getting some thrills out of this.

Gunfire hit the truck as bullets ricocheted off the sides and even broke through the window as Travis swerved a little throwing Jones off a little.

"Watch your driving Cross!" Jones barked at him.

"I would if you'd keep those bastards off our asses!" Travis said while trying to outrun them on the icy path.

He took a quick sharp turn on the icy road as he narrowly avoided gunfire but Alliance goons were catching up as they were then approaching the facility and he put his foot down and punched the gas as they accelerated further on.

"Captain, we're gaining on the targets, facility is also in sight should we pursue?"

"Negative! Return to base immediately!"

"Understood returning to base."

As then the Alliance trucks and crafts retreated and both Travis and Robert were relieved of that as they approached the facility.

"They're backing off! Ha…they knew what firepower this place has!" Jones said in arrogance as Travis nodded his head in annoyance.

They brought the truck in to the facility and parked it perfectly as he and Jones got out and had delivered the DNA vials safely and handed them over to the research team as Jones went to him.

"I'll oversee everything, you…just look around or something." Jones said.

"Whatever." Travis said.

He didn't care much as he went to look around to pass the time.


"Okay so the plan is as soon as the shields are down, we just storm the building tonight and destroy the facility and protocol thirteen has been ordered on Travis Cross, he must be shot on sight, as for Robert Jones, we take him alive, use extreme caution…do not approach without backup!"

"Sir!" the other Alliance agents said in unison.

Meanwhile in the facility Travis had taken the tour around the place and made his way to the control room where Jones was who had taken charge as he likes doing.

"Cross we've completed the mission, we need to in-BOOM!" he was cut off by an explosion as the building rocked.


"How did they get through the defences?" Travis said.

"Wasn't the shield up?" Jones said as more explosions were heard.

Both Travis and Jones just went to join the battle outside as they engaged several Alliance vehicles and agents.

Jones was going on a psychotic rampage as he got hold of a chain gun and just fired on anything that moved, including his own guys.

Travis however was taking a more subtle approach as he just used his fighting skills to take any agents down with non-lethal force and making them look like complete amateurs as he booted an agent's face off.

They managed to subdue the ground force…


An explosion was heard and it came from inside the facility.

"Go stop them, I'll hold everything here!" Jones ordered Travis as he nodded his head and went to it.

He entered the place as he searched through the piles of rubble, fire and ash as he trekked through the ruined parts of the facility as alarms were blaring, scientists and soldiers were running in all directions as he ignored them and began to follow the path of destruction left by the Alliance as he had a feeling another of his old friends was here.

Making his way down the stairway he saw Alliance soldiers going into the lower warehouse as he followed them and saw they were searching the crates as he recognised who was in front.

"Jim!" Travis shouted.

He turned to see his former colleague.

"Travis…good to see you." Jim replied in his usual manner.

As then both men drew out their guns as did the soldiers.

Jones had managed to stop the oncoming Alliance forces after blowing their battle cars up and even took one of their tanks for a joyride.

"JONES! CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Travis shouted over the comms as he was static.

"Cross, what's going on I'm losing you?" Jones asked.

"Bombs…can't get…kill all…of…Alliance…for me…" an explosion was heard as the line just went dead.

Jones after the cleanup of the place was to report to HQ as he informed the board of the death of Travis Cross.

"That is unfortunate…for him, saves us the trouble of killing him ourselves."

Jones gave an evil smile knowing they were going to kill him in the first place.

"Did you recover his body?"

"Yes, it was badly burned but the DNA results say it's him, why do you need his body?" Jones asked.

"Both you and he were perfect products, but we cannot let him fall into enemy hands nor you but however we need him for what Drakhan left behind inside his body."

"What did he leave?" Jones asked.

"Something valuable we've been hoping to gain from that traitor, but now as our new General you will be in command of our army."

Jones smiled at that as with Cross gone he could direct this war his way without any hitches or Travis Cross to get in his way, The Global Alliance will fall.


The command hall was filled with all agents and representatives of Banshee, Lycanthorpe, Vampire, Yeti and of course the Commander of the Alliance who represented humanity as it was an uneasy environment for them all these past two years.

"I called this meeting of all clans and members to inform you all…we have evidence of Dynasty's involvement in the attempted dissolution of the Alliance and deaths of many." Nick announced as the leader's were all listening.

"But also I would like to report that our mole has confirmed…Travis Cross is dead." Nick announced.

They were all shocked by that revelation that the traitor was dead and that they had a mole within Dynasty.

"Now I would like to introduce you all to the mole within the enemy's camp." Nick introduced the mole in question as the faces of everyone turned their attention to the individual who came out from the shadows.

Travis is dead? And the Alliance have a mole within the enemy camp, who is it? What will happen with Jones in charge?

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