Never Fret Big Brother Knows Best

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Chapter 1: Graduation and Realizations

"Haley!" Brooke screamed running toward Haley with Peyton right behind her. The trio had a group hug they were so excited that they had just graduated from Tree Hill High. "Brookie! Peyt!" Haley screamed "Can you believe were finally done with this school." Peyton said.

Lucas walked up to the group of screaming girls and put his hands over Brooke's eyes. "Guess who?" He asked jokingly. "Umm is it my boyfriend Lucas James." Brooke said excitedly she had never gotten tired of telling the whole world her and Lucas were together. It bothered Haley that her brother was happy with her best friend but she couldn't be with his. "Great job you are a winner." Lucas said as Brooke turned around and put her hands around Lucas's neck "Well where's my prize?" Brooke asked seductively. "Right here." Lucas said as he bent down and began to kiss Brooke. Haley and Peyton watched as the kiss became more passionate.

Jake grabbed Peyton and began passionately kissing her. In a matter of seconds they had already caught up to Brooke and Lucas.

Haley had felt sad she wished she had someone to be with so she wouldn't feel out of the loop. "Dude that's Nasty!" A Loud voice came up behind Haley and grabbed onto her waste. She felt on top of the world she knew who the voice belonged to and she was melting with his hands on her waste. Her heart started to beat faster and faster. "Haley Cover your virgin eyes your to young to see this." He said jokingly as he covered her eyes. Both couples broke apart and began to turn red. Haley turned red as well as her eyes were still covered by Nathans large protective hands. "Dude You guys should all get a room." Nathan continued his annoying rant on how disgusting it had been. 'I wish I could do that with Haley' he though as he talked with his friends.

"Hey Nate!" Brooke screamed as she ran into Nathans Arms since he had finally uncovered Haley's eyes. "Congratulations Guys." Nathan Said as he hugged Brooke and Peyton. He then looked at Haley as the couples distracted themselves once again. "Congrats Hales." Nathan said as he walk into her arms and kissed the top of her head. He put his hands on her waste and she put her hands around Nathans neck. "Thank you." she said into his chest. "Ok can we get out of here now?" Jake asked as he saw more people staring at him then he felt comfortable with. "Yea I got us the best ride out of here my fathers money could buy." Nathan said very sure of himself.

"Please say were not taking Brookes car? Were not going to fit." Haley wined. "Listen here Haley there is nothing wrong with my car." Brooke said defending the car she had worked hard to get. "Only that we don't fit." Peyton said. "Ok, enough with that I said I got the best ride my fathers money could buy. Guys my dad is not broke. Come on now lets get out of here. Bring it out in front please." Nathan said into his cell phone after the friendly fight with his friends. As the grouped looked at Nathan he pointed in the direction he wanted them to look. All there mouths hit the ground as they saw a white hummer limo approaching them.

"Dude is that for us?" Lucas questioned after he picked his mouth off the floor. "Of course I spare no expense for my favorite girls." "Aww Nate that is so sweet." Peyton said as she kissed Nathan on the cheek. Brooke followed her example. As they walked up to the limo Haley decided it would be awkward to thank Nathan that way while everyone watched. "Ok, this is how it works there is three rooms lift the window and the rooms become sound proof. Lucas and Brooke you guys go first." Before Lucas got in he asked Nathan

"Why is it split in three?" "I'm glad you asked my good friend because I do not want to watch any of you make out because its gross." Nathan said as he pushed Lucas in the Limo. "Alright you two are next." Nathan said motioning for Peyton and Jake to get in the Limo. When it was just Nathan and Haley he helped her in and closed the door. It was quiet as the other two couples began with there fun they all were about to spend an hour and a half in a limo to get to Nathans house and with traffic it could take much longer than that.

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