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Chapter 25: Love At Last

6 Months Later

Haley rolled around the bed and then snapped awake when she realized she was alone in the bed. When had that happened? Where was Nathan? What was going on? She looked around and noticed a little note flipping up around on the bed side drawer.

Dear Haley,

I remember when scavenger hunts were fun for all of us Tree Hillers it's bullshit that thanks to some creepy fuck that had to change. So I decided I would change that, by executing a private little happy scavenger hunt for you. There are ten notes not including this one and you will find a special surprise at each one. When you reach the end you will find the biggest surprise of them all.

-Love Nathan

P.S. Good Luck All Us Tree Hillers Are Wishing For Your Success ;)!

P.P.S. Oh I forgot I needed to leave you a clue.

Clue: Enjoy breakfast my love! 3

Haley ran out of the room and then back in when she realized she was half naked and from the looks of things she would be running around the city playing Nathan's little game. She dressed casually in a pair of cute jean shorts and a nice top, she grabbed a coat and ran out of the house.

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