So pretty much all of my stories got deleted so I thought I could do a Wizards story. Hope you like it!

Alex's P.O.V.

Ugh! First day of school! It would be so much better if Harper were here with me. But her dad just had to take that job in California causing them to move. Now I have nobody to back me up when I get into fights with GiGi. Which sucks! I'll just have to make a new friend.

"You thinking about Harper?" Justin asked me.

"Yeah, its not going to be the same this year without her" I said.

"I know, now I wont have any girls besides you come and talk to me in the hallway." Justin said. What a dork.

"How did I get stuck with such a loser as a brother?" I thought out loud.

"Hey! Im not a loser! Well not that big of one!"

"Ya bro, you are." I told him patting his back and walking into the school.

I walked into the gym were the first day assembly would be and sat down by a new girl. She had brown hair a little lighter than mine, and fair skin. But she was really pretty, not like some of those really pale girls that needed to go in a tanning bed. She worked the paleness. She wore dark wash skinny jeans, and a Forever The Sickest Kids shirt on. Ok so that ment she had good taste in music. I could tell I would probably like this girl.

"Hey im Alex, you must be new" I said turning towards her to shake her hand.

"Hi, im Kelsy." She said.

"I love your shirt, Forever The Sickest Kids is like one of my favorite bands!"

"Oh mine too! I meet Jonathan Cook this summer and it was so amazing! Totally the best moment of my life!"

"Yeah, I bet! So what grade are you in?"

"Im a junior." She said.

"Oh, cool. My brother Justin is also a junior." (A/N not really sure, but this is my story!)

"What are you?" she asked.

"Oh im a sophomore." I said in a dull tone.

"That's cool." She said smiling.

"Ya. So since you are new here do you want to eat lunch with me and my brother?"

"Sure, I would enjoy that!" She said.

We sat through the rest of the assembly and when it was over we left the gym to go to our first block class. I didn't realize when I got into art that Kelsy and Justin were both in my art class.

"Sweet! We have art together!" I said walking up to Kelsy.

"So Kelsy this is my brother Justin, Justin this it the new girl Kelsy." I told them. When they looked at each other I swore I saw a spark. Then I looked at Justin and he was defiantly drooling. OMG! Kelsy and Justin defiantly have some Chemistry!

So idk if I like it so let me know how you feel about it!