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Things were peaceful in the village of konoha. The sun had set, the shopes were closing up, parents were going home to their kids, and ninja were getting a good night's rest in preparation for the next day and a new mission. Yes everything was peaceful, except in a bar. This however was no simple bar as it was frequently used by some of the most powerful shinobi in the village. Ninja such as Kakashi Hatake, Anko Mitarashi, Tsunade Senju, and Ibiki Morino are known for their frequent visits. Currently, however there sits a single patron at the bar seemingly trying to drown his frustrations in alcohol. This is none other than the current hokage 25 year old Naruto Namikaze. Naruto has grown over the years into a battle hardened shinobi who will not hesitate to take down an enemy to what he considers precious to him or his village. He had a list of accomplishments a mile long. Defeating the akatsuki leader pein when he infiltrated the village 9 years ago, defeating Madara Uchiha with the same curse that was bestowed upon him at birth and ending the seemingly immortal uchiha's existence, Uniting the 5 great villages under one government. Just to name a few. However no man is unbeatable and the look on naruto's face is the look of utter defeat and hopelessness. Why you ask? The answer is simple, ask yourself what the one great weakness of all men is….Women. Yes naruto is in this bar to get over the pain's of being a married man. He is married to Hinata Hyuuga. The former heir to the Hyuuga clan. Yes naruto finally figured out that she loved him, but it wasn't easy the kyuubi had to basically beat it into his head nine years ago when he was fighting pein.


Naruto had returned at the summons of Tsunade. When he heard that pein was in the village he saw it as his chance to get revenge for the death of Jiraya and as an opportunity to try his new sage mode abilities. One by one he fought the separate bodies, whose effectiveness was cut short by being separated, and with the help of his fellow konoha allies was able to defeat each and every one of them. However, the battle was far from over.

Naruto was kneeling on the ground in front of the last pein body, trying to catch his breath and feeling the demonic chakra of kyuubi healing him when he suddenly found himself hit by a bunch of what looked like paper shuriken. Looking up into the sky he saw another akatsuki. He was a long way from help as he had chased this last body of pain out into the forest, to even let one live way enough for him to come back just as strong in the future. She had blue hair with some sort of flower in it, and was flying with what looked like wings made of paper.

"Who are you?!" naruto said.

"I am Konan, the messenger of god." she said

Naruto snorted, "What god, he seems pretty mortal to me, or did you not see me kill him?"

Konan became livid. "He is not dead! There is no way he could die to an insignificant demon like you!"

"Whatever lady tell it to the six dead bodies I left on the ground"

This proved to be the wrong thing to say as Konan proceeded to attack Naruto again with her paper shuriken.

'Crap, I still haven't recovered enough from using the sage power.' Naruto thought while he continued to evade the deadly projectiles. One went through his leg, and he fell to the ground.

"This is the end for you demon!" Konan said no longer caring that Naruto had to live so that the kyuubi could be extracted. "I will end your existence here!" shouted Konan as she launched hundreds of paper shuriken at Naruto.

'Kyuubi help me out or we're both dead!' Naruto yelled at the eon old fox inside of him.

'I can't you idiot! My power is still healing you from the battle against Pein!' yelled the fox.

'This can't be it! I haven't come this far just to be beaten by this blue haired freak!' thought naruto.

Konan launches her attack, smiling at the enraged look of defeat on the kyuubi container's face.


Both Naruto and Konan were surprised to see the shuriken blocked upon a spinning wall of chakra that had landed in front of Naruto.

Naruto initially thought that Neji had come and saved him until he saw who it really was.

"Hinata, what are you doing here?!" yelled Naruto

Hinata turned to the boy that she secretly loved "I followed you when you chased after the enemy Naruto-kun. I thought you might need some help." Hinata said.

Konan was enraged, how dare this little girl come between her and her revenge. "Out of the way girl or you can die with this demon!"

Hinata stood tall and with a determined voice yelled "Naruto-kun is not a demon and I will never let you kill him!"

Konan took a moment to inspect this girl and saw the same look in her eyes as she herself had when she gazed upon Pein. 'She loves him?'

"So you love this demon do you girl, fine then join him in oblivion! Razor wind jutsu!" yelled konan. Suddenly konan's body turned into paper and completely surrounded naruto and hinata in a tornado of paper. Her voice came from all around them "Make peace as this is my ultimate jutsu. There is no escape!"

Naruto stood on his finally healed leg and looked at the spinning wall of paper all around them. While he was curious as to what konan meant when she said hinata loved him he simply disregarded it as a lie or some sort of trick. He decided to test her technique and hopefully find a weakness. "Shadow clone jutsu!" Dozens of clones launched themselves at various angles at the wall of paper to see if they could escape. All of the clones were instantly shredded ad dispersed. Naruto closed his eyes and concentrated on the information given when the clones had dispersed, trying to find any weakness. Finding nothing he decides to use the rasengan but again fails to accomplish anything.

"Stop wasting your time. This jutsu is my ultimate attack and defense. I cannot be harmed and I can collapse upon you whenever I wish shredding you and your pretty girlfriend into pieces." said Konan.

Hinata looked around with her byakugan but all she could see was a wall of paper powered by chakra she could tell that her gentle fist would not have the power behind it to break through. "Naruto-kun does she have any weakness?"

Naruto looked at Hinata but before he could say anything he and hinata were struck by flying pieces of paper leaving them with multiple wounds.

"I have no weakness girl. That was but a brief example of my strength I have left you two alive simply so that I could torture you. I think that I will kill the demon first so you can know what it feels like to lose the one you love!" said Konan.

'There she goes again with the love thing, Hinata couldn't possibly love me.' Naruto thought. 'Whatever we have to find a way out of here, but this seems even more impenetrable than haku's technique, and I still haven't recovered enough to use either kyuubi's or the sage power.'

"Hinata all that I know is that she is weak against water, but I don't know any water techniques." Naruto said dejectedly.

Hinata just looked at naruto and had never seen him look so defeated. "Naruto-kun it doesn't matter how it looks we won't back down and we won't quit because that is our ninja way." she said.

Naruto looked at hinata with awe; she always knew how to lift his spirits when he was feeling discouraged. "Hinata…agh" screamed naruto as he fell forward. Hinata quickly grabbed him and saw that several paper-like lances had pierced him in the back.

"NARUTO-KUN!" yelled hinata.

"I told you that I would kill him in front of you girl. How does it feel to know that the one you love will die in your arms?" konan said.

"He will not die! He is Naruto Uzumaki and he will never fall to the likes of you!" yelled hinata.

Naruto had not yet lost consciousness but he couldn't move. The last thought he had before the darkness took him was 'she believes in my… she never doubted me once…..why?'

Hinata saw that naruto had lost consciousness and even he would die soon from blood loss, she didn't do something. 'What am I going to do?' she thought. She soon dropped her head to naruto's chest and began to cry.

"So you have finally realized that there is no escape for you. You sealed your fate when you decided to defend that demon. Prepare yourself for death!" Konan said as she slowly began to recede toward naruto and hinata. She could have killed them quickly but she wanted to savior the death of the demon and the girl who dared defy her.

Closer and closer the tornado of paper closed around them until she was only an inch away from them. "DIE!" shouted konan.

"Water style, water geyser jutsu!" Suddenly a large geyser of water erupted from the ground soaking Naruto, Hinata, and most importantly konan. As all the paper reformed to create her body konan had no time to question what happened before she was struck by Hinata.

"2 strikes"


"8 strikes"

"16 strikes"

"32 strikes"

"64 strikes"

"128 strikes"

"356 strikes" yelled the enraged Hinata. Not only did this woman attack her village but she almost took away Hinata's love. The timid failure had blossomed into a ferocious warrior. She walked over to where Konan had fallen and picked her up by her cloak.

"How?" was all that the quickly dying akatsuki was able to force out.

"When I placed my head on naruto-kun's body you believed that I had given up but what I was really doing was using my byakugan to find an underground water source. I have an affinity for water but I cannot create it out of thin air, nor can I control it for a long time. I needed you to come closer and while I could not see your face I could analyze from your voice that you would not have made our deaths quick. I knew that you would make the mistake of coming to close. Then all I had to do was wait until you were close enough to use my technique." Hinata said.

"I can't believe that I was beaten by you, one who loves that demon." Konan said

"You are much stronger, faster, and more intelligent than I am, but you underestimated me and that is the downfall of many shinobi." Hinata said "Oh and one more thing before your eyes roll into the back of your head", Hinata then struck Konan in the chest when enough chakra to liquefy her organs, "Naruto is not nor has he ever been a demon the only demon her is you." She dropped konan to the ground and shakily walked over to naruto. She pulled out the paper and began to heal him. She knew of the kyuubi and knew that he would be okay as long as she could halt the bleeding.

Naruto woke up to find hinata asleep on top of him. He looked around and saw the dead body of konan. "Did hinata do all of that! She's amazing, but why did she but herself in danger for me?"

"HOW IGNORANT ARE YOU!" Kyuubi said to naruto "It's obvious that the girl likes, even loves you! It has been obvious since you were in the academy HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID!"

Naruto looked at hinata and felt conflicted. 'How could she love me? How do I feel about her? What about Sakura?' Naruto shook this off and gently picked hinata up. He started walking back to the village with her in his arms. 'Maybe after this is all over I can get to know hinata better.' Naruto thought. He continued back to the village deciding to see where the future led him.


Thinking back, naruto felt like an idiot for not understanding hinata's feelings. After that he didn't have time to ponder his love life as he had to fight Madara Uchiha. If that wasn't hard enough he had to deal with the bijuu that escaped after he defeated madara. That was the hardest obstacle to accomplish as he had to use all of kyuubi's power to defeat them. That should have killed him however; Tsunade had sacrificed herself just as chiyo had for gaara to bring him back. Her last words were for naruto to be instated as the 6th hokage. Naruto sighed at the sad memory, and downed another drink. After everything had settled down, naruto began to date hinata. His feelings for sakura had changed over the years and he saw her more as a sister or cousin instead of a love interest. He and hinata had been married for over 3 three years, and while for the most part they had a very happy life together, there were times when Naruto had to get away.

Thus we come to the reason for Naruto's presence in this bar. He was having a hard day and needed to take a break. However, our hero is not alone in his marital problems as in walks sasuke uchiha. Sasuke had returned to konoha after losing the fight to naruto which is still talked about as one of the most destructive and brutal fights to exist since the third great ninja war. After returning to Konoha, sasuke had to deal with a very enraged sakura. It took one year for sakura to even speak to him. This normally wouldn't bother him, but with his brother and madara died he was truly the last Uchiha and he wanted to settle down. Finally sakura forgave him after a long, and on his part painful, conversation between the two. He was now married to sakura and was relatively happy. He sat beside naruto and ordered a beer.

"What are doing here sasuke?" naruto asked.

"Hm" was sasuke's reply

"Trouble at home" Naruto asked ignoring sasuke's bad mood.

"You have no idea" Sasuke said.

"Looks like I'm in the right place" Both naruto and sasuke turned to see Shikamaru nara enter the bar. "What, you think that you two are the only ones with women problems." He said. Shikamaru had married Temari a few years back. When asked why he married a girl that he himself considered to be the most troublesome women alive, Shikamaru simply said "It wasn't really my decision. She may be troublesome but would you say no to a girl with an 80 pound fan who wanted to get married?"

While they were happy, just like naruto and sasuke, there were ups and downs and he was in the midst of one of those downs.

"Looks like a party, can I join?" Said Choji akamichi as he entered after shikamaru.

"It's a free country and a free bar you don't need to ask them." Said Neji Hyuuga as he walked in.

"I could use the company as well." Stated Gaara as he walked in. As all of the countries were united there was no need for the kages to stay in their respective villages. With this being the case gaara would visit knonha regularly to be with his friends.

"Well the gangs all here." Said Naruto "What are you guys in here for?"

"Same reason as you" said shikamaru

"Women" everyone said.

"Man I love Ino but sometimes she drives me nuts!" said choji.

"Yeah, she can't be as bad as Tenten is."said Neji

"Whatever you guys have it easy." Stated Naruto "What I'm going through is horrible."

"Oh yeah well I bet you don't have a wife how tosses and turns in her sleep." Said neji

"And how is that a bad thing?" asked sasuke

"She goes to bed with a mace!" yelled neji

"Why?!" everyone asked. "She said that she feels weird if she doesn't have a weapon on her." Said neji with a defeated look on his face. "Do you have any idea what it's like to be woken up every hour by a mace hitting you." Neji said.

"Yeah that suck but that's nothing compared to temari." Said Shikamaru. "At least you guys are the men in your house if I don't do exactly what she wants as soon as she wants it then I get a 80 pound fan to my head. How troublesome."

"At least you get to eat!" Yelled Choji. "If it's not breakfast, lunch or dinner than Ino won't let me have anything to eat."

"Can't you just go out to eat and never tell her?" asked neji

"You are talking about a women that can go into my mind whenever she wants and see if I am lying." Said choji with tears in his eyes. "And if that is bad enough than she tells all of the restaurants to not serve me!"

"Ouch." Sasuke said. "well at least your wife leaves you alone sometimes. It's always sasuke this and sasuke that. It's like a broken record!" sasuke said breaking his bottle of alcohol. "Thank Kami for ear plugs."

"Matsuri can somehow get past my sand." Gaara said. "And as she has become suna's best wepon user and I have never developed a need to dodge see countinually threats me to do what she wants."

"Yeah well you guys all have it easy!" Yelled Naruto. "What Hinata does is much, much, much, much worse than that!" He said

"And what could be worse than all of that?" asked sasuke

"She…..She….She….SHE WON'T MAKE ME RAMEN!" Yelled naruto as he broke out into tears.

It was silent in the bar for a minute until the other men picked themselves off of the floor and stared at the blond leader. "THAT"S IT?!" They yelled.

"What do you mean that's it! It's horrible" said naruto

All of the men simply looked at him thinking: "What an Idiot."

"Well aside from that. We have it pretty rough." Said sasuke.

Everyone looked down into their drinks and sighed. They were some of the best of the best and they were truly whipped by their wives.


All of the men instantly turned around to meet the angry stares of their respective wives.

"Naruto we need to talk." Said Hinata namikaze, with a very angry look in her eye.

Every male in the bar looked at their wife and they all had one collective thought, "OH CRAP!"


Well that's my first fic. Tell me what you think and do you think that I should write one last chapter to this story where the men face their wives? Let me know what you think.