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Naruto Namikazie is considered to be the greatest hokage of all time, even at his young age. It is said that no one can best him in combat. Everyone looks to him for inspiration and under his leadership the united villages stay in harmony.

Sasuke uchiha is the last remaining uchiha and personal bodyguard of naruto. He is said to be the master of the mangekyou sharingan and the master of the lightning element.

Choji akamichi is the clan head of the akamichi clan and is inarguably the strongest to ever lead to date. He can crush a boulder with little to no effort and can expand his size to that of a giant in less than a second. While still on the large side, he is incredibly durable and one of the hardest hitting shinobi konoha has.

Shikamaru nara is the leader of the nara clan. He is a genius among geniuses as he is said to be able to glance at any situation and analyze over 200 different battle scenarios within 5 seconds or less. He is konoha's best strategist and has led them every team under his command to victory with little to no loss.

Neji hyuuga is the leader of the hyuuga clan. He has incented many ground breaking reforms among the clan. The curse seal is forever banned, the houses have been united, and the gentle fist style has been changed. No longer is the style considered perfect and enforced upon every member. Now, while the basics are still taught, every learner is allowed to venture out and find new ways to use the style, thus eliminating future enemy's ability to see the style once and make counters to it. Neji is said to be the best fighter and clan head there ever was.

Gaara is the best kazekage to emerge from the sand village. Under him the village has prospered. He has gone from being their greatest weapon that killed any and everyone to being their greatest leader who cares for everyone under him.

Every one of these men are the best of the best. Fight one of them in battle and you are lucky to get away. Fight two or more and it was good knowing you. These men had faced death dozens of times and never flinched.

And right now each and every one of them is gazing upon their respect wives and is scared stiff.

"Naruto-kun we need to talk", repeated Hinata Naimkaze.

"About what hinata-chan?" naruto said slowly trying to move further away from her.

"You know very well what!" yelled hinata, as every wife walked toward their husbands, their eyes showing anger.

"Shadow possession jutsu." stated Shikamaru, in his normal bored tone as if his wife wasn't bearing down on him with death in her eyes a moment ago.

Every woman froze as the technique took effect and were unable to move.

"Way to go shikamaru!" yelled naruto, "As expected from my top strategist."

Every man let out a deep breath of relief, and suddenly thought that they should take advantage of the situation.

"Sakura I was wrong before." Stated sauske, "you aren't like a broken record, you're more like a banshee."

"WHAT!" yelled sakura, breaking several glass bottles.

"Bartender, bring me meat and a lot of it!" said choji.

"Choji you know you aren't allowed to have snacks, especially barbeque!" yelled Ino.

Neji walked up to tenten and took her scroll containing her weapons. He then proceeded to throw them as far as he could out the door.

"NEJI!" yelled Tenten snarling at her husband.

"Gaara you know you are supposed to do your paperwork before you leave the village, it took me 3 hours to finish it." said matsuri

"Which is exactly why I didn't do it." Said gaara

"Hinata why won't you make me ramen anyway!" yelled naruto.


Every one, man and women had one thought, "Ouch".

"That was mean hinata, anyway you can't do anything to us since you seem to be suck at the moment." said naruto.

Suddenly shikamaru released his technique and the women were freed.

"What was that naruto?" said hinata with a smile.

"Shikamaru why did you let them go?!" yelled naruto.

"It's too troublesome to explain." Said shikamaru in his same bored tone.

Every man found themselves in the same situation they were in before with one huge exception. Whereas before the women were angry, now they were livid. The men had forgotten the ancient rule for a husband "when your wife is angry DO NOT do anything to make it worse."

The men had a choice. They could stand firm and exercise their status as the man, or they could run like cowards. Naruto summed this decision up in one statement.


Every man ran in a different direction to evade their wives, except for shikamaru.

Temari walked up to him and said "why didn't you run, and better yet why did you let us go?"

"I had thought of 300 different scenarios of how this could have turned out and releasing you was the least painful one." Shikamaru said as he finishes off his beer.

Temari smiles saying "It's great having such a smart husband."


Shikamaru's head slammed into the counter courtesy of temari's fan. "Now maybe you'll use that intelligence of yours next time you decide to skip out on your chores." Temari said as she drags shikamaru back home.

(with choji)

Choji knew that if Ino caught him then it was all over for him and his food. He tried running out the front door and hiding in the back alley.

'I hope that I can stay away from Ino long enough for her to cool down.' Thought choji. Unfortunately this is was not to be as Ino found him.

"Choji Akamichi, you have exactly 5 seconds to get out here and 3 of them are already gone!" yelled Ino.

Choji sighed. He knew that if he kept running then things would only get worse. He decided to bite the bullet and get it over with.

"Ino I know that you are very mad right now, but can I at least say one thing?" asked choji.

"Make it quick!" Ino said.

"Ino being married means giving yourself completely to your partner. You share everything the good and the bad and you accept your partner in spite of their faults. I accept everything about you. I accept the good like how you have a great heart. I also accept your faults like how you are so obsessed with my weight. What I mean Ino is that I love you for the good and the bad." Choji said

"That's so sweet." Ino said while wiping her eyes.

"Does that mean I'm off the hook?" asked choji.

"NO WAY, mind transfer jutsu." Yelled Ino

"Crap." Choji said as Ino took over his mind. Ino, now controlling choji's body picked up her own body and walked them back home.

'Just wait Choji, when we get home prepare to go on an extreme diet! From now own no dessert' Ino thought.

(With gaara)

Gaara didn't get scared. Gaara didn't run away. And yet he now doing both of them as he did everything to get away from matsuri, who was having target practice with him.

"Come back here Gaara!" yelled matsuri

"I don't have a death wish." Gaara said

Matsuri suddenly stopped throwing weapons at gaara and stood still. "Is that what you think Gaara?" asked matsuri tearfully.

Gaara stopped running and looked at matsuri. He hated to see her cry and usually killed anyone who was responsible.

"Stop crying matsuri." Gaara said

"B-But you think that I want to k-kill you." She said as she began to openly weep. "I love you Gaara do you really think that I would kill the man I love especially with what happened to my parents?"

Gaara sighed and began to walk toward her to comfort her. (If you think he should have kept running your right)When he was in front of her he wrapped her in his arms. "I am sorry Matsuri" he said.

"You're sorry, well your gonna be!" she said as she took out a mace and slammed gaara in the head.

"You make it so easy Gaara" she said as she put away her eye drops. She then proceeded to grab her husband and drag him back to the sand village.

(with Neji)

Unlike the others, Neji was running to a specific place. He used his byakugan and found her scroll. He picked it up and smiled.

"Well tenten what do you plan to do now without your weapons?" Neji smugly said.

"Neji do you think that that is my only scroll?" tenten said. "What kind of weapon specialist do you take me for?"

Tenten then activated the container seals on her arms and suddenly was holding ten scrolls.

"Now then I think we have some business to discuss." Tenten said.

Neji had no time to make a comment as he was desperately trying to keep himself from becoming a pincushion.

"Rotation!" yelled neji as he began to spin and deflect all of his wife's weapons.

This however was exactly what tenten had been waiting for. All of the weapons were simply a diversion to lure him into using his rotation. She took out a whip with a spike on the end of it and whipped it at the spinning dome of chakra. The spike at the end of the whip was made to react to chakra, so unlike the other weapons that simply bounced off, the spike was caught in the rotating dome of chakra and soon the whip was spinning around the dome. As soon as neji stopped spinning tenten pulled the whip taut and it entangled her husband.

"Come now neji, I'm your wife I know all of your strengths and weaknesses." Tenten said.

"Tenten be reasonable. You have to admit that have a mace with you every night is crazy and hazardous to my health." Neji replied.

Tenten looked thoughtful. "Your right, what was I thinking! Taking a mace to bed every night is crazy!" she said.

Neji let out a big sigh of relief.

"So from now on I going to bed with my tonfa!" she said as she proceeded to drag neji home.

'TONFA , those things hurt worse than a mace and there are two of them!' Neji thought. He could already feel the pain.

(with naruto and sasuke)

Naruto and sasuke had decided to stick together and were currently running away from their irate wives. When Hinata and Sakura had them cornered in on the rooftops they knew they had to think fast.

"What are we going to do?" Sasuke asked

"I have an idea. Shadow clone jutsu!" yelled naruto as dozens of naruto clones came into existence. "Henge!" Naruto yelled as half of the clones transformed to look like sasuke.

"Well how do you plane to tell us apart." The group of clones said.

Hinata calmly looked at them and stated "The real naruto and sasuke are in a lot of trouble so DO NOT SCREW WITH ME!" she yelled.

All of the clones as one simply pointed in the direction that the real naruto and sasuke had run in. "They went that way." The clones said as they dispersed.

"Crap!" naruto said.

"What is it?" questioned sasuke.

"My clones told them where we are." Naruto said.

"Why would they do that?! They are you aren't they?" yelled sasuke.

"Shadow clones can think independently if you haven't forgotten. Hinata scared them enough that they didn't want to cross them." Naruto explained.

"Just great! Where are we going to go now?" asked sasuke as they quickly ducked in an alley to escape detection.

"I have an idea, follow me." Said naruto.

(Kakashi's House)

Kakashi walked to his door to see who was ringing his door bell only to be confronted by his two former students.

"Kakashi, you have to hide us!" yelled naruto.

"Why are trying to hide?" Kakashi asked.

"Hinata and Sakura are after us and they aren't in a very good mood." Sasuke said.

"You know that as your former teacher I feel that I should let you learn the age old lesson that states to NEVER screw with your wife." Kakashi said with his usual eye smile.

"I think that I should inform you that as the hokage I can ban the reading if Icha Icha books." Naruto said with a smile of his own.

"Hide in the bedroom. It's two doors down on the right." Kakashi said with a sigh.

As soon as the naruto and sasuke had left to hide the door rang again.

Kakashi opened the door only to be confronted by Hinata and Sakura.

"Kakashi-sensei have you seen Naruto and Sasuke?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi started to sweat. "I have no idea where they could be." He said.

Hinata looked at kakashi. "You know kakashi, if you don't tell us what you know then I will personally tell Shizune where you keep your Icha Icha stash."

This made kakashi sweat even more. He and Shizune had been married for a few years. Many thought it weird that two people so different could end up together. Kakshi was never on time and he was very laid back, while shizune was a stickler for punctuality and was always a little uptight. However, they balanced each other very well. Shizune became more relaxed and wasn't uptight and Kakashi was on time more often. According to kakashi, ever since he was with shizune it was easier to let the past rest, so he wasn't at the memorial stone that often.

However, there was one thing that the couple had a problem over, Kakashi's collection of icha icha books. Shizune refused to let him read them, saying that if he read them then that showed others that she wasn't enough for him. Kakashi had relented and had, seemingly, stopped reading them. He always kept a secret stash, though, and read them in private when shizune wasn't around. If she found out, then things could get very bad for him.

"Their hiding in the bedroom 2 doors down you can't miss it and their probably trying to jump out the window as we speak." Kakashi said very quickly.

"Thanks" both wives said as they ran to confront their husbands.

(with sasuke and naruto)

Sasuke and naruto were indeed trying to jump out the window when their wives broke down the door.

"Come on hinata, there's no need to angry." Naruto said while backing up.

"Sakura…..I meant what I said." Sasuke said.

"Why did you say that!" naruto asked

"We are going to go down anyway, might as well go down fighting." Sasuke said.

Hinata activated her byakugan while sakura put on her gloves.

"So I'm a banshee am I sasuke?" sakura said.

"All this time you have been mopping around the house like a lost puppy because I won't make you ramen! I thought that you were upset over something important." said hinata.

The wives advanced upon their husbands. Naruto and sasuke jumped out the window.

"Summing jutsu!" naruto yelled.

Gamabunta the boss toad looked at naruto. "What do you want brat?" he said.

"Boss toad, help us out. We need to get out of here now!" naruto replied.

"Fine but I want an explanation later." Gamabunta said as he turned and hopped away with the men on his back.

Suddenly a large boulder flew past Gamabunta's head.

"What was that!" yelled the boss toad.

"That was my wife." Sasuke said.

"Wait a minute! Are you telling me that we are running from your wives! I am not a taxi Naruto!" yelled Gamabunta as he stopped hopping.

"Come on Boss. Hinata and Sakura are really upset." Naruto said.

"Tough! You need to learn not to tick off your wife and to take your punishment like a man! Besides, I always like hinata better!" yelled Gamabunta as he dispelled himself.

Naruto and Sasuke plummeted until the hit the ground. As they got up they were face to face with their wives, and this time there was no escape.

"Gentle fist style: 32 Strikes" yelled Hinata as she put naruto down.

Sakura simply ran up to sasuke, quicker than he could react thanks to the fall, and punched him.

They looked at each other with smiles and proceeded to take their husbands home.

(Next day)

Naruto woke up with a splitting headache and was sore all over. He groaned as he rolled out of bed. He slowly shuffled to the shower and let the warm water sooth his muscles. As he got out of the shower he contemplated the argument he knew was coming. Suddenly he smelled the most heavenly scent in the world, Ramen! He ran to the kitchen to see a huge bowl of ramen on the table. Hinata wrapped him in a hug from behind.

"Good morning Naruto-kun." She said.

Naruto looked at her. "Hinata what's going on? I thought that you weren't going to make me ramen? I thought you were still made from last night." Naruto said confused.

She looked at him lovingly, "Naruto I thought a lot last night after I knocked you out." She said and giggled at his annoyed look.

"I realized that when I married you I was accepting you for the good and the bad. I realize that I don't want to change you. I love you just the way you are." She said.

"You mean how I am the strongest ninja around, the best hokage ever, and ruggedly handsome?" naruto said with a smile.

"No, I mean how you are something hard headed, stubborn and a ramen addict." Hinata said laughing at his fallen expression. "But you have the biggest heart in the world, you're a great husband, and I love you." She said and gave him a kiss.

'Man I have a great wife!' naruto thought as he proceeded to eat his ramen.

"Hinata! Why is there fish in my ramen!" he yelled.

All around Konoha the other men were awaking to similar treatment. Their wives were making up with their husbands.

Shikamaru awoke to see temari making him breakfast not the other way around, though he had to clean up afterwards.

Choji awoke to a big feast made especially for him by Ino, though she cooked with lean meat and little salt, ate all he could.

Sasuke awoke to find sakura making breakfast and she didn't instantly jump on him, that was all he needed for it to be a good day.

Gaara awoke in the sand village to find matsuri had done his paperwork for him so they could have the day off to relax.

Neji woke up for the first time without the aid of a mace to his face to find tenten sleeping beside him. She decided that she didn't need a weapon in the bed to make her feel safe, that's what she had him for. Though she did decide to go to bed with a whip sometimes.(if you don't get it read slower)

All the couples realized that marriage is a partnership. It cannot thrive unless both sides are willing to make an effort for it to work. For this to happen sometimes one or both sides must concede on certain things. Marriage isn't always easy but if you are with the one that God has promised you then it is well worth it.


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