Parties. Just another social event to one, the world to another. Justin Russo could care less about any sort of party. As for his sister Alex, well that was a different story. Guys. You could normaly tell wich ones or good or bad and wouldn't get to close with the bad ones. Justin knew good from bad. Alex could care less.

Combine a party, with those bad guys. Not very good news, right? Well now picture Alex at that party. This wasn't going to turn out very well. A party with bad guys is bad enough. Now, take a look at the person throwing this party.

"Hey Brad, can't wait for the party this Saturday!"

Brad. In Justin's opinion he was a suck up, and a good one. He made girls go wild and somehow has only had two girlfriends. Those relationships he's been in always start with one party.

One party with acohol. This wasn't going to be fun.

"Alex, I really don't think you should go."

Justin said fot the hundreth time.

"Justin, chill. It's just a party. Bye, Justin."

Justin sighed as his sister walked off. But, what he didn't see was the scarred look Alex gave Justin as she walked out of the house.

Alex entered the party with a smile. Brad saw her and smiled. Brad handed her a drink and smiled.

"Is this alcoholic?"

Alex asked, shouting over the music.

"Of course it is!"

He replied and walked off.

Alex nodded and starred at the drink her hand held. She gulped and took a drink. A shiver sent through her body. After a few chats with pepole, random dances, and more drinks Alex found herself having a good time.

Brad took drunk Alex's hand and lead her to a bedroom. His bedroom. Brad shoved his touge in Alex's and took her top off. Something in her mind was demanding her to stop, and to stop now the other told her keep going. Alex moaned as Brad sucked her neck. Brad's eyes wondered over to Alex's bra. She smiled as if saying, go ahead take it off. So that's exactly what he did. Brad then took off her pants, followed by underwear. He smiled two hours later. Brad's dirty work was completed.

Alex awoke but Brad was sitting there with a knife.

"W-what are you doing with that?"

Alex questoned. No longer was she drunk and she then realized what had happened. Alex got her clothes on and went to run to the door but then stopped and fell to the ground. Brad had stabbed Alex.

Justin knew it. He knew something would happen. And now his sister was dead all because of

the party