New note added March 2010:
The story has been nominated for an award at . Under works in progress. If you like the story, you can vote for it...

I'm happy to see that people are still finding the story and some of you who've been along for the ride the whole way are rereading. I'll be uploading a few edits (grammar, spelling) and plot fixes (mostly pretty minor so far) as I find time. I'll alert you as to when and what in the author's notes in the sequel "Truths too big to be told."

Thanks again for all the support and love!

Jan 2010:
It's been a few weeks since I posted the last chapter in Some Truths Hurt, and it s been fun planning the twists and various depravities to use to spice up the sequels.

The new story, the first sequel, is titled Truths too Big to be Told and will encompass the summer between their junior and senior years. It will be up early next week (January 2010) so look for it then or put me on author alert if you want to get an email.

The third in this series will be Season 2 or senior year, no title yet (though I m going to stick with the truth theme), very sketchy on the details (though I did develop a new original mystery). And the last in the series, which already has two chapters written, is titled Truth Lies in the Heart (but that may change).

To recharge I've been reading a ff series that I stumbled across, not even sure how, that is a crossover of VM and Moonlight. I m not sure I love it, but it is interesting. Since I was reading a world where vampires and VM exist, my mind has been turning over this idea of what if Logan became a vampire in Season 1? I don t know where I would go with it from there but if you went with a Twilight type version of vampires where the abilities/strengths they had in life are magnified by death, then he would be a strong empath with the ability to read and manipulate emotions. My mind goes nuts from there. Damn Twilight, I refuse to go back and feed that obsession. It burned me for a hard 3-4 months, then I managed to get rid of it. Thankfully! Anyway, if I could figure a short but satisfying storyline I would love to write it, but right now I think I need to stay focused on this series. So it can actually become a series.

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Thanks for coming along for the ride! See you soon.