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Chapter Two: The Results

The next day at breakfast, all the 6th and 7th years nervously awaited their results. Hermione hadn't slept that well that night; she knew it would be the last time sleeping in a single bed. It was so nerve-wracking.

Finally they appeared on the plates in front of them and the hall was filled with anxious looking students opening their letters with shaking hands.

Ron ripped his open first and promptly dropped the letter into his cereal.

"What's the matter Ron? Not like who you've got?" snickered Harry.

"I'm paired with Luna. Luna! Loony Lovegood!" he cried. Hermione gasped and carefully got the letter out of the cereal and used a cleaning spell to dry it.

Dear Mr Weasley.

I am pleased to announce that you are to be paired with:

Luna Lovegood, 6th year Ravenclaw.

You will be sharing room number 15 located on the 7th Floor. Proceed there immediately and await a teacher to tell you the password.

Professor Dumbledore

Hermione read it quickly and passed it to a shaking Harry. He was nearly crying with laughter at Ron's expression. She shot him a glare before quickly tearing her letter open- as if it was a plaster. Quick and painless.

Dear Miss Granger

I am pleased to announce that you are to be paired with:

Draco Malfoy: 7th year Slytherin

You shall be sharing room number 16 located on the 7th floor. Proceed there immediately and await a teacher to tell you the password.

Professor Dumbledore

She shrieked. The surrounding people glanced at her as she clapped a hand to her mouth. No! Not Malfoy, anyone but him! He is NOT my perfect match.

The last of the trio, Harry opened his letter. He managed to calm himself enough to open it after Ron had stormed over to the Ravenclaw table where Luna was waiting for him with a dreamy expression on her face. He watched him mutter to her and together walked out of the hall. Harry turned his attention back to the letter.

Dear Mr Potter

I am pleased to announce that you are to be paired with:

Pansy Parkinson: 7th Slytherin

You shall be sharing room number 16 located on the 7th floor. Proceed there immediately and await a teacher to tell you the password.

Professor Dumbledore

Like Ron, he dropped his letter into his breakfast. Fortunately it was only toast, so Hermione didn't have to clean it for him. His mouth was wide open.

He stared at Hermione, noticing her facial expression. She was rereading her result over and over again, as if by doing this, the name would change.

"Who have you got? By your face, I'm guessing it isn't good news" he asked her.

"Malfoy," she whispered.

Harry leant in closer.

"Who?" he asked again.

"I have MALFOY! As in Draco Malfoy!" she yelled. Harry jumped in his seat rubbing his ear.

"Ouch, OK Hermione no need to yell."

Hermione stood up, her fists shaking.


Hermione had caused a scene in the Great Hall; she looked around and turned red. She hastily sat down. She looked at the Slytherin table and saw Malfoy smirking at her.

She became even more furious. If it was possible, steam would be coming out of her ears.

How could I be paired with Malfoy? He is...infuriating! There were no words to describe how mad he makes me.

Draco heard Granger yelling at Potter. Good. He deserves to be brought down a peg or two.

He had been one of the first to read who he is was paired with, and so he knew that he was paired with Hermione. He instantly remembered that they would have to share a He wondered how long this year would last. He only wanted to regain some pride for the Malfoy family. Now he was stuck with a Muggleborn. He was glad his father was imprisoned; Draco wasn't looking forward to him finding out. He would be furious.

Draco made a list of couples in his head:

Him and Granger

Pansy with Potter

Blaise and the Weaslette (Ginny)

Crabbe with Violet Melrose(6th Hufflepuff)

Goyle with Ashlee Melrose (6th Hufflepuff)

Crabbe and Goyle had somehow managed to land the prettiest girls in the 6th year which astounded Draco. They were part of an ancient pureblood family that was rich. Extremely rich. The twins would inherit the entire Melrose fortune when her parents died.

Draco sighed and stood up leaving Pansy with Crabbe and Goyle.

He walked over to the Gryffindor table and headed for his partner.

"Granger. Let's go," he snarled at her. Hermione didn't move.

"I said, let's go," he repeated. His patience was already wearing thin. He didn't know how much longer he could last.

"If you think I'm going to do what you say, Malfoy, you're wrong," she said angrily.

She turned to Harry.

"Come on Harry, let's go," she stood up and led the way out of the hall, Harry following behind her.

Draco stood rooted to the spot. "How dare she?!" he spat. No-one messed with a Malfoy. Not ever!

He beckoned to Pansy she hurried over. Blaise had already left with Ginny to go to their room.

"Let's go," he said.

Thank god I'm sharing a room with them, or else I might do something I regret. He hadn't even been with Granger for five minutes and already he knew there was going to be trouble.

Hermione briskly walked up the staircases.

"Trust us to have a room on the top floor," she said to Harry.

"Trust us to have awful partners. Slytherins! I mean any other house, fine by me but not Slytherins. And not just any Slytherins. Malfoy and Parkinson! How worse could it possibly get?" Harry replied.

They turned at the top and walked down a long corridor. It looked different to the other corridors. There were lots of doors; each had a different number on them. Starting at 1, and stopped at 20. Outside each door were groups of students and a teacher. It was a crowded scene.

They found number 16 and saw Professor McGonagall. She wasn't alone. Ginny and Blaise were there too. Blaise looked up quickly but then looked away disappointedly. "Probably waiting for Malfoy and Parkinson," muttered Hermione to Harry. He nodded as they walked over to McGonagall.

"Hello Mr Potter and Miss Granger. Now we only need Mr Malfoy and Miss Parkinson before I can explain what is to happen over the course of the year."

On cue, the new arrivals appeared through the crowd. They scowled at the scene and walked over to stand with Blaise.

"Ah. Now that everyone is here," she paused to look beadily at the latecomers, "I can begin."

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Here is a list of the main couples:

Hermione and Draco

Harry and Pansy

Ron and Luna

Ginny and Blaise

Some of the others are:

Neville and Hannah

Lavender and Ernie

Parvati and Justin (Finch Fletchly)

Seamus and Susan (Bones)

Dean and Padma (Patil)

Crabbe and Violet

Goyle with Ashlee

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