Title: So Long Ago, So Far Away: Memoir of a Half-Ghost

Summary: This is exactly as it sounds: Danny Phantom's memoir, written 300 years in the future

Author's Note: Originally, this was going a medium length one-shot, but I have since decided to make it multi-chaptered so I am free to expand. I would like to update frequently, but no promises. However, I can say that this will not be abandoned! Now, on with the story!

Chapter 1

It is the year 2304. My name is Danny Phantom and I am 314 years old. I know what you're thinking. That's impossible. Nobody can live that long, right? Three hundred years ago I would have agreed with you. Then, destiny stepped in. Wow, that sounded dramatic and cliché. However, it fits the event. Confused? Let me start at the beginning.

My parents, when they were alive, were ghost hunters. You're laughing right now. It's okay, most people don't believe in ghosts. They're real, though and my parents hunted them. They didn't only hunt them, they were obsessed. My sister Jazz and I were second to ghosts in their list of priorities.

Their obsession led them to build what is known as a Ghost Portal. It is a link between the mortal world and the Ghost Zone. Unfortunately, their portal didn't work. They walked away dejected. My friend Sam then dared me to go inside. I, of course, did, but I slipped and when I put my hand on the wall to steady myself I activated the portal. I had never felt such pain before. I screamed until I passed out. When I woke up I discovered that I wasn't normal anymore.

The portal made me half-ghost.

I had white hair and green eyes. I could morph from human to ghost. I could become invisible and intangible. I could fly. I was stronger, and faster, and had better reflexes. I could even do martial arts.

I still can do all those things, by the way, and more, a lot more. My powers have since multiplied and increased.

As soon as I realized what had happened I freaked. I had become half-ghost! Half-dead!

I did grow to accept my situation, though, no matter how much I wished to be normal. In my acceptance I decided I would use these powers to fight evil ghosts that terrorize my home city of Amity Park.

From that day forth I was no longer only Danny Fenton, fourteen year old social outcast with crazy parents, a budding psychologist sister and a goth girl and techno-geek for best friends. I became Danny Phantom as well, under-appreciated half-ghost superhero.

This is my story.

Yes, it was short. Now, I am going to post challenges at the end of chapters. These are ideas that I would like to see explored, but that I can't see myself writing. If you accept a challenge I expect the story to be well thought out and well written. Also, if a challenge is already taken it doesn't mean someone else can't give it a whirl, as long as the plots are different. Lastly, please mention that you got the challenge from me.

Challenge 1

Vlad Masters discovers that Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom are one in the same *before* their first fight in Bitter Reunions. He reveals himself to Danny and convinces him to come live with him and train with him. Explore what Danny's life would be like with Vlad. How would Vlad influence Danny? How would Danny influence Vlad?


Vlad and Danny father/son relationship

Vlad keeps his hatred of Jack and his love for Maddie hidden from Danny for the most part

No evil Danny: he doesn't have to be a perfect hero or even a hero at all, and he can do some morally gray things if you'd like, but he can't be evil


Pairing: Either Danny/Valerie or no pairing