Standing in the middle of some street, wonder what it feels like, to find the one in this life

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Same Spot on the Same Street

Standing in the middle of the street, wonder what it feels like, to find the one in his life. Since his wife left him, he had never been dating, never had the interest to.

Everyday, he would stand in the middle of the same street, looking around. May have been looking for criminals, staring at people passing by, some were full of joy; some were full of sadness and loneliness.

It had been a special day today. He was walking to that same street and he stopped halfway. He saw a woman. Brown curly haired woman standing there at the same spot he always used to be upright. He can't get a good view of her. Her back was facing him.

It snapped him out of his series of thoughts when the woman dropped her files. The woman crouched down. He quickly ran towards her and helped her to pick up the files.

He stopped breathing when he handed the files back to her. He saw her face; she was beautiful and possessed the quality of pleasing appearance. "Thank you", the woman said, taking the files from him. That was his first sentence from her. Her voice was sweet and mellifluous. Not wasting more time, he replied, "Oh…Oh…You're welcome." There he is, standing beside this woman with silence filing the air except for the sound of people's footsteps, passing by and could be heard.

Tonight, out on the street in the moonlight, Mac feels this too right. It's just like déjà vu. Standing here beside the woman, holding his own breath. Finally, the woman breaks the silence, "Err… Can I ask why are you still standing here?" The woman felt the awkwardness between them but she also feels it's so right to stand here with this stranger she just met.

Finding the right words to explain, "I…I used to stand here everyday after I finished my work." The woman was flabbergasted by this man. "What a coincidence! I am accustomed to do the same thing you're doing now but I used to come here before the sun rise."

Trying to make the atmosphere lighter, "What makes you this early today?" Mac asked with his expression full of surprise. "You know… exhausted day with complaints from the upper ranks. What about you? Why do you come here everyday?" It may have been a danger to talk to a stranger she just met in this street, but this man seems harmless. Mac didn't answer. He's not ready to share with others yet.

The woman knew that Mac is not ready and she did not force him to spill it all out. Instead, she gave him more space to be alone. "I guess it's time for me to go home." The woman starts to walk away. "Will I still see you here?" Mac shouted. "Yeah, you will." The woman replied.

"Wait! I have yet to know your name." The woman stopped walking. She smiled and shout back, "It's Stella… Stella Bonasera." Walking round a corner, she heard him, "Mac Taylor." She waved backwards, telling him without words, "I'll be seeing you again".

After the woman is out of his sight, Mac put his hand in his pocket and walked back to his apartment with a smile on his face. He knew, someday, he thought, "Could this be the end? Is it the moment when I'll find the one that I'll spend forever with?" Leaving the thoughts behind, he smiled again, looking forward on what the future would hold.