This is my first effort to answer challenges issued by members on the Twisting the Hellmouth site. Let me just say that I have never had the chance to watch the Sentinel, so my observations were taken from the fanfic that the fandom has generated. Below is a description of the two challenges this fic tries to answer. There is no Slash but there is some male touching and bonding. I do not have a beta so please be kind with the criticism and please do read and review.

If you are reading any of my other stories please accept my apologies with the delay in updating them but the muses are fighting among themselves and I've lost the direction the stories were going in. This time I've sat down and written the lot in one go, so that there will be no more unfinished works by this author. Oh no I got this bull by the horn's and I'm not getting off until the ride is over. :-D

Challenge One

MinaLynn Challenge Name: Xander the Sentinel? Challenge Type: Personal Challenge Category: Television Description: This is mainly a Buffy/Sentinel crossover but there's also an option to cross it with SG1. I've included a couple different versions of the Challenge below:

1. The summer after graduation when Xander decides to tour the USA he takes along camping gear as a cheap alternative for lodging. While out there he stays in one place for days at a time which brings his Sentinel abilities online. In doing research on what's going on he finds some information on Blair and his theories and so he heads for Cascade. While there he not only finds Blair and Jim, but his own Guide too. His Guide can be anybody male or female.

2. Same as the first except in this one his Guide is the clone of Jack O'Neill. Xander can either run into him in Cascade or meet him before Cascade.

3. In this one it is the clone of Jack O'Neill who is the Sentinel and Xander is his Guide.

Honestly I'd love to see it as Xander/Jon (the clone) but it's totally up to you on how you want to do it. For a story to check out on how Guides and Sentinels are 'supposed' to be together check out "Mountain Pass" by Lady Ra at www. this is a wonderful example of how certain Guides are meant to be with certain Sentinels and a bonding process that they go through.

Challenge Two

Challenge Issuer: mikerich

Challenge Name: Its For your own good you are just the normal one

Challenge Type: Personal Challenge Category: Stargate


After the ADAM Fubar some powerful people show up to help Buffy keep the hellmouth guarded so Buffy and Willow decide Xander's not needed any more so Xander redoes the road trip only this time with a better car and gets to Colorado Springs when Xander's luck kicks in he runs into an escaped Go'uld.(Since Xander's left the hellmouth he noticed that he seems stronger and faster and that the soldier memories are back stronger then ever.) So after one hell of a fight Xander wins and kills the host but he notices that the snake is starting to leave the body and his instincts make him go to full alert so when the snake tries to get to him he stabs it with his knife. SG-1 Shows up in time to witness the fight. Daniel swears in Sumerian and Xander tells him to watch his mouth there are ladies present Jack uses battle signs to his team and Xander moves to disarm the team. Xander chews Jack a new ass hole about attacking with out the FAQ's.

Chapter 1

Sunnydale, California

It happened slowly at first and Xander wasn't aware that it was happening, but slowly his participation as part of the Scoobies became less and less. Since the events with ADAM and Professor Walsh the official arm of the government had created a whole section dedicated to observing and controlling the Hellmouth. The newly named, Area 53 section was a full sanctioned armed force, which was headed by a civilian member of the Watchers council. Former librarian Rupert Giles, was no longer just the mentor of the slayer. It seemed that one girl against the darkness had become one girl, one witch, one ex-demon, one chipped vampire, and a full armed unit of 10 teams of Air Force and marine hunters. The demon element of Sunnydale hadn't know what had hit it. In stead of a big bad arriving every year to open the hellmouth/take over the town. Sunnyhell was now secretly policed by the military teams and certain species of demon were eradicated, others were allowed to continue peacefully and some were relocated to remote islands for the safety of man kind and non intrusive scientific study.

At first Xander was part of the whole planning and hand holding portion of the old gang. Not forgetting the bringer of doughnuty goodness, but after a time he was kept away from the dangerous action for his own safety, then he was left out of planning meetings because come on what could the Zeppo bring to the operation. In all fairness, it was not just that the gang were leaving him behind it was also the fact that Xander was outgrowing his former role. Instead of the funny side kick guy, a part of Xander began to mature and grow more alpha. Instead of accepting the new changes in their friend, the slayer and the witch tried to contain him and restrict his place with the other teams. Rupert Giles saw what was happening and the fact that they were alienating their friend with their over protective and patronising ways but he had a facility to run and it was far too late when he realised just how long it had been since he'd seen the boy.

One night, Xander sat holding the phone in his hands the dial tone softy disturbed the silence of his the basement, his mouth hung open from the final parting shot that his best friend Willow had said before she'd disconnected; "'s for your own good, your just the normal one." After several weeks of getting nothing but her answering machine and voice mail the long awaited phone call had consisted of listening to her moan about the pressure she was under, but only the bits that weren't "classified" and a parting shot that left him firmly pushed on to the outside.

The next morning was bright and cheerful as the old sky blue car sat out side the Harris' residence. It had seen better days, and was rusty in several places but this time Xander had paid attention to what was contained under the bonnet and he knew that he would get further than Oxnard. Slamming the trunk down on his packed belongings, Xander checked one last time for his cell phone and that the bank cards were all accounted for. The savings he had been able to put together from the various minimum wage jobs, which he'd had over the last year after High School, were enough to fund a few months of travelling. The plan was to work ad-hoc where he could until he found somewhere to settle. Xander Harris 19 and a half years old folded his 6ft broad shouldered frame into the car and took off for the open road, looking back over his shoulder as he went.


Twelve Months Later, Cascade, Washington.

"Hey Harris. How's it going in the stock room, Have you managed to count the stock on the first set of shelving yet?"

"Yeah. Boss just stacking the last of the boxes." Terry Hall nodded his head as he continued to work on the stores accounts. Harris was a good hire, although he was prone to unusual bouts of day dreaming, he was well organised and did the heavy labouring work without a problem. Over the last twelve weeks of the boy working for the small independent hardware store in Cascade, Washington, Terry had seen how the customers had taken to Harris and the young man came to know the hardware trade quite well.

Xander came out from the store room carrying a clip board, a bag of rubbish and a broom. "All cleaned, counted and re-organised Boss." He handed over the clip board with the lists of stock and accompanying counts.

"What the whole storeroom Harris? Those sacks weigh a ton." Terry looked up from his book-keeping with surprise, and taking the clipboard, from Xander, he began flipping through the pages of neat notes.

"Once I got going it wasn't a problem." Xander shrugged his shoulders, since leaving Sunnydale and then taking on so many casual manual labour jobs he'd found himself lifting heavier and heavier loads without trouble. The clumsiness that he had been cursed with had also vanished leaving a graceful, strong man in it's wake. Having been around Buffy for 4 years he didn't think it was such a big deal. He wasn't Buffy strong. What he did enjoy was his independence and the confidence he'd gained from travelling the states. Currently he was saving up for his first push overseas, another six to twelve months of work and he'd have saved up enough dollars for a round the world ticket.

"Well in that case, you can go back to building a new coffee table for the front window display."

"Sure. Does that mean you've had an offer on the other one I made already?"

"Yep, someone was looking at it yesterday." Terry smiled down as he continued with his work, the kid was modest but there was no denying that he also had talent for working with his hands.

"Mr Lionel?" At the front of the shop the little bell jingled as a customer walked in.

"No. that detective fella."

"Oh well I guess Blair got his room mate to agree after all."

"It's a fine piece of work Xander, it was hardly hard work to convince Jim." The two hardware workers looked up at the curly haired detective as he came over to join then at the side counter. At 5ft 8 although Blair Sandburg wasn't short, but Xander stood half a head taller than him.

"Hey Blair, how's it going in the world of crime? And how goes the solving of it?"

"Fine. It's been a long week but I've got Jim to agree to a fishing and camping weekend to cleanse our spirits."

Xander laughed, "Hey Boss, if I tell you that my spirits' dirty can I have the weekend off, too."

"I'd tell you to leave it at the dry cleaners like everyone else." Terry scowled but the good humour shone in his eyes, as the two younger men laughed.

"I guess enlightenment has yet to strike Hall's Hardware, Blair."

"Well it took time, four years in fact, but a small flame of enlightenment now burns in the Major Crimes department. Now and they were a very hard bunch to crack."

"Since you managed to warm up Jim Ellison there's a lot of people who are intrigued on how. I remember ten years ago I'd of sworn that those ice blue eye's of his were windows on an ice cold heart. Shows you how a man just needs the right sort of friend." As Terry had spoken Blair watched as a shadow seemed to cross over the younger hardware clerk's face.

"Yeah, close friends can make even the end of the world seem like the place to be." Xander seemed to shake himself as Blair watched and the sunny disposition that he was known for was back, but didn't quite reach his eyes this time. "I'll get that table wrapped for you." And he went off to the back of the shop to get the detectives purchases ready for transport.

Terry watched his assistant disappear into the back. "For someone so friendly you'd think he'd have a line of friends."

"No family?" Asked Blair.

"Not that he mentions, and apparently there was some sort of explosion at his old high school, killed a lot of his graduating year. He gets a phone call every once in a while, but to be honest they seem to do more harm that good.." Terry supplied. "A situation like that would leave an impression on a man. Sometimes I'll be watching him pause and then just stop. He could be standing there for 10 minutes or longer until I shake him out of it. I put it down to some post traumatic stress, and I don't make much fuss. Other times he's so sharp it's impossible to believe."

Blair was intrigued. "Sharp? Like what?"

"He found Mrs Halley's ear-ring when she dropped it the other day. It had gone and rolled down the aisle, down the stairs, under the door and into a corner of the store room. The boy said he'd heard it and followed the sound. Heard it! The shop was full, I couldn't hear myself talk. But five minutes later there he was, a damn sight more dusty but holding the ear-ring."

Now Blair was a lot more that just intrigued. Thinking furiously he began to think of a plausible way for him to get more time with Xander to check out his hunch. "Do you think that there is a chance that Xander would be interested in fishing and camping, this weekend Terry?" Terry blinked and looked at Blair surprised at this turn in the conversation. "It might be a step towards making new friends?"

The old man shifted and transferred all his attention to the detective. "Well I don't know about that, weekends are normally busy in this trade, Mr Sandburg."

"But didn't you say before that Xander does the work of two, Mr Hall. And," Blair let some of his natural concern for his fellow man show in his countenance, "Jim has lost friends before and it might do Xander good to talk about his loss with someone that understands." Blair could see that Terry was moving more towards letting Xander have some down time. 'Just one more push,' he thought. "Has Xander had any time off at all?"

"No. I guess the boy ain't and he's done a weeks worth of work today as it is. Alright but you get to convince him to spend his first weekend in three moths with two detectives, fishing." With that Terry returned his attention to his books washing his hands of the topic. Twenty minutes later after waiting patiently for his coffee table Blair wandered to the back of the shop and found Xander apparently staring at the bubble wrap that was meant to go around his customer's new purchase. Softening his voice to a soft gentle tone, he talked to Xander until he was back in the here and now.

"Xander, come on and follow my voice. Come on back to me Xander." If he had any doubts about what Xander was, there were none now. Xander had shown he had at least one heightened sense and was displaying a state that was very like a zone, just like his partner Jim did. Possibly the boy was an unbonded, newly emerging Sentinel or maybe his Guide had died in the accident, that Terry had mentioned, to his graduating year.

"Hey man sorry. Was I out of it? I was just looking at the wrapping material and I guess I just got lost for a second."

"No worries Xander. I just wanted to invite you to join our camping trip tomorrow. Terry says that you can have the time off, as a reward for all your hard work."

"Blair that's a nice thought, but I don't know, aren't you going for some chakra cleaning, come buddy bonding time? And are you sure that Detective Jim won't mind the gate crash?"

"Are you kidding, we live together, work together, and vacation together, you'll be adding a new fun dimension."

"Xan-man is all about the fun, but I don't know, it gets pretty busy on Saturday, Sundays..."

"Terry said that you'd done the weeks work all today, he doesn't mind." Blair crossed his fingers behind his back. "Said he was thinking about giving you time off anyway. To be honest it was Jim's suggestion that we add more people. When you're camping it's the more people there are, the more fun is had."

"I suppose..."

"Brilliant Xan-man I'm so glad your coming. I'll bring the Volvo around while you finish with the table." With that Blair disappeared out of the shop to give Jim a call, leaving Xander wondering what had just happened.