Probably none of you care, but these are the alliences as of the end of the story. You'll notice that there is no deputy for ThunderClan as Mosspelt had not appointed as of the last chapter, and that she is called Mosspelt and not Mossstar (The triple "s" looks kinda weird) I am also disappointed that we never got to meet Mistcloud. I'm thinking of making a short fanfiction about Mistcloud. At the end she'll come back to MoonClan and we'll get to see where everyone is then. That might be better than a sequel. Should I? Let me know!

Warriors SunClan Allegiances


Leader- Mosspelt- tortiseshell she-cat

Deputy- (Not yet appointed)

Medicine Cat- Grayleaf- older gray she-cat


Rippedtail -Gray tom with long scars running down his pelt
from a badger attack when he was a kit (Former SunClan)

Firefur- ginger tom

Spottedfur = lightly spotted tom

Silverstorm- pale gray she-cat (SunClan)

Heartflight-tabby she-cat

Emberheart = ginger she-cat.

Dawnburst- golden she-cat

Brownclaw- Dark brown tom

Foxtail- ginger tom

Fleetfur-Ginger tom

Flickerfoot -Tortoiseshell she-cat


Queens and kits-

Blueleaf = Blue-gray she-cat
Kits- Pigeonkit (gray), and Alderkit (brown)


Flight- ginger striped she-cat


Leader: Blossomstar- white she-cat

Deputy: Clifffoot- pale gray tom

Medicine Cat: Amberdew- ginger she-cat


Frogfoot- dark gray tom (Former SunClan)

Nightshadow- black she-cat (SunClan)
Apprentice: Lilypaw

Micarush - pale gray she-cat with darker gray stripes.

Oakstripe- dark ginger tom
Apprentice: Pinepaw


Whiteheart- white she-cat


Lilypaw- white she-cat (SunClan)

Pinepaw- brown tom


Blacktooth- dark gray tom


Leader: Creekstar- gray tom

Deputy- Ripplefur- blue gray tom

Medicine Cat- Splashwing- tortoiseshell she-cat


Stonefur- gray tom (Former SunClan)

Wildwind- striped tom. (Former SunClan)

Rapidfoot= dark tabby tom

Hazedream- ginger she-cat (SunClan)

Boulderpelt- gray tom



Streamtail- ginger she-cat


Gullpelt- very pale gray she-cat


Leader- Galestar- gray white she-cat

Deputy- Falconheart- brown she-cat

Medicine Cat- Breezeflight- White she-cat


Gailstorm -longhaired pale gray she-cat.

Gleampelt - dark cream she-cat.

Lionflame- ginger tom




Curlfoot- pale brown tom


Silverstorm of ThunderClan
Nightshadow and Lilypaw of ShadowClan
Lionflame of WindClan
Hazedream of RiverClan


Leader- Goldenstar- ginger tom who has life power.

Deputy- Mistcloud- blue gray she-cat who can read minds

Medicine Cat- Mapletail- golden and brown she-cat who can heal


Flamefoot- ginger tom who can shoot fire out of his paws

Iceshadow- white she-cat who can freeze things

Sparrowfur- gray tom who can create translucent inpenatrable shields

Lightfeather- pale gray she-cat who glows with white light

Veilfur- tortoiseshell and white she-cat who can turn invisible

Illusion- gray stripped white she-cat who can create convincing illusions. Former rogue

Gingerclaw- ginger tom who can find things

Robinsky- Light brown she-cat with brown and copper wings

Flashfrost- pretty brown she-cat who can teleport

Wavewhisker- tortoiseshell tom who can read emotions

Spruceclaw-dark brown tom who is super fast.


Swiftbreeze- Black and white she-cat (SunClan)

Skyfire- Light brown she-cat. (Former SunClan)

(Supposedly) Willowstar- white and brown she-cat

Cats Outside Clans

Eagle- brown and white tom (Former SunClan)

Dogclaw: Black tom with large, white front paws. Former deputy.