Knight Rider

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Knight Rider

Switching Places

Chapter 1

August 1996

"Hey! Wait up!" called the thirteen-year-old girl in a ball cap and a ponytail as she scrambled through the thick under- brush trying to keep up with the tall lanky fourteen-year-old boy ahead of her.

"I told you, not to follow me," he called back lengthening his stride to try to further discourage the girl.

"Mike! Come on! You know if my dad finds out that I'm this far from the house I'll be in trouble!" Sarah called as she pushed through the last of the thick brush. A sharp twig caught on her t –shirt and ripped a hole in the short sleeve before scraping down the bare skin leaving a angry red scratch.

"Oooouch!" Mike heard Sarah wail, and with a big huff that blew his long sandy brown hair out of his clear blue eyes he swung around to go see what had happened to the annoying kid who had dogged his every step for the entire summer vacation.

"Kid, I keep telling you to get lost and you never listen to me!" Mike grumbled sullenly as only a teenage boy is able to do.

Sarah looked down at her arm and watched as the long scratch began to fill with blood, she knew that the grumbling teenage boy who was now making his way back towards her had been trying to loose her for most of the summer but with her parents constant bickering, Mike was the only friend she had for miles around.

"I'm no kid! You're only fourteen, a year older then me! And besides, who else are you going to talk to? You told me yesterday that you aren't going to talk to your mom for the rest of the summer." Sarah said as Mike stopped in front of her and grabbing a hold of her arm, lifted it up for a better look at the cut.

"I'll be fifteen next month, so that makes me two years older then you! And I don't think it's any of your business who I do, or don't talk to!" Mike growled, but his voice softened a bit as he let go of Sarah's arm and pushed his hand into his faded blue jeans pocket pulling out a Kleenex. "Here put this on it, it'll keep the blood from running all over the ground until we get to my place and I can put a band-aid on it."

Sarah frowned at Mike but did as he said. "Mike… why are you going way up here anyway?" She looked around the clearing where they stood and could tell that they were well up on the side of the mountain that was in back of her house.

"I don't have to tell nosey kids like you anything, now stay here! I'll be right back" Mike snapped, his voice angry once again, as he marched off towards the far side of the little clearing.

Sarah watched as Mike walked almost a hundred feet to the far side of the clearing near a slight break in the tree line, that's when she could hear the far off bark of an engine getting steadily closer. Then within minutes she saw two ATV's pull out into the clearing from between the break in the trees. As she watched Mike approached the lead rider and began talking to him. With the distance and the engine of the supped up ATV still idling she couldn't hear what was being said, but Mike was gesturing around angrily with his hands. The rider on the ATV shook his head, then pointed over at her. Mike stepped closer to the guy on the ATV, shaking his head, but the rider simply tipped his head back as if laughing and gunned his ATV making the front end come up off the ground then whipping around, tore back into the woods the way they had come. The second rider gave a small wave before he too disappeared back into the trees.

The sound of the ATV's had faded to nothing before the teenage boy turned and stalked back across the clearing, anger emanating off of him in waves. He didn't slow down at all when he reached the girl but continued right past her and into the heavy brush.

Sarah watched as the thick bushes swallowed Mike, she had been surprised by the cold anger in his eyes as he had made his way back across the clearing. What had Mike wanted with those two ATV riders? She had never seen either of them before she was sure of it, the growing stillness brought Sarah out of her thoughts and she pushed back into the brush to follow Mike.

Even though Sarah had never been this far up on the mountain before she knew where she was going, several summers of exploring these woods with Mike left her with a good sense of direction. With a father who was consumed with his work in his computer lab, and a mother who was more and more lost in the books that she wrote, Sarah had a lot of time on her own. The security/ farm workers that were on the farm kept an eye out but it wasn't difficult for a kid to slip past them when they were busy running the farm.

In two weeks she would be going back to the same private school she had attended for the last three years, back with her friends. She smiled as she thought about her two best friends, Clare and Becky, they always had such tales to tell of their summer vacations in exotic places. Not that Sarah and her mom didn't travel, but her father rarely left the farm. He was a good dad, she loved to go in his lab and listen to him tell her about his work, she had already decided that she was going to go into Cybernetics like her dad. It was just the loneliness out here on the farm, and the tension between her mom and dad, that left the thirteen year old feeling confused and sad.

Sarah was surprised when she saw the log cabin that Mike and his mother lived in, she couldn't believe that she had walked that far deep in thought.

"There you are kid. I thought I was going to have to go looking for you." Mike's sullen voice said as he came out the cabin door with a can of cola in his hand.

Sarah rolled her eyes at him, boys!

"Well get over here so I can clean up that cut before you go home. You don't want your mom or dad to see that and think you'd sneaked off into the woods again," he reached into the cabin and brought out the first aid kit.

Sarah sat on the porch and offered Mike her arm, he'd doctored several of her cuts in the past. Exploring in the woods had its dangers.

"Where is your mom?" Sarah asked as she watched the older boy wash the cut, flinching slightly as the water stung the scraped flesh.

"Out," was all that Mike said as he applied polysporin and taped a neat bandage on her arm.

Sarah could still see the anger in his tight face and the way he held his body so stiff, but his hands were gentle as he administered first aid on her scratch. She wondered once again where he'd learned the first aid, not just that but it was the way he moved through the woods. The survival skills that he taught her on their many adventures exploring the wilderness that surrounded their two homes. She had asked him once about it but all she'd gotten was a clipped 'school' and then he wouldn't talk about it any more. She had once over heard her father and Mike's mom talking about the military school that he went to. She guessed that Mike didn't like it there.

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