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Switching Places

Chapter 13

"Hold on KITT, we're coming." Mike muttered as he slipped silently out of the dark tent, Sarah right behind him. He needed to get his hands on a weapon, but he couldn't chance taking one from a guard in case the guard somehow sounded the alarm. He also didn't have time to look in the other tents for one, not now with KITT in danger of being taken over by an unknown hacker.

"Keep on your current path. There are no heat signatures in your immediate vicinity."

Sarah relayed the message to Mike.

Using his years of training as an Army Ranger, Mike made his way quickly and silently towards the tent where the Shelby sat making use of the deep shadows near the sides of the tents from the lights in the compound. It took only a couple of quick questions to Sarah to find the tent. He knew that only two men were in the tent with the AI and that one of them was Hancock, also that both of the men were armed with handguns.

"I will take out Hancock and the other one while you get KITT free."

"Sarah I have only forty-five seconds until he will gain control." KITT said quietly into Sarah's earwig.

Sarah nodded as she whispered. "Mike, you have to go after whoever is trying to take over KITT first!"

Mike nodded once and then made his way across the dark space between the tents to the one with the AI in it. He didn't like the thought of not taking out Hancock first, but he couldn't risk the few seconds it would take to put Hancock out of commission before he turned to take out the other guy. Especially if Hancock eluded his first attempt at subduing the traitor.

Mike signaled with his hand, one, two, three.

It was the element of surprise that allowed Mike the precious moments it took to reach the man in the business suit. A solid blow to the side of his head dropped him on the spot.

"Traceur!" Hancock gasped as he watched in stunned silence as the man he thought was safely tied-up, dropped Smith with one punch. An evil smile spread over his scarred face as Traceur turned towards him. The thought of pounding Traceur with his bare hands overriding the self-imposed Colonel's common sense to raise an alarm before he dove at his escaped prisoner.

Mike turned toward Hancock as the man dove at him, catching Mike around the waist with his arms, staggering the ex-army ranger. Mike landed a hard jab to the left side of the colonel's head before he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Hancock was shorter than Mike but stockier, built more like a bulldog with heavy shoulders and large arms with big beefy fists. Every blow he landed on Mike's naked torso made a solid smacking sound.

However Mike was faster and in better shape, despite the ordeal he had just endured and in a knock-them-down-dirty fight he was in his element. Rolling so that he had the advantage he started aiming to put Hancock out of commission. It wasn't long before Hancock, trying to defend himself from the bottom, left an opening and Mike plowed a fist into the stockier man's chin, knocking him out cold.

"Mike! Are you okay?" Sarah asked as she moved around to the other side of the desk where Mike had been fighting. She had already removed the chain from the front tire of the Shelby and made quick work of unhooking the hard drive from the computer on the desk that the man with the suit had been using to try to override KITT's programming.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. We need to get out of here." Mike answered breathing heavily from the fight and wincing at the pain in his ribs from the blows he had received. Plus pain was shooting through the leg that he had broken a couple of months ago, the punishment to his recovering body from the last couple of days was starting to take its toll.

Reaching down he took the 9mm out of the shoulder holster on Hancock, checked it for ammo and slid it into the back waistband of his pants. "KITT can you take out the communications jamming device so we can notify the authorities?" Mike asked quietly as he wearily pushed himself to his feet.

"No, I'm sorry Michael, I'm afraid I can't. The device is hard wired to a couple of the missiles, and any attempt to tamper with it will undoubtedly set them off." The Shelby answered in an even voice before adding. "There are several heat signatures headed in this direction."

Sarah glanced from Mike to the Shelby. "KITT we need a distraction do you think you can raise the alarm on the far side of the compound?"

"No!" Mike said quickly. "That will just bring them on us faster. KITT, can you shut off the lights? That should give us more time and give me more cover."

"Shutting off the lights in the compound now." The AI said as the lights in the tent went out as well as the lights outside.

Calls of alarm and confusion could be heard as the guerillas tried to figure out what was going on.

"Sarah, wait for me in KITT. I'm going to make sure no one can use these missiles again." Mike said briskly as he made his way over to the Shelby in the dark, finding his way by the light of the red light that was tracking restlessly back and forth in its grill.

"KITT, I need an earwig, some C4 and a detonator."

The passenger side door opened as the interior light came on and a drawer where the glove compartment was slid open with a display of different high tech communications devices, including the tiny earwig.

Mike picked up the earwig and pushed it securely into his ear, before he turned and reaching into the back seat that had dropped down with array of different forms of explosives. Picking up the block of putty-like material and a detonator, he stood up again.

"Mike, you can't be serious! We need to get out of here! We can go get some help from the Sheriff or the Major at the White Sands Missile Range and then come back for the missiles!" Sarah whispered as she grabbed Mike's arm.

"If we leave, they might move them before we can get back. I'm not willing to risk these things falling into someone else's hands." Mike said pausing to look down at Sarah. "Get in KITT, I'll only be a few minutes."

Emotions warred inside Sarah. On one hand she knew what Mike said was sound. They couldn't leave the missiles here, but on the other hand fear that Mike would be seen and recaptured, or worse, made her heart pound. The sounds of angry men's shouts and the glare from flashlights as the guerillas searched the camp gave the tent an eerie glow.

"But Mike we could…" Sarah began to argue but Mike cut her off.

"Sarah! Don't argue with me now! Get in KITT!" Mike said as he pushed the woman who meant so much to him towards the open passenger door of the Shelby letting go of her when she sat down. Pulling the 9mm out of his waistband he chambered a round, nodded once to Sarah then made his way to the door of the tent.

"Okay KITT, guide me to the missiles, and preferably away from any guerillas." Mike said softly.

Sarah watched as the pale form of Mike as he made his way to the tent flap. She had recognized the tone of his voice, his army mode, even if she couldn't see the hard uncompromising set of his jaw or the steely glint in his eyes. It was what had made him such a good soldier, and caused her so much heartache.

"Sarah, I believe Michael wanted you to close the door so that you would be protected inside my shell." The AI said softly as a soft red and blue light lit up the interior.

Sarah frowned at the AI, as she watched Mike's form disappear out of the tent. The sound from the compound was still chaotic as the guerillas tried to figure out what was going on in the dark.

"KITT, is there still power to the computer on the desk?" Sarah asked as an idea came to her. She hated being left behind, even if she thought that Mike could probably get to the missiles and back more easily without her.

"Yes Sarah. I just shut down the lights in the compound.."

A sly smile split Sarah's face as she slid out of the car. "Good."

"Sarah, where are you going?"

"Do you still have that program that Billy was working on? That worm virus?" When the AI answered that he did, Sarah continued, "What if we install that in their computers? Slightly modified. That way we can wipe out all their data but we will be able to track anyone who is in contact with them."

"I believe that will work. Modifying Billy's worm virus now."

Sarah walked quickly over to the computer on the desk so that she could run the program as soon as KITT installed it on the computer. It only took a few seconds before she could see the worm virus start to work, causing the icons on the screen to shimmer.

"Sarah, there are several armed heat signatures approaching. Please get back into the car." The AI said through the earwig.

Turning off the monitor so that no one would readily see what was happening on it, Sarah hurried to the Shelby and got in, instantly the windows tinted so that she wouldn't be seen sitting in the dark Shelby. She was still able to see what was happening outside as the AI displayed the thermal images on the window screen.

"Colonel! Sir, are you okay?" Sarah recognized the voice as one of the men who had been in the tent with her and Mike.

"Son of a Bitch!" Hancock cursed, sounding groggy. "Traceur has escaped, and probably the woman too! Search the camp they cannot be allowed to leave! Shoot them on the spot!"

Sarah watched in varying shades of red, yellow and green, as the two guards helped Hancock up off of the ground.

"What about him?" One of the guards asked pointing a yellowish arm at the man still lying on the ground.

"Forget about him! If Traceur didn't kill him I might! We have our money and the missiles. We don't need him anymore. Now find me Traceur and that woman!" Hancock bellowed as he staggered out of the tent with his two guards, not even looking at the Shelby still sitting silently in the tent.

"Sarah, I have just informed Michael that Colonel Hancock has regained consciousness and has ordered the guards to be on the look out for him." The AI said as he showed a large view of the compound and the heat signature labeled Michael Traceur heading in their general direction. There were also a number of other heat signatures on the screen as the guards were quickly searching through tents as well as the compound.

"KITT is Mike going to be able to make it back here?" Sarah asked as fear began to crawl through her stomach.

"I have disabled their back up generator. Without the compound lights Michael has a very good chance of making it back here undetected."

A few seconds later a fluttering light shone through the tent, as the guerillas set off flares to aid in their search.

Crouching behind a crate Mike heard the tell tale pop and zing of flares as they were fired and then the compound was lit up by the pale light from the flares. KITT had helped him to avoid anyone up until now, so he had been successful in planting the C4 in the hidden semi trailer with the missiles in it. He briefly wondered why he hadn't taken time to tie Hancock up but then he reasoned it wouldn't have made any difference, his guards just would have untied him.

Mike watched as a guard entered a tent to his right before he hurried out from behind the crate and keeping to the darker shadows next to the tents was able to make it almost to the tent where the Shelby and Sarah were waiting. A sudden warning from the AI through the earwig had Mike diving for a tarp as another guard headed down between the row of tents where he was hiding.

With a sinking feeling Mike could see the guard pause and turn towards his hiding place. In an instant he came off the ground, two well aimed jabs, one to the throat and another to the back of the neck dropped the guard. Mike snatched up the fallen Uzi and rolled the guard under the tarp to hide his body.

Sarah listened as KITT informed Mike where the guards were, as the light from the flares flickered in the tent. A small square box sitting on the desk beside the computer drew her attention and Sarah realized it was the hard drive with the override commands for KITT.

Jumping out of the Shelby, Sarah rushed towards the desk to grab the small gray box. The ominous sound of a round being chambered froze her in her tracks.

"Well, Miss Graiman, we do get to meet again after all." Mr. Smith said softly as he stood up from behind the desk his 9mm pointed right at Sarah.

Sarah was shocked, not only that she had forgotten all about the man in the business suit but also that he was able to regain consciousness without KITT knowing.

"Ah, your wondering how that super car behind you was not able to detect me," Smith said in the same soft dangerous tone. "Well, it's thanks to this little device. A modification on the communications jamming device that has hidden this little camp from authorities for months now. A smaller personal version if you will." Smith smiled as he pointed to what looked like a pen sticking out of his suit pocket. "Isn't technology fabulous?"

"I'm sorry Sarah. I was not able to detect that he had regained consciousness. It seems that he indeed has some kind of device that is interfering with my scanners." The AI said in her earwig.

"Now I want you to hand over that hard drive you have in your hand. I have no desire to kill you Miss Graiman but I will if I have to." The man in the suit said as he raised the gun he had pointing at Sarah a little higher.

"Sarah, the device is also interfering with my ability to aim my sleeping darts. I cannot help you. I have informed Michael about what is going on however." The AI said quietly into the earwig, a note of frustration in his voice.

At that instant Mike stepped into the tent, the automatic rifle he had taken from the guard pointing at the man in the suit.

"That would be a very bad move mister!" Mike snarled. "If you want to live that is!"

"Ah Traceur, you were able to return faster then I thought you would. Pity that I have to deal with such screw-ups as Hancock, but that is the risk one runs when dealing with second-rate mercenaries. I was hoping at least he would have succeeded in killing you but I suppose I will have to do that myself also."

Sarah looked at Mike, he didn't even glance in her direction, his sole attention was the man in the suit, who was still aiming his gun at her. Although it had lowered a fraction of an inch as he talked to Mike.

"Of course, I could just shoot Sarah and leave you to Colonel Hancock." Smith said with an evil little laugh.

Mike stared at the man in front of him. His total lack of fear was a little unnerving. Either the man had absolutely no fear of dying or for some reason he thought Mike would not shoot him. The answer came a second later.

"Michael, Smith is wearing body armor underneath his suit." KITT informed Mike through the earwig. "I was finally able to adjust my scanners to get past the device he is using to detect the armor."

Sarah heard what KITT said also, making a split second decision she dove for the floor the explosion of the 9mm firing followed her descent.

Mike had been about ready to try a plan of his own when Sarah moved. Fear constricted his chest as the 9mm in Smith's hand went off. The next move was so ingrained in the ex-army ranger that he didn't even consciously make the decision to pull the trigger on the automatic or to adjust the muzzle of the weapon to fire at the man's head instead of the armored body.

In three strides Mike reached Smith as he lay on the floor, the blood on his face registering but he didn't stop. His only concern was to get to Sarah and he vaulted the desk, alarmed calls filled the night air as the guerillas reacted to the sound of gunfire.

"Sarah!" Mike cried dropping down beside her, he could see blood but not how badly she was hurt. Not pausing to look Mike scooped her up into his arms and raced to the open passenger door on the Shelby as the sound of pounding feet headed in their direction. He set her in the seat as carefully as he could, before shutting the door and leaping across the Shelby's hood Bo Duke style as someone fired into the tent. The Shelby's engine growled to life as Mike leaped into the driver's seat.

"KITT get us out of here!" Mike ordered as bullets peppered the exterior of the Shelby.

Finally free of the missile and able to act on an order the AI wasted no time reversing out of the tent narrowly missing several guerillas. Once outside the Shelby didn't waste time turning to go forward, instead he raced backward through the compound away from the heaviest gunfire.

Mike left the driving to the AI, he was more concerned right then with how badly the woman beside him was hurt. "Sarah?" He said in a tight voice as he brushed his fingers over her white face.

"Sarah's vitals are strong she has a flesh wound on her right shoulder that will require medical attention. Also she has a sustained a bump on the head that is likely to have caused a concussion and is the cause of her current unconscious state." The AI's calm monotone voice didn't reflect at all the fact that he was racing backwards at a high rate of speed through an enemy compound.

Mike didn't realize he was holding his breath until KITT finished his analysis of Sarah's condition, letting it out slowly he forced his mind back on the situation going on outside the Shelby.

"KITT can you jump the gully to get us out of here?" Mike asked.

"Yes, I have already made the calculations. You will have to detonate the C4 as we are jumping the river or risk the communications jamming device interfering with the signal."

"Will we be far enough away to escape the blast of all those missiles?"

"I am… fairly certain that we will be able to escape the worst of the blast radius."

"Fairly certain?" Mike cried as the Shelby executed a high-speed turn and accelerated forward.

"It was impossible for me to accurately calculate just how many missiles are still inside the semi." The AI said as the car raced towards the riverbank. "Now Michael!" The AI instructed as the front wheels of the Shelby launched into the air as the turbo boosters fired.

Mike pressed the button on the detonator.

The C4 exploded, ripping through the semi and causing the missiles themselves to explode. In only milliseconds came the shockwave from the initial explosions followed by the heat set off from them, exploding gas tanks, propane tanks and the ammunition bunker. The resulting explosions ripped apart the compound killing anyone who was still there.

The shockwave hit the Shelby as the front tires touched the earth, cart-wheeling the car end for end. When the Shelby finally stopped it was off the side of the dirt road wheels down but partly on its side.

As the smoke and dust began to clear the AI was already running a scan on his two occupants and was relieved to find that other then their pre-existing injuries they had escaped the crash unharmed.

"KITT? Are you okay?" Mike asked after a moment as he recovered from the shock of the flips that they had taken.

"I am currently running a diagnostic but I believe I have only suffered minor damage. I will be able to pull myself out of this ditch with my grappling hook and winch."

"Sarah?" Mike whispered, as he turned awkwardly toward her in the tilted car.

"Neither Sarah or you sustained any further injuries." The AI sounded slightly relieved to be able to inform Mike of that fact as the Shelby fired its grappling hook into the nearest tree and began to winch itself back onto the road.

As soon as the Shelby was sitting on all four tires again Mike was out of the car and raced around to open the passenger side door so that he could look more fully at Sarah's wounded shoulder. Gently he pulled her dirty t-shirt up to inspect the wound. A long ugly looking groove cut just above her collarbone and up over the top of her shoulder. It was oozing blood but definitely could have been far worse. Picking up the bandage that KITT provided he placed it over the wound and taped it into place. Sarah moaned softly as he was putting the last piece of tape on.

"Sarah, sweetheart, can you hear me?" Mike asked softly as he gently brushed the hair off of her forehead and away from the large bump there.

Slowly Sarah opened her eyes, her head was pounding and she wasn't quite sure where she was or why her shoulder was throbbing. She recognized Mike and knew she was sitting in the Shelby but everything else was a bit fuzzy.

"Mike? What happened?" Sarah asked in a confused voice.

"You're going to be fine. KITT suspects that you might have a concussion. Do you feel dizzy or sick?" Mike asked as he forced his voice to remain calm.

"No, just a bit fuzzy." Sarah answered as things began to come back to her about trying to get the portable hard drive, and her idea to dive to the ground. Looking back on it she supposed it wasn't one of her brighter plans. Looking out the front window of the Shelby she could see an orangish glow dancing on the trees. "Did you succeed in destroying the missiles?"

Mike smiled, "Yeah, they should be all gone."

"I am relieved Sarah that you remember the missiles, it is a good sign. Michael the SSC is calling." KITT said a hint of relief in his voice. "Putting it up on the view screen now."

"Sarah! Mike! What the hell is going on?" Torres' voice demanded as his angry face appeared on the windshield view screen.

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