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Switching Places

Chapter 14

"It's good to see you again too Director." Mike said sarcastically.

"Traceur, I suggest you start talking and now! You are in enough trouble now as it is." Alex Torres growled as he glared at Mike through the view screen.

"Sarah! Oh thank god! Are you alright? I've been so worried." Charles Graiman suddenly appeared beside Alex at the SSC.

Sarah smiled tiredly as she answered. "I'm fine Dad. We were able to find the missing prototype missiles along with a group of mercenaries and…"

"A group of mercenaries? My god Sarah! Surely you didn't try taking them on all by yourselves?" Charles cried as he looked at his daughter, noticing her filthy appearance and blood stained shirt.

"Dad!" Sarah said, raising her voice to stop the tirade she knew was coming. "I will tell you all about it when I get back to the SSC."

"What about the missiles?" Alex asked, breaking in on Sarah. "Who are these mercenaries?"

"They were led by a man named Hancock." Mike began but Torres interrupted him.

"Were? What happened to them?"

"I imagine most, if not all of them were killed when we blew up the missiles, along with the Knight Industries communications jamming device that they were using." Mike growled as he glared at Torres.

24 hours later

Main Hanger in the SSC

The Knight Industries Three Thousand sat in his sling as Katie and Lisa put the final touches on his nano molecular skin.

The guerilla camp had been secured by the troops at the White Sands army base so that investigators from the FBI and Knight Industries could make sure that all the missiles were in fact destroyed, as well as try to identify as many of the guerillas as possible through DNA testing. Michael and Sarah had both received medical attention and been debriefed when they returned to the SSC. The AI had downloaded all the information that he had been able to gather on this mission and the investigators were using his files to help identify the guerillas.

The Shelby watched as his two drivers walked into the hanger and headed towards one of the computer terminals.

The SSC was empty at this time. The lights were dimmed and many of the numerous computer screens turned off. The techs were all taking a much needed break after the hectic lockdown and then the frantic search for the Knight Industries Three Thousand and its drivers.

"You know, no one will think anything of it if you take a couple of days off." Mike said as he followed Sarah over to the computer chair where she sat down gingerly, her right arm in a sling.

Sarah sighed and irritation sounded heavily in her voice, "You sound like my father. I am perfectly capable of running a computer program with my arm in a sling."

A smile pulled at Mike's lips as admiration for the woman who meant so much to him surged through him again. She had been a real trooper through the past day, even hurt she had helped him to ensure that the guerilla camp was secured properly, not to mention her bravery and courage during the mission. Then she had been adamant about bringing everything up in the debriefing with Torres, even going so far as demanding that an internal review be done to determine what files in the SSC had been compromised by Mr. Smith.

His voice was gentle as he said, "I didn't mean it that way, Sarah. Only that you deserve to have a little time off after what we both went through."

The Shelby preformed a scan of its drivers making sure that they were both physically on the mend. With that directive satisfied, the AI watched the easy way the two drivers interacted, making special note of the increased pheromones the two were giving off. The AI still found the interaction between the two confusing. He now had worked with both of his drivers out in the field and while they functioned differently, and went about things in very different ways, they both were very successful in completing their missions. It was when they were together that caused his processors to work overtime trying to understand why, if they felt such a strong physical attraction, one the AI could easily see with his sensors, that they continued to deny that attraction intellectually. It simply baffled the Knight Industries Three Thousand. With a sigh, the AI had picked up from his two drivers, the Shelby watched as they left the SSC, arguing over some inconsequential thing, as their pheromones filled the air surrounding them.

The End.

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