Severus and Lucius stood together watching. They had both been summoned to the ministry of magic. Severus with the order and Lucius with the Death Eaters. They watched the boy. They watched him and knew that it was time. They knew that after all these years they had found their mate. He did not know yet. He did not know he was a veela through his mother, well a quarter veela. Or that they were as well.

Lucius looked at his old friend. "We are sure about this? You know if we go after the Dark Lord and stand by our little one and we fail, we will be dead men."

Severus nodded. "We both can feel the pull and you know that Harry is the key to winning this war. He needs our powers if he will defeat Voldemort."

So many people had wondered how Harry had the chance to defeat Voldemort. He had only survived because of the love of his mother. They knew. He was a veela and when paired with his mate or in his case mates, the little boy had the power to defeat him. He needed to defeat him in the mind. Oh given years Harry might have the training on his own but Lucius and Severus could help end it here and now.

Lucius pointed down at him. "Go fetch us our little love down there and bring him to us. We do not have much time to persuade him before it is too late."

Severus kissed Lucius. "Can you but imagine that nice taut body in our bed and in our arms?"

Lucius shook his head. "This is not the time for such talk. We can imagine our little lover in our bed soon enough."

Severus knew he had a point. He knew that they needed to save the young man and end this war soon. He had not believed the child foolish enough to come here. He could not believe Harry had fallen into the trap of believing that the Dark Lord had his beloved godfather here.

Severus grabbed Harry by the upper arm and before the boy could scream he clamped a hand down over the boy's mouth. "Quiet or you will get us both killed."

He dragged Harry into the panic room area where Lucius was hidden and let go when the doors were warded. "You brought me to a Death Eater? I knew it."

Lucius and Severus shared a look for they knew that this was not going to be easy. Of course the foolish little boy had no idea that Lucius had been a spy since a week after he took the mark. He and Severus had been tortured into taking the mark.

Severus quieted him. "Lucius is a spy like me and we have a proposition for you little one. If you agree to a little request we will help you defeat Voldemort."

Harry looked back and forth. "How do I know that you will actually help me? And what kind of request is it?"

Lucius and Severus both took out their wands and swore an oath on their magic that neither of them were Death Eaters and that they would die if they turned against him in this battle.

Lucius touched his arm. "The other request we ask you will learn in September when we are all at school my little one. Now what is your choice?"

Harry quacked. He knew they could ask anything but he knew he needed to save lives and he was scared to face Voldemort alone. "I agree. I agree."

They made him take out his wand and swear on his magic that he would agree to fulfill any request made of him on September 1st, one and one alone, except anything that would kill him or cause him bodily harm. He knew he had basically nailed his coffin lid shut but if it meant he could end this war he would do it.

Severus took one of his arms. "Then come with us. The Death eaters and Tom are arriving and setting a trap for you kids. We can cut him off before he gets there."

Harry was petrified but could not stop for Lucius had taken him by his other arm "What do I do? I am scared. I don't know what I am doing."

Lucius actually squeezed his arm gently. "Just stay with us. He will attack you with his mind and not his wand. We're here. Just stay with us little one."

He was not sure why they kept calling him little one. He did not understand what was going on. All he knew was that the moment that he had been scared about for five years had come. He was about to face the men who had killed his parents and some of the greatest wizards of the time. He was saved once by magic. He had been dreading this moment. He should have been scared that the only people by his side were his dreaded potions professor and someone he thought was a Death Eater. But some how he felt their strength ebbing through him and he felt almost stronger.

Voldemort spotted him though and he turned on him. "So the little scarred brat has found his way here has he? And with two of my allies. Time to die."

Harry shook his head. "You failed to kill me when I was a baby, why do you think you can kill me now."

Voldemort sneered at him. "You beat me because of the love of your mother but that protection is in me too. You are dead meat little boy. Dead meat."

Harry felt like his head was on fire as he felt the man in his head. He felt like his entire head was going to explode and he knew his body would soon be crushed but he did not have the power to push him forth. He was going to die. He should have known this would be a trap. He should have known he could not trust then. But suddenly he felt warm power flooding through him like a river and the pressure reduced and suddenly he was not sure how he felt like he was pushing it from him. The last thing he remembered before he collapsed was hearing a scream. Then he blacked out.


He slowly started coming around and for a time he thought it had all been a dream. But as his eyes started to focus he realized he was lying in the headmaster's office on the couch with all the kids that he went with as well as the order including Remus and his beloved godfather, alive and safe. Severus was there as well. The man was his usual cold self and he thought for a moment he had dreamed their help.

He looked at them all. "What happened?'

The headmaster smiled. "The dark lord has been destroyed once and for all and all the Death Eaters loyal to him as well."

Harry's head was spinning and it was not only from the pressure of the headache he was dealing with at the moment. He realized it had not been a dream and looking at Severus sent shivers up his back in wondering what he had promised to do.

Sirius hugged him. "You can come live with me finally cub this summer. No more relatives. You will be free of them once and for all."

Harry sunk into his arms. "It is over, it is really over?"

They held him as the realization that the war was over and he would be free. He could not allow himself to celebrate the victory. He allowed himself to celebrate the end of the war and not going home to his relatives again. He could be with his godfather. He would worry about the promise he made in September.