Though Tuscany and Rome had been a perfect place to wed and a honeymoon of sorts his husbands definitely kept their promise. They whisked him away early in the morning the Saturday before Easter break. They had promised to show him the world. And they had every intention of starting. Harry once again found himself clinging to a husband while the portkey whisked them off some where that he had no idea. His husbands definitely loved to surprise him that was for sure. And he enjoyed it too. He could only imagine when he finished school. They wanted to make sure he enjoyed what he had never had growing up. He was sure they would.

Again when Harry opened his eyes he looked around in amazement. He was silent at first as he drank in the sights. They were definitely not in Europe this time. They had wanted to take him some where far more exotic and exciting this time. Harry had no idea where they had brought him but he knew they had kept their promise.

Harry looked around him in absolute amazement. "Where are we?"

Severus smiled and drew him in close. "New Zealand, in Rotorua to be exact though we plan to show you more of this amazing country before we leave."

For a small country they thought New Zealand had such a diverse amount of things to show him. They could do everything from skiing and glacier climbing to hiking in rainforests and bungee jumping, resting on a beach or jet skiing. And they planned on doing it all. There was a five star wizarding resort here at Rotorua which was known for the thermal pools and mud baths and they thought it was a romantic place to stay and good base for their travels throughout the country. They planned on definitely making this a proper honeymoon and going at it like rabbits but they also had every intention of sweeping their husband totally off of his feet as well.

Lucius checked them in at the front desk of the resort which literally seemed alive as the roof and walls of the lobby were living plants and he could hear the birds and see butterflies up above him. The honeymoon suite had more conventional but was definitely luxurious including a giant swimming pool like Jacuzzi tub in it.

Harry pouted when they told him that they would not be trying out the bed right now. "It is our honeymoon."

Severus kissed his dimples. "Don't worry my love we will be making a lot of use of that bed before we head home. But we want you to see more of the country."

It was definitely a change from France where Harry had been so petrified that he had hoped that the sight seeing and dinner at the Eiffel tower would never end. Though they were staying at a wizarding resort they had decided to go muggle that day. They took him down to one of the many lakes in the region, the one it was named for, and took him on one of the float planes. They had specially chartered the airplane and they wanted to show Harry an incredible view of the area. They knew how much he loved to fly but neither of them were big on brooms so they had thought that this was a perfect alternative that they would all love. Harry may have been sad to leave the bedroom but he was soon having an amazing time and had to admit his breath was taken away by the view from the airplane. They saw a bit of the mountains on the island and the beaches and his husbands promised he would see both up close before they left. They were in fact going jet boating and for a romantic day on the beach the next day they told him.

The airplane was not the end. They enjoyed the end of the afternoon with a mud bath. They got why the city was called sulphur city but they were lucky to have wands. Harry thought a bath was likely not the best thing before they headed for bed but he woke up a bit more when they had a romantic dinner alone out o the balcony of their hotel room. It definitely was the perfect way to end the day there and though the view was not as beautiful as from the Eiffel tower it was amazing.

Lucius laughed when Harry was the one that drew him towards the bed. "Now this is a change from out last honeymoon, I think we have kept you up too long."

Harry nibbled on his husband's neck. "I was thinking of staying up all night long but it you two do not join me in bed soon I will go trolling the bar."

Smirking his husbands definitely did not need more encouragement. They took him to bed for the first of many long passionate rounds that night. Now that they were bounded they had to be careful and use protection spells. The three of them all had babies on their minds as the night of love making slowed down but they would wait a few years. But they could all imagine the family they hoped to have. Harry and Severus were picturing at least one son but Lucius was hoping for a girl. The only baby in the near future was Harry's little brother or sister. They had found out shortly after their wedding that his dads were pregnant and due a few weeks after what would have been their anniversary if they had not bonded much sooner.

Lucius kissed both of his husbands. "In a few years when we are ready to start trying for a baby we might have to come back. I think it might be good inspiration."


Though the baby had not been due for a few weeks it seemed Harry's new sibling decided that Harry should not be celebrating his old anniversary. His husbands had taken him off to Paris for the weekend to honour their old bond anniversary but they got word late Saturday night that Sirius had gone into labour. Harry and his husbands happily returned back to school. Harry's dads had not found out the gender of the baby so he was excited to find out. They missed the birth and Sirius had finished the first nurse so they were ushered right n.

Harry caught sight of the blue blanket. "I have a new baby brother."

Sirius nodded. "Before we hand him off we would like you to sign off. We'd like you and both your husbands to be his godfathers."

They were all of course honoured and Harry kissed both of his dads when he was done. He took the baby into his arms. He had Remus' coloring but Sirius' features making for quite the adorable baby boy. Harry was absolutely in love with his baby brother and again had children on his mind. He could see his husbands did too. But they would wait they all knew and swore.

Harry looked up from his brother. "And what name have you chosen for this little one?"

Remus did the introductions. "We have named our beautiful little boy Nash Remus Black."

They had decided since the baby would carry on Black and his first name came from the Black tradition, the honour of the middle name would go to Remus. Nash though it referred to the ash tree which was a link to Harry, was actually a star in Gamma Sagitarri. It seemed odd that the marauders were carrying on traditions but the name was met with approval and Harry thought it suited his little brother quite beautifully.

Remus looked at his son. "Now in a few years the three of you can work on making us grandparents and Nash a very young Uncle."