The Argument

(Vegeta comes downstairs to see his breakfast not made.)

Vegeta: Bulma! Where's my breakfast?!

Bulma: I haven't made it yet!

Vegeta: What the hell have you been doing all morning?!

Bulma: I've been working in the lab. What have you been doing, Vegeta?!

Vegeta: Bitch, I've been training in the Gravity Room all night. I deserve a good breakfast!

Bulma: Well if you didn't train so much, you wouldn't need to eat breakfast!

Vegeta: Well if you didn't work in the lab so much, I would have breakfast, and we wouldn't be arguing right now!

Bulma: If you would learn to cook, I wouldn't have to make you breakfast!

Vegeta: If you would let me run off to other planets to get breakfast, I wouldn't need you to cook for me!

Bulma: When you learn to fix your damn space pod, then I'll let you go off to other planets!

Vegeta: You're the super genius, and you promise to fix it for me!

Bulma: You better learn how to fix your own junk, because I'm tired of fixing everything you break!

Vegeta: You're tired of fixing things, and I'm tired of your BIG FUCKING MOUTH!

Bulma: I'm tired of your big fucking mouth, too!

Vegeta: You know what?! I'm going back to the Gravity Room, because I don't need all this shit!


Vegeta: Since you don't care if I go back to the Gravity Room, I'm going!

Bulma: Starts crying Go ahead!

Vegeta: Walks away

Bulma: Cries harder Fine. Just go, Vegeta.

Vegeta: Stops walking STOP FUCKING CRYING! It's making me sick!

Bulma: Wipes away tears Why don't you stop yelling at me first?

Vegeta: Only if you make me breakfast.

Bulma: How about I make you happy, instead?

Vegeta: Stomach growls Fine, I guess I don't need breakfast that bad.

Bulma: Giggles girlishly

Vegeta: Blushes

Bulma: Shall we go then?

Vegeta: Okay. But I jump on the bed first.

Bulma: No way! I want to jump on the bed.

Vegeta: I've got an idea. How 'bout we both jump.

Bulma: Walks up to Vegeta Sounds good to me.

Vegeta: Then let's go, already.

Bulma: Grabs Vegeta's arm Okay, come on.

Vegeta: Puts his arm around Bulma

(They walk up the stairs, arm in arm.)

The End