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Meant To Be

Chapter 1

He runs. That is all he can do.


Run. And not get caught.

He has been separated from his friends while shopping in Hogsmeade when a raid suddenly happened and now he is lost. He doesn't know where he is, but he can't stop to figure it out. He curses his stupidity for letting his guard down. With all the recent attacks lately, he should have known better. But there's nothing he can do now.

They are after him, and they are close. He could feel it. He has been lucky so far to have gotten away for so long. If they catch him, there is no telling what they might do to him. Especially if they take him to HIM. He shudders at the thought of having to come face to face with HIM; there might not be a next time if he gets caught.

Trees are everywhere, lining his vision and hiding him from view but also hiding his enemies. He must be wary and cautious to not alert them of his location. He must get to safety before they find him. He hopes that his friends are okay, that they got away to safety.

The magic in the air is thick and heavy from the constant confrontations that he has had with them. Hiding where ever he can and fighting when he has to, taking out as many as he can but there are too many for him to handle he has to get to safety. If only there weren't any anti-apparation wards up he would be able to leave sooner, but instead, he has to find where it ends.

Adrenaline vibrates throughout his very being, enabling him to continue on, but he is getting tired and he is starting to slow down. He finally stops to catch his breath and hides behind a thick bush; keeping an eye out for any sign of movement. He peeks out from behind the bush and when the cost is clear he moves quickly behind a tree and then another. Just a bit more and he is clear to leave this forest. He can feel where the ward ends just a few feet way.

A flash of light is all the warning he gets as a spell hits him in the back, catching him unaware. I should have been more careful, he thinks as he turns over to look at them, white masks glowing in the darkness, smirking at him in triumph. He tries to fight off the effects of the curse, but he is unable. Harry Potter blinks slowly up at them before giving in to unconsciousness.


The next time he woke up he was in an underground room. I must be in the dungeons, he thought to himself. He thought back to what had happened and curses his stupidity again. I should have been more careful. How the hell am I going to get out of this one? He felt around in his pockets and as he expected his wand was gone. Damn it all!

Harry looked around more carefully and noticed that the room he was in had no windows or a door for that matter; just brick walls. How the hell do I get out of here? On second thought, how did I get in? He felt around on all four walls and felt nothing. The room was cold and bare, but there was a draft coming from somewhere that was making him shiver so there had to be a door somewhere, he just couldn't see it.

"You can't keep me in here," he shouted, circling around in confusion, "I'll find a way out and get away." There was no answer. He followed the draft and guessed as to where the door was. He presses against the wall a few times but nothing happens. So all he had to do was wait.

Harry must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew the sound of moving stone was waking him up. He jumped up and prepared himself to make his escape.

Shrieking laughter met his ears not from in front of him like he thought it would, but behind him. "Shit!" he cursed and tried to turn around, but a spell caught him in the back. Not again, he managed to think before everything went dark again.

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