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Meant To Be

Chapter 3

"Catch him!" Voldemort cried out and pushed a Death Eater near him out of his way. He watched as Harry disappeared on the other side of the room through the door angrily. He had been fooled yet again by the brat. But as soon as he got his hands on him, there would be nothing stopping him. "What did I say?" he shouted as his followers struggled to get through the mess in the middle of the floor. Voldemort rolled his eyes and blasted the rubble away. And the Death Eaters immediately started clambering to obey his orders. I'm surrounded by idiots! He thought and went to find Potter to kill him once and for all.


Harry ran up yet another set of stairs and down a corridor, Shit. How big is this place, he thought as he looked behind him and blasted a Death Eater over the banister that was behind him. He didn't get to stop and admire all the exquisite drapery and art work that adorned the walls because he was busy trying to find the way out. But from what he could see at a glance, they looked very old and expensive. Harry was, of course, lost as the door he went through was the wrong one, as the one after that, and the one after that. It only served to get him deeper into the house and even more lost and the Death Easter were catching up to him having the advantage of knowing the house. And of course, Voldemort was right behind them as well. He could hear him taunting him.

Turning down another corridor he came to a set of magnificent double doors. There was nowhere else to go as it was a dead end. In we go, he thought and tugged on the door handle; but it was locked. Damn it! he swore.

"There is nowhere you can go, Potter," Voldemort whispered caressing his wand, "Just give up."

Harry whipped around and glared at him and tried a silent Alohomora charm but it didn't work either. He glanced at Voldemort and saw him smirk as he advanced on him. Harry growled in frustration. –Open up damn you! - he hissed at the door.

Miraculously the door opened. Huh, he thought and grabbed the door and slipped in and slammed it closed as a spell hit the door. With a swift look around he concluded, along with the information of a Parseltongue password, that this was Voldemort's bedroom. Great, just my luck it has to be HIS room. True to his Slytherin name, the room was done up in green and silver. There was a wardrobe in the corner, a desk against the wall, and a large bed in the center. It was pretty nice considering it was the room of a Dark Lord. Then again he would want the best.

Harry quickly dove under the bed as an angry Lord Voldemort opened the door and closed it behind him.

"Now Harry. It really isn't polite to go into people's rooms without permission."

"Then you should have a better password," Harry replied and ducked as a spell came flying at him. "You know, it's also not polite to try and kill someone while having a conversation either, but since when does that matter to you," Harry replied coming out on the other side of the bed.

After exchanging a few more words they started throwing spells at each other; each trying to distract the other. Voldemort was trying to get closer to him and Harry was trying to edge toward the window in hopes that he could jump out and escape. But it seemed that Voldemort read his mind because the window locked up tight and obviously wouldn't budge. Harry cursed. Now the only way was through the door…on the other side of the room. He wasn't the only one getting frustrated. Voldemort was getting pissed that he couldn't get Harry because he kept moving around, which made him miss and make holes in the walls, and with his anger, his concentration started to waver.

"What's wrong Tom, not willing to mess up your possessions?" Harry taunted, noticing that he was being very careful on where he aimed but it wasn't working. Harry, on the other hand, had no problem and banished several books, a lamp and a vase toward his enemy without any remorse.

Voldemort snarled and lunged at him taking Harry off guard. Harry stumbled back and threw a half finished spell at him in defense. The spell hit Voldemort in the arm making him drop his wand but he held onto Harry in a tight grip. Before his eyes, the snake-like visage that was Voldemort dissolved to the very handsome form of an older looking Tom Riddle.

Luckily for Tom, his Death Eaters weren't allowed into his room so they didn't see his true form. He only used his Voldemort appearance to scare his followers into obeying him. It wouldn't do well for them to find out. But unfortunately, Harry did.

Harry was staring in shock at the very human looking Voldemort. The one, who a second ago, was bald, pale as death, had slits for a nose, red eyes and had a forked tongue. Now he had a full head of jet black hair, pale skin but not in an unhealthy way, blue eyes with a swirl of red in them, and a normal looking nose.

"What's wrong Potter? Cat got your tongue?" Tom smirked.

Harry flushed and looked away from the gorgeous person before him. It was just his luck that he had come to terms with his sexuality just recently, after years of trying to deny it; only to be confronted so soon with something so breathtaking, who happened to be his enemy. Why god, why! Are you punishing me? I'm sorry okay, so would you stop throwing me into these sorts of situations. It's enough that my life is always at risk, now you have to mess with my libido too. Harry cast around in his mind for something clever to say. "Wow. Using a Muggle catch phrase. You've sunk to a new low," Harry replied and winced internally. That sounded lame to his own ears.

Tom pressed Harry harder into the wall, "I don't think you realize the position you're in, Potter."

Harry shuddered slightly at his words. He had noticed, how could he not. Tom had him pressed against the wall, with a hand gripping his shirt at the collar, his knee in between his legs and he was leaning very close to him. Wrong kind of position, wrong kind of position! His mind screamed trying to stop himself from reacting, but his body didn't seem to be cooperating.

Tom's smirk turned into a frown as he looked into Harry's flushed face and then glanced downward. He shifted his knee up higher into Harry's slight erection that was only getting harder with each passing moment. Harry gasped slightly and his flush darkened as he started fighting to get out of Tom's grip.

"Who would have thought," Tom said in delight, masking his confusion.

"Shut up!" Harry snapped and started struggling harder. Damn you stupid hormones!

"Ah. But I said nothing."

"Just sh-" Harry cut off as a sharp pain shot through his scar. It was nothing like he felt before, it kept building and building until it felt like his head was going to split open. Like something inside of him was trying to break out. The only difference was that it wasn't only his pain to share.

Tom let him go and gripped his head in pain. It was so great that it made his eyes water. At first, he thought that Potter was doing something to him and that made him angry, but the anger only made it worse. Plus he saw that Harry was going through the same type of pain.

After a few minutes, the pain started to recede and they were able to breathe properly. But in replace of the pain came a strong feeling of longing and desire that they were having trouble controlling. When they looked at each other, it was as if through a haze. Everything was disoriented.

Harry pressed himself back into the wall as Tom stepped closer to him with a predatory look on his face and planted his hands on either side of his head, "What?" Harry asked trying to sound intimidating and failing miserably. His voice came out husky and raw with need, having the opposite effect on the man before him.

"What did you do?" Tom hissed trying to hold onto his anger and push away the lust that was making his mind foggy.

"I didn't do anything," Harry retorted angrily. They both winced as brief pain struck them. "I thought you did it. It usually is." Tom didn't answer just kept staring at him. "W-what happened?"

"I have no idea," Tom whispered honestly.

Harry shivered at the honesty in his voice and also the huskiness. It was doing things to him and he didn't understand why. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Like what?" Tom asked inching closer to him. It didn't look like he noticed he was doing it.

"Like…that…" Harry whispered breathlessly. Tom was way too close for comfort.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Tom said totally ignoring his panicked expression.

Harry made a disbelieving and shocked sound in the back of his throat.

"Don't l-"

Harry was cut off as Tom's lips met his in a passionate kiss and his mind went blank.

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