A/N: After 4 years, I decided that I didn't like the ending I created either. So I added another chapter instead of re-writing the original. I think this ending is much more suitable.

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What to Do

I was sitting in the grass in the shade of a nearby tree. The slight breeze felt cool on my skin; a sharp contrast to the scorching day that had past. I gazed at the red sky of the setting sun where the moon sat suspended, next to Earth, the Mystic Moon. My former home.

It was three months after Folken Jr. was born. I was enjoying the silence in a private court yard in the Fanelian Palace while Van watched Folken Jr. for me. It was one of the first times I had been alone since living on Gaea for the second time.

I kept telling everyone that would still be returning to Earth as soon as Folken Jr. didn't need me anymore. But I convinced no one, not even myself. I still wasn't sure of how to get back to Earth. Van assured me it would happen at the right time, like what brought me to Gaea months ago.

I looked down at my hands folded on my lap. The silver band on my finger seemed to glow in the gathering darkness. Just a present, he said. Like Van didn't realize I knew the significance of the ring.

I heard Folken Jr. start to whimper from one of the upstairs rooms. I stood up and stretched. Better to calm him down sooner than to break the peace completely.

I was positive I would return to Earth at the right time. Eventually. Until then, I would continue to be treated as Van's queen.