Chaos Metamorphism

Chapter 13: Helplessness

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When my time comes, will I feel pain or will there be nothing? I do not know which I fear more…


'Kurisu…' Shaking himself out of his contemplations, the Halfling stood up, while tying off the last of the cloth around his wound, thoughts distant and unable to hear any of the words spoken by his companion. Shaking his hair backwards with a flick of his head, the half-breed moved beyond the once white-now grey walls of the lobby. He walked behind the counter covered in dust and pushed open the unassuming brown wood door, eyes taking a moment to adjust to the sudden change in lighting, he moved into the dust covered room, past splintered tables and chairs, seeming to search for something.

'Kurisu?' Behind him, watching helplessly, Chris stood there, one hand half lifted from where he had been gripping the others shoulder, blue eyes helpless as he watched the stiff back of Kurisu leave him behind. In his head, was the shifting of the other mind, spiking in the Halflings own confusion and anger. Raising a hand, he held his throbbing head, while eyes slid shut, trying to calm his thoughts down, knowing that if given chance, the two would feed off one another, building a migraine to kill all migraines.

Dropping his shoulders, he wiped away the tears of confusion and helplessness at the others plight, knowing there wasn't much he could do, except be there for him so the Halfling didn't fall into the pit of despair. Shaking his head and moving to one of the side rooms, while jumping and moving around the various chairs left around. He looked in the various rooms he passed, searching to see if anything was interesting enough to look through.

Coming to a hallway, he called back to Kurisu to make sure the other knew were he was going, before walking down into the darkness, a slight feeling of apprehension gripping him. Something knowing inside there was something here; the child just didn't know what.


Hearing the other call, Kurisu raised his head from its bowed position which he had adopted while reading through the scattered files he had found, all quite interesting but with no real info in their depths, he still wanted to take them in case he would find a use for them. Looking round the room, he spotted upon a row of hooks for coats and bags on the wall, was a faded red drawstring bag, large enough to hold the files and other items while not big enough to get in the way. Gathering up the papers, the hybrid stood with them, crossing over to the bag. Kurisu lifted it down, emptying it across the tabletop. Out of the unassuming bag came various pens and pencils, along with a wallet that the Halfling had no interest in, as well as what looked to be a diary.

Ears flickering with interest at this find, Kurisu reached foreword and picked it up in his glove covered claws, while putting the papers into the bag. Flicking it open to the front page, he looked at the title, something twisting unpleasantly within.

On the first page it read: Property of G.U.N. scientist and information receiver Errol Smithers. This diary will be used to record all information I find upon the Ark and its experiments, as executed by my commanding officer Commander Corporal James Sanders.

Hissing between tense jaws, Kurisu flicked the book shut, while also dropping it within the bag. The Halfling would deal with it later, when he wasn't about to blow his temper, rather than putting the child within more danger from the hybrids developing and still unpredictable abilities.

Tilting his head, he listened for where the human's footsteps were coming from within the building. Following behind, he moved down the same hallway that Chris had taken, not taking any notice of the surrounding rooms. All the Halfling wanted was to get where the child was, 'cause he was very unsettled by the distance that the other had made between the starting point and his current position in such a short period of time.

Coming across a metal door with a push bar, Kurisu instantly moved through the barrier, able to hear the footsteps of the other upon what sounded like metal. Pushing through he came upon a metal walkway that lead upwards. Looking around and seeing no other way to go he followed the given pathway, stepping upwards he moved towards the light above, all his attention focused on, what the Halfling could feel to be, open air, like the place opened up further back.

Behind him, as the door swung shut, and had the hybrid looked back, he would have seen the danger that was beginning to mount. Trickling across the floor were gathering puddles of water, which were steadily getting deeper. Slowly but surely blocking the hallways access and exit as well.


Pulling with all his might, the child was able to move the metal piece that had been blocking the door. Huffing with the effort, he pulled again, grunting with his every breath, slowly but surely opening the gap to a new area. Panting, he grinned with satisfaction, hands on hips, while brown eyes surveyed the now open pathway…for someone his size that is, and nodded in exhilaration. Laughing slightly, Chris bent down, wriggling and squirming his way through the gap and to the unknown beyond.

Various noises came from the young ones throat. Pants, grunts, cries, and just noises echoed, for each inch he gained through the gap, meant another scratch was added to unprotected skin. For the gap that was just able to just fit him, was full of sharp metal edges and pieces, slowly pushing them into his body through agonising slowness. The child though did not give up, no he pushed foreword, for in Chris's eyes, he was finally doing something right and wanted to see through it to the end. Crying out with a yell, his hand grasped onto a protruding edge on the other side. In his desperation to get through, yanked himself as hard as young muscles could and thus tore himself free of the death trap of a hole.

The young one panted in tiredness, his body shaking, yet Chris had a grin upon thin lips, with brown eyes bright as could be, for he had done it, pushed passed the expectations of everyone and had finally started to contribute to the fight in his own way. Puffing the brown headed boy looked around, eyes taking in the various computers and lab tables around the place he currently laid. Curiosity caught him, eyes flickering from item to item and piece to piece, trying to figure out what had happened in this room.

Unlike what the child thought though, this room was not as nice as it seemed.

It was the smell at first that caught his attention, a drifting scent like rotten meat and eggs colligating together. Next came the ripe sent of decomposition, almost like something so sweet had turned sickly sour. It made him grimace, covering his mouth and nose with his jumper as the meal that had been eaten earlier threatened to purge from a sensitive stomach. But what really got to him was when he finally got to his feet he finally saw what the smell really contained.


Nostrils flaring, eyes shrunken to near nothing, ears peaked with tail high and fluffed three times its size, the Halfling certainly created a spooked picture. One hand was stilled in the air, resting upon the handle of a completely metal laboratory door, posed in the action of opening it to the space beyond. The other was resting on the wall, a trail within the dust showing exactly where the male had been in Kurisu's explorations, for the half-breed had dragged his fingers behind him, as the young creature certainly didn't want to get lost within this massive place.

Eyes flickered to the left side, his cocked head turning too. While ears fell back against his head as something screamed for the Halfling to find the other. His tail flicked and wrapped round his thigh, curling in response to the unnerved sensation within the air, and the male knew something had happened to the boy, for Kurisu would not feel this high sense of dread if it was to do with anything else.

Turning completely, the male stalked back through the hallway that he had come from. Senses trained to were he felt he had to go, Kurisu silently padded down the gleaming passageways.

Soon the Halfling came to an intersection, ears turning every which way to locate the child who had seemingly vanished into thin air. Eyes turned back and forth in contemplation, trying to decide which way the young one would have turned. But that didn't last long, a mixed gasp of shock, curiosity and revulsion caught the half-breeds attention, while the sound of wrenching sent him straight to where the boy had disappeared to.

It didn't take long, though mainly cause there was a blockage in the way. The door was only open two and a half hands length, with various bits of metal and other rubble blocking the way, clearly too small for someone his size to get through. But as he surveyed it, the gap and small tunnel like thing through to the other size, was almost exactly the right size for Chris is get through. For he would know, it had not been that long ago that him and the youngling had been in the same mind and body, literally.


"Chris?" Jumping the boy turned looking towards the hole where he had made his entrance into this strange room. Tilting his head, the child half jogged over to the hole and bent over to look through to the other side. He flinched when his own blue met primary gold ones, worry clear within.

"Kurisu..? What's wrong?" A sigh came from the animal like teen, as he looked around the piles of material and tried to pull a few bits out.

"I heard you Chris, are you alright?" Standing up straight, the blue eyed boy moved over to the pile of things he had collected.

"I'm fine. Just had a shock that's all, the thing I saw made me jump a bit." A grimace came upon his face as he moved round the decomposed remains of something upon the ground.

"I heard you throw up…" Chris kneeled back at the hole, shaking his head in response, while handing through various tapes and memory cards that had been scattered around the room.

"The smell was a bit much, along with the sight. I lost control of my stomach a bit. It's nothing to be worried about though Kurisu, really." Taking the various items, the Halfling slipped the bag off his back and placed them new pieces in alongside the other items he had found earlier, filling the bag up with all sorts of interesting things from this unusual place. Chris watched from his place on the other side, while glancing round again. His vision falling on the various floor-to-ceiling specimen tubes littered around and the shattered ones with a strange dried liquid surrounding it. Hanging inside these broken tubes were trailing wires, blood lines, other things he didn't know and a breathing mask that was broken on the floor.

But what kept on drawing his attention was the dead one on the floor. Its skeleton, which could be seen in places on the dead flesh, was clearly human shaped. With hands and feet splayed out in various directions. Holes dotted the corpse, especially round the head, leaving puddles of dark red, dried to the metal flooring. While hair and what looked like fur and was that quills? littered around it, like they had been blown off by a tremendous force. In fact from what the room looked like and the state of the door, it looked as though a bomb had gone off.

Chris, so fascinated with the items around him, could not hear the other call his name and with that began to worry the creature who was trapped beyond the door and rubble, scrabbling at the metal.


"Chris! Answer me!" Nothing. A growl rent the air, as muscles bulged, dragging extremely heavy pieces away from the rubble. Hissing in pain he stopped, hands shaking from the pain of cuts to his palms, throbbing in tune with his heart beat. Stepping back to survey the wall in his path once more, Kurisu then stopped, eyes wide with distress as a small splash came to him. Breathing out, trying to keep his panic inside, the Halfling half turned and looked down.


There was…



Inside the building

Upper floor



Oh no…



No! Got to get him…


Sealed room

One Entrance?

A fishbowl!



"Chris! Get out of there!"


Hearing that cry, the boy knew something was wrong. Turning back to the entrance the child went to bend down and crawl back through when something caught his eye. Liquid was trickling through the hole into the room. Reaching forward, he dipped his fingers into it and brought them back to eye level, confusion written across his features.


Then he snapped his head up, eyes wide.


That had to be it. That creature had to be behind this. But did that mean it had finally got the last Chaos emerald?

Shaking his head the boy surveyed the room and grinned in relief at seeing a air vent up the right wall, about ten feet from the door.


"Kurisu!" Looking back in the tunnel, he was relived to see the brown haired male was alright, though why he wasn't coming through confused and frustrated the Halfling.

"You need to get out of there Chris, the waters rising too fast."

"Yeh I know, I've found a way." He blinked gnawing on his lip while golden blue glanced down at the water that was above his ankles now.


"An air vent, about ten feet to your left. I'm gonna crawl through there and meet you on the other side." Kurisu nodded a strained look upon worried features, his face pale with fright.

"See you on the other side then." And with that, Chris went to walk away from the hole. But Kurisu, following a gut instinct, drew the bag foreword and threw it to the other side, while calling the boy back one last time.

"Take it. Just in case you get out before me." The child grinned in response, a hand slinging the bag over one shoulder and drawing a small smile to the half-breeds own lips. Then with a playful salute towards him, the child was gone. All that was left was the faint sound of metal falling to the floor and then the grunt of the child as he left the room.


For once Chris was glad he was smaller than most people. Wriggling around in the vent, he was able to turn himself so his feet were facing the only thing blocking his way. Kicking out with all his strength, the boy was able to slowly shift the metal and send it flying from where it had been situated.

Water lapping at the sides of things and what sounded like a waterfall suddenly rushed to his hearing. Gasping almost soundlessly due to the deafening sound, the child wriggled himself feet first out of the vent, letting his legs drop out and then pulling his head out to sit almost upright in the opening. Though his head was bowed slightly due to the confined space.

Water met his eyes, as far as the eye could see. Well…there were buildings, but the street was gone as were the upper levels. Though the free-run road was still standing, although with holes in, it was clearly the best place to get to if he wanted to get dry.

Gripping the sides, readying himself to swim (and so glad he had been told to learn) the boy pushed himself out, legs first into the city turned ocean below.

Well he would have, if the child hadn't face planted into the roof of the building he had just come out off. Yelping on impact, the bag smacking him in the back from the weight, Chris pulled himself onto his hands and knees, spitting out water that had been sucked down by the sound he had made.

Worry overcame him as he looked around. If not for the vent that was about half a body height from the roof, the building would have been completely underwater. As it was, he could not see where the building ended and the sea begun. And that stressed him out greatly.

Would the other be ok within the building on his own until help could be bought? Christ didn't know. Sighing, he turned to survey the vent and let his shoulders slump when he saw how high it was. There was no way back. It was far too high for the child to get back within it. I mean it may have been half a body height on an adult, but for a child it was very, very high. Too high...

Breathing out a frustrated breath, as blue eyes surveyed the area, he suddenly alighted upon an item landing just a few steps away from his current position. Sliding his feet foreword, Chris slowly came to where the item had dropped and reached down into the water, terribly curious about what could have fallen within his reach.

It was familiar, that was for sure. Straightening up the boy was shocked to find the grey chaos emerald within his grasp. Though seemingly dead, he could feel the echo of power within the gem that no other kind had like it. His face hardened, turning he looked to where the vent was, ignoring the water that had drifted higher and made a decision.

"Sonic needs me. But I will be back to help you Kurisu. Just wait for me." And with that, Chris jumped into the water, swimming his way to the only area high enough to be sturdy from the water and hopefully help that could get his friend free.


Breath gasped out of his chest as Kurisu slammed through the door, shoulder smarting from the hit, causing the metal to connect with the wall and send the banging sound echoing through his skull. Groaning the half-breed gripped the door for balance, forehead against the cool metal, while the can-can danced around a dazed skull. Huffing as his head slowly settled, the sound of the water came to his ears, clearly telling him in its own words that the creatures' time was running out. Straightening he looked around into the darkened area, clearly reluctant to go on but knowing he had no choice to go back, the male made his choice and stepped into the dark.

Letting go of the door he felt around for a light-switch. Moving foreword the Halfling moved beyond the range of the metal door and felt it slam shut behind him, making his body jump with the shock. Kurisu swung round to peer within the darkness at where the half-breed was sure he had entered.

Then with a flicker, lights upon the walls came on. Clearly from this scenario the lights only came on when sealed in the room. Looking around he moved to the door to try and open it, but no luck, it was either locked or stuck tight, and punching it wouldn't help, the door had been made of a thick metal of some kind.

Sighing at this turn of events the Halfling turned around, a huff of annoyance echoing into the air. Moving foreword the male walked down the short tunnel, the room beyond still in the dark. Reaching out with a gloved arm he placed a hand upon the wall and could feel smooth stone under his palm, clearly a cleverly designed room and made thick so nothing could be heard? He didn't know.

Stepping into the main room he had to cover his eyes as the recurring flash of lights turning on overhead blinded the Halfling for a second. Growling under his breath, the male let his arm lift off his face and hang in mid air as he blinked, clearing the spots in his vision. Then letting his arm drop, the half-breed started to take in the new room and suddenly stopped as something came within his propriety vision.

Kurisu's eyes were wide with wonder at the perfectly preserved unit that sat against the back wall. Moving foreword, he took in the various buttons and leavers that dotted the consol, while in front of it was a circular platform with one exactly the same above it and a dull red light flickered from a switch which stuck out, almost in front of the machine.

Having forgotten the threat of the rising waters from the next room, the Halfling climbed the steps to the circular platform, his own instinct moving him while the rest of his mind tried to remember anything about this device. The half-breeds left hand reached out, not touching the buttons, but to rest on the consol, clearly wanting to know why it was all too familiar yet so alien to him.

Above him was a screen, not easily seen from the door he had come in, it was more oblong in shape than height. On the screen was a series of code, clearly having been entered a long while ago and left when whoever the people had been had to leave this facility. Though why was one question he didn't have the answer for. But on the screen was the clear indications of who it had been. On the outermost rim of the screen, near the side, were the letters all separated by a dot between each, and they spelt the name: G.U.N.

His eyes widened, something inside of him knew that name, and it was far too familiar for the Halflings taste. The hatred and anger were unreal for this one line of wording, yet it was clear inside of his own body that he, Kurisu, hated whoever the name of G.U.N. belonged to. Yet he had No. Clue. Why…

A creaking of metal caught the half-breeds attention. Turning round, his ears flickering, Kurisu could clearly hear the very building complaining as the rush of water started to become too much for it. It became absurdity clear to Kurisu that he had stayed to long and was now trapped within a drowning building, which clearly sounded as though it was going to collapse any time now.

Moving, the half-breed started towards the door, his right foot meeting the first step down. But the male stopped abruptly and the sound of the metal door creaking was absurdity loud in the small room. At that sound Kurisu's eyes went wide. He took a step back, one hand clenched in the material of his jumper on his chest while the other lifted off the black metal banister and hung in mid air.

His face paled, as the half-anthro took another few steps back, the action unconscious as his internal instinct was to get away from the threat that the water currently posed to his being. Blue-golden eyes, changed due to his current instinct of feeling threatened and frightened, flicked round the room. Top lip lifted off of sharpened teeth in an unconscious threatening gesture, while ears flattened, clearly catching the sound of creaking, cracking metal walls as the strain started to cave them in.

A few more steps and he bumped into the consol. The fingers of his free hand fell down and began squabbling across the leavers, switches and buttons in a futile attempt to find a way out. Kurisu swallowed, his throat dry as he saw water move across the floor. Clearly one of the walls had finally given in. Yet the Halfling could still hear the cracking and creaking of the building under stress, and he knew it wasn't going to hold up. The building was far older than it had looked and was clearly paying the price with the pressure of the water that swamped its halls.

Then the male heard the loudest one, an ear-splitting creak that drew Kurisu's attention upwards with a snap. As fingers pressed into the consol reflectively in response, making it crack, the sharp nails of his fingers clearly having broken through the plastic that covered the consoles surface.

Kurisu sank downwards, eyes wide as ears pressed flat against his skull. Everything went silent for a long second, while a small cloud of dust fell in front of the half-breeds gaze. Then…with a long creaking sound, which was accompanied by another loud crack, the ceiling collapsed as Kurisu fell on to his side hands thrown over his head, fear written on his face at the coming devastation.




Why. Do-es. It…hurt?

Don't. Un-der…and…







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