A/N alright my first fanfic i dont think its gonna be a short story but its only a prelude to the real story plz R&R and be nice alright?

Dark beginnings

Chapter 1

Prelude to prelude to chaos

This story starts with many people at once noticing major changes in their everyday life changes so big and so catastophal but they still feel better than ever before its a strentghened blast from the path for some but its for everyone something so new and dangerous that they would rather run away and hide but they cant because they areā€¦ heroes.

In shibuya in a dark alley a single boy is walking just walking like he has never dona and never will do anything else. he has a blue t-shirt, black shoes,and blue headphones on his head, his name is Neku Sakuraba, he has experienced death and came back alive, but not without great changes he thinks about what has happened in the past, before screaming: "JOSHUA, YOU BASTARD" which gets a pin with the picture of death modeled, on his jacket to glow before a black explosion consumes him before revealing a surprised and unharmed Neku, that says: "what, how did that pin work and why did it do that, dont tell me it has started in the RG too no, this is worse i can feel it i've got to warn the others" with that Neku starts running before getting stopped by a figure clad in a coloured robe that somehow mixes pure white and pure black into one colour.

"What is gonna happen now, dont ask me now ask me after ive made chapter 2: existence death"

A/N plz write what you think about this story, and/or tip me which other games/anime that shall take a major place in this story feel free too suggest your OCs as well. Also Neku is for those of you who don't know from the world ends with you to nintendo ds which i really love, the "pin" was black jupiter i think that pin is one of the coolest. Plz dont criticize me for small things like writing or that neku abandoned his headphones at the end of the game.