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Chapter 8

Breaking loose!

Summary: five mysterious hooded figures have appeared, they have defeated strong heroes from different universes but what is their goal, what the hell is happening? Let's find out by turning to the third spot where Link stands firm against the mad foe.

Takorog seemed to be playing with some cards which floated in the air before him. (Yeah he's taken off his hood and it's him yet again, but of course the heroes don't know that yet.) Takorog said: "Damn it! Just get to the point already, you already spent half a year with no improvement on this chapter, and you knew the entire plot in your head, and no freaking progress! It's a miracle if it ever comes out. Just start writing already. Also stop correcting your errors. It's not like they will complain on such a minor detail. Oh wait, you're writing this on … anyhow end this dialogue and get back to the story" Mangagor: Sheesh, I will do it if you just shut up. Sorry about this I decided to evolve the story and give him a personality and so on… I just want to say that nothing he says is representative for me or my thoughts. Takorog:"I STILL HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!" Anyhow Link just stood there dumbfounded by this madman, who first threatens him and then shouting out at thin air. Takorog: "Whatever, let's get this party started."

With that he punched the earth enough to create a tremor that somehow shook the multiverse that Link lived in itself. Wherever it reached someone reacted to it and started moving towards it. That, however seemed to be Takorog's intention all along as he counted for himself: "5… 10… 15… 20… 25… 30… 34, they're all moving well then…" he grinned and looked up from the ground while yelling "AURA CATCH!" Suddenly all who had gone towards the source stopped in their tracks as they couldn't move at all. It was as if something invisible has grabbed them and wouldn't let go. Once again Takorog grinned and yelled "AURA SUMMON!" suddenly around Link stood the entire SSBB crew including the villains (not counting Taboo, master hand, and crazy hand) (what, you thought I was going to introduce all of them? FUGGED 'BOUT IT! Way too many for little old me, and besides who doesn't know the entire crew.)

Takorog: "Now then, I've called you here to challenge all of you to a fight, if one of you land one hit on me that I don't block I'll accept all of you, if you don't before I KO you all, then I will destroy you and this planet and go looking in another dimension for stronger versions of you. Get it, there is no time limit, no rules for you, but for me there is two, I can't kill you and I can only use 10% of my full power until either condition is fulfilled. First explanation is DONE!" The last part he screamed out loud as if he wanted someone to hear it. No, not me! Someone else I'm sure.

Ganondorf frowned and said: "you really think you can take us all on, don't be ridiculous!" Takorog: "You can't give things up, that's your problem, why didn't you follow your friend Doug's advice… wait a minute…" now everyone looked very confused as Takorog suddenly summoned many papers that floated before him. Takorog: "that was for the cameo in Darthnecron's story, script for cameo in a future fanfic, script for a future game, ah here we are script for Dark Beginnings. Ahem! No I don't think I would take just you all, you need reinforcements or else you won't be able to hit me in a million years." This angered the villains of SSBB and they tried to attack but found they couldn't get near him. Takorog: "this force field will only be here until I'm done. Please wait patiently while I get the rest." He fell silent for awhile before yelling: "INTERGALACTIC CALLING!"

Loads of smoke enveloped everyone for a short while before it vanished, revealing three new figures. The first was a white wolf with red patterns, with a tiny human-formed shape. This is Okami Amaterasu, the mother of all gods in wolf-form, who have banished many ancient evils. The tiny shape is Issun, a master of art and swordsmanship, just like Amaterasu. The others were called Sora, and Riku. Two teens that have defeated many evils with help from various Disney and final fantasy characters. They all looked very confused and looked around to try and recognize where they could be. Riku: "Okay, Sora. What did you do this time?" Sora: "Hey! I didn't do anything. I think that guy over there might have something to do with it however. His power… it's overwhelming." Okami just growled and got into a pose that indicated that it was ready to pounce on the foe. Issun: "Let's take care of this guy quick before he tries to attack us. You feel it too, don't you, wolf. This guy is nuts!" Takorog:"I'm sure you like to start fighting me immediately, but it would be rude to not say hi to your "hosts" wouldn't it? I'm going to let you discuss your plans and stories for awhile while I fix other stuff, and just to ensure you won't be escaping, I've put a barrier around here that will prevent you from doing that, when we start to fight I'll dispel it. But have no false hopes as I can hunt any of you down in a nanosecond no matter how fast you are."

After a short discussion and planning between the remaining characters, they were done, and ready to fight. Just when they were done, Takorog reappeared, as if he knew when they were going to be done. He played with what seemed to be a slightly weird gun. Takorog: "Now if you would just let me explain one more thing, then we can start." Sonic: "Like you would give…" here he interrupted himself in shock as Takorog put the gun to his head and whispered: "Persona." Before shooting himself with it, shocking everyone, as what seems to be splinters of glass come out on the other side. They didn't have time to recover as a similar shape to Takorog appeared above him. This didn't look like a skeleton, but more like a troll with long tusks, ponytail hair, leather clothes, and a bow in his right hand. Takorog:" This is my Persona, Goranius. He keeps me well-equipped by allowing me to choose from a list of weapons. Practically ever weapon thought of is listed somewhere there, however it takes a lot of effort to summon them, and you need to have enough power to wield it. Now if you don't mind, I'll take those." He snapped with his fingers and all the weapons and armor vanished. His opponents became shocked before glaring at him. Takorog: "Don't worry; you will get them back once you have enough power. I will give these to you…" here he summoned loads of similar guns and threw them at his opponents. "I'm not worried about you trying to shoot me with them as they can only be used to summon your persona. Now then, all weapons are divided into one of 29 different categories and each category has five smaller one. First we have the main categories, the letter ones. They are ranged from Z to A, with Z as the weakest, and A as the strongest. The subcategories are numbered from 1 to 5, with 5 as the weakest, and 1 as the strongest. More power means unlocking more weapons. Then we have the special categories. Cursed weapons and armor are the lowest category. They will make you weaker. Star weapons and armor are the strongest category. These are super strong weapons that even I have not unlocked yet. Custom weapons are the weapons you make yourself you can only make them as strong as you are. Finally we have the last category, the no benefit. As you can guess by the name this is a normal weapon that you can use but it won't give you any extra power. That's all so if you would equip yourselves, we can start fighting. Oh yeah, I'll be starting at the lowest category and move up a rank every time I defeat one of you. Second explanation is DONE!" Once again he screamed the last part.

After equipping themselves with what they had available, they rushed at Takorog, who was by now grinning madly and charged at them as well. The heroes and the villains carried various unimpressive weapons as they seemed only to have enough power to summon weapons from the Y category, rank 5 as best. Takorog had armed himself as he had said with a cursed weapon, rank 5. You could literally see it seeping power from him, but he didn't even seem to notice.

Sonic reached him first, having spikes on his gloves he charged in with a spindash that was blocked by Takorog, before unleashing a barrage of punches on him, which he easily blocked. Captain Falcon attacked next tagging sonic before doing a falcon punch with his metal knuckles he got from the list. Takorog skidded back of the power in the punch, but still managed to block it. Taking advantage of the opening Snake tried to strangle him while putting him to sleep with a tranquilizer. Unfortunately, Takorog literally shrugged off both attempts before hitting him many times faster than a machine gun. He finished it off with a devastating downward blow that shattered the ground badly and turned Snake into a trophy. Takorog did as he promised and got a new weapon from the next rank. The other got more cautious from seeing this but still went on the offensive. Mario did a punch combo before firing a fireball, finishing it up by launching Takorog into the air. Takorog still managed to block all the attacks, even though he went flying. Fox, Kirby, Link, Toon Link, and Ganondorf all charged at him in the air. Below him Ness, Lucas, Zelda, Falco, and Pikachu prepared to hit him from long range. Takorog lost his grin at being surrounded so utterly. He evaded Fox rocketing towards him by spinning away. Next he said: "Soru!" and started to jump around in mid-air, avoiding the other attacks easily. Jigglypuff tried to roll at him, but avoided that as well, countering it with sword-slashes faster than anybody could see, turning Jigglypuff to a trophy as well. He once again called upon a weapon from next rank, this time it was a whip. Sora and Riku rushed at him when he landed, surrounding him and trapping him between barrages of sword-slashes from two directions that he barely managed to block. Sora and Riku hopped away as Okami rushed at Takorog with great power and speed. He was off-balance but he did some weird signs with his hands and somehow switched places with Lucas. Okami knocked him out with her full power before she could stop.

Once again Takorog grinned and called upon a weapon from the next rank, this time a tiny gun. He groaned at seeing this, but continued to fight as if nothing had happened. Dedede charged a hammer blow towards the oncoming foe, but Takorog evaded it but he was knocked off-balance by the pressure of being too close. This time Bowser tried to crush him from above, and Ganondorf focused a punch, both hit at the same time however Takorog had evaded them once again somehow and was now shooting at Dedede rapidly. He didn't let him down until he turned into a trophy in mid-air.

At seeing this Takorog grinned and allowed himself a new weapon from the next rank. This was a jagged sword which had a very dark aura. Marth, Ike and Metaknight rushed at him before he could enjoy his achievement. Three powerful slashes from each direction met Takorog's blade who then blew them all away with his aura. Next he laid his sights on Peach. Mario saw immediately what he was doing but couldn't even take a step before Takorog was at Peach. She tried to hit him with a pan, but he blocked it and pushed it away. He raised his sword and let it fall with all his might. It hit Sonic dead-on. He had rushed over to protect her as well. He barely managed to block the heavy hit and was pushed into the ground. Takorog didn't have time to prepare another attack, because now, everyone was attacking him. He ran away quickly before they could surround him entirely. He hid for awhile to catch his breath and think over the situation. Takorog: "Looks like I called upon a bit too many after all. I had no choice, but this many might be a trouble if I have to follow the rules. However, I have to do it. Ah well might use this pause to take another one out." With that he rushed out of his hiding place to Samus who had currently her back to him. However she heard him and turned and fired a charged shot that she had been loading up while waiting. Takorog roared and flipped over it to find a missile from his intended target waiting for him. He slashed it in two, and did a lightning fast combo on Samus before anyone could stop him.

Samus fell down and turned into a trophy, defeated. Takorog summoned a new weapon from the highest rank of the cursed category. The new weapon was a scythe. He played with it before entering a taunting pose and said: "come on already!" This got their attention and Wolf, Fox, Falco, Ganondorf and Link rushed at him, all grim-faced. He managed to fend off all of their strikes barely, before blasting them away with only the power of his aura. Lucario charged at him, launching shadow balls, and making afterimages of himself by running really fast around him. Takorog fended off every shadow ball by swinging the scythe around quickly, but this time he was surrounded and he had to act quickly as many others realized their advantage and starting to move in as well. He focused his power and spun around with the scythe, slicing air itself. The only one who was close enough to get hit was Lucario, but he got instantly turned into a trophy.

He armed himself with a no benefit weapon and called out: "oh yeah another thing, this category has no ranks, only one so after the next KO I'll move on to category Z." He was about to say something more but silenced himself before studying his new toy. It was a sword, nothing special about it. But now he could unleash his full power without having something to drain it out of him. He showed that by rushing up to Charizard, who did a rock smash, which he blocked, before breathing fire on him. He jumped out of the way and did a combo so fast it couldn't have be seen in slow-motion. Charizard and the Pokemon trainer became a trophy.

He smiled as he summoned yet another weapon this time from the Z category, rank 5. It was a metal bat. He decided to try it out by immediately rushing at Peach and knocking her out with a single blow. He called upon next weapon, this time from rank 4. It was a gun. Now Mario rushed at him followed by Link, Yoshi, and Kirby. He fired four shots at each of them which they all avoided, but he had vanished while they were doing that. A bang echoed throughout the battlefield. Wolf fell over, shot. He turned into a trophy while Takorog fixed a new weapon from rank 3. This time he shouted with joy when he saw what he had got. It was two medium-sized wooden swords. Takorog:"Finally, my favorite kind of weapons." Everybody rushed at him but he slammed his hands into the ground. Everybody couldn't move. Takorog grinned and said: "Now it's time for my final explanation. This little circle is quite handy when you fight many opponents, even though it has its drawbacks. Firstly this things only allows talking, gathering energy, and one more thing which I'll arrive at later. This limitation includes me, the caster, as well. Also to activate it, you need to donate a lot of energy. So I walk around with this always allowing it to drain a miniscule amount of energy from me so I can reduce the amount of energy needed to activate it when I need it. It also allows you to make your thoughts reality to a small degree. Even though you're stuck now, if you can imagine what you will do when you get out of here, when you do get out you will see that it is done, as long as it is within your ability to do so before it disappears. Finally, I'm going to gather power for my ultimate attack, it has a 10 kilometer wide radius, but I'm not going to imagine myself doing it so I can give you a fair chance. It takes some time to gather all my energy to do this, which is why I trapped us all. Oh, speaking of giving you a fair chance, I'm going to go ahead and give you all the power to use your ultimate attack. Remember, you still need only one hit. Final explanation is DONE!" This outburst caused a timer to appear about 10 meters above him, showing how long it will take for the circle to vanish. Takorog whispered various phrases under his breath: "Bankai. Feather o'er the battlefield, unto me thy power yield." Every word gave him a significant power-boost and he kept whispering. Riku, and Sora, who happened to get stopped close to each other whispered what seemed to be a plan. After finishing speaking, they nodded to each other and concentrated. Sonic looked clearly disturbed, before lighting up as some idea struck him. Okami and Issun held a whispering conversation as well, before deciding on something. The others looked sternly at Takorog, clearly going to use their chance to go all out on him.

The timer ticked down, and when it reached zero it vanished, along with the circle, creating mayhem around Takorog who screamed with all is might:" Prepare for the ultimate move, beware my uncontrollable power!" he paused here for a moment and everyone who had unleashed their true power were perhaps an inch from him when he said calmly: "Life's…" here he paused and vanished leaving everyone frozen before reappearing, half a second later, outside the circle of his foes. He finished the sentence as everyone flew up into the air and turned into trophies with complete shock as their only emotion: "End." He turned around to inspect the result. He snapped his fingers and all the trophies of those who he had defeated suddenly stood neatly, row after row. He grimaced as if something had hit him. Takorog said to himself: "Using my full power when the rules didn't allow it and not only that but going over the limit as well. This is going to hurt tomorrow, but I didn't have any choice. Now I'm exhausted and deeply hurt."

He sighed and started to inspect each trophy to look if something was wrong while trying to endure the pain of breaking not only those mysterious rules, but the pain of breaking his limit as well. He grimaced when he came to the end and said: "Four is missing, but how!?" His eyes widened as he heard a cocky voice coming from behind him saying: "Looking for us?" He turned and saw Riku, Sora, Okami, and Sonic, all unharmed. They had apparently escaped, Riku and Sora getting a lift from Sonic and Okami. Everyone also still shimmered and had different colored eyes indicating that they were ready to use their ultimate attack on the weakened Takorog. He muttered: "Oh s-"before Okami howled and a red bomb appeared out of nowhere, and exploded launching Takorog, who didn't have a chance to block, and now was defenseless. Once in the air he got somehow slashed by the air three times, hit by lightning twice, before a huge fireball enveloped him, however Okami gave him no chance to rest as she rushed through him thrice before howling and a huge bomb appeared once again and exploded. Sonic didn't let him catch even a single breath as he transformed into his super form and rushed through him several times creating golden streaks, all meeting at Takorog. Sora shouted: "Light!" and fired several orange shots from his keyblade at Takorog before he started to surround Takorog, flying around him and fire huge versions of the earlier blasts. Once Takorog landed Riku shouted at him: "you can't stop me!" and turned his weapon into a giant white energy sword and rushed through him several times. After doing that for a short while, Riku started to slice Takorog so fast it was just a blur. They all finished it off by Riku slashing through him one last time before jumping away so Sora could fire a final blast at him. Sonic and Okami rushed through from different directions at top speed just before it hit creating a massive explosion, with loads of smoke covering the view. The remaining heroes surrounded the smoke cloud. As it thinned out a creepy laugh echoed throughout the battlefield. Takorog came out heavily damaged, but apparently good enough to keep fighting. He said: "Well done indeed, to wound me this bad, but still it's nowhere near enough to defeat me." He showed he was no longer in any mood for games by splitting into four and slashing the remaining so fast it was just ridiculous. Everyone turned into trophies. He sighed relieved that it was over for now and sent away the trophies to for now an unknown destination. Finally he said: "I'm free to use in your fanfics, just please keep my personality and battle-style, but first PM my creator." Damn it, I should've known he tried to pull something like that… ah well. He collapsed into a dark portal he had just created leaving nothing but the jagged battle-field behind.

And with that our chapter has ended for now. In next chapter we will turn to see how Naruto handles this super-powered madman.

Next chapter: chapter 8: the villain and the ninjas.


(Curtains open, revealing a single girl in white and red clothes carrying a weird rabbit)

Girl: …..

(She smiles and bows and the curtains close)

Edge: what the heck was that? She just stood there and did nothing.

(Several shots is heard before the curtains opens again revealing the girl, and a doll resembling Edge with several holes in it)

Girl: …

(She smiles and bows again and the curtains close again.)


IT'S DONE! Finally… firstly the girl is a hint on another game that I will add to this fanfiction sooner or later.

Okami is the heroine from the EXCELLENT game on PS2 and WII with the same name. And Sora and Riku is from Kingdom Hearts, which I believe needs no further introduction. Both are games I would LOVE to see in the next SSB.

Also the moves near the end for Okami is how I think her final smash would be, and Sora's and Riku's are their limit breaks from 358/2 days.

I think that's that. Remember to review and no flaming please! And as he said feel free to use Takorog as an OC as long as you notify me first and keep his personality and battle-style.