Summary: Joe Reisert is kidnapped exactly five months after the red eye flight and Lisa reluctantly teams up with the only man who can help rescue her father: Jackson.

I started this story two years ago but I stopped writing it because I got busy. I recently re-watched Red Eye and got inspired to continue. The first and second chapter were written two years ago so don't be put off if the writing doesn't seem so great, I think it gets better in the third chapter.

Jackson doesn't appear until a little bit later but he's worth waiting for!


Lisa groaned and rolled over on her stomach.


Her eyes snapped open and she glared at the alarm clock sitting on her night stand. 4:55 AM. She growled and pushed a button the small alarm clock. She only had two hours of sleep and desperately wanted to drift back to sleep for another two. She considered calling in sick today but she realized it would be pointless. She knew that more than likely someone at the front desk would call and ask for her assistance.

She rubbed her eyes and forced herself sit up and glanced around the dark room. All of a sudden she had a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. She felt like she was forgetting something about today. She couldn't remember scheduling anything important for today. What was she forgetting? She tried to shake away the feeling but it wouldn't go away.

She stood up and walked into the bathroom. After rubbing her hand up and down the wall, she found the light switch and flicked it upward. She shielded her eyes from the light that filled the room and walked over to the sink. She stood in front of the mirror and then it came to her.

Today was the fifth month anniversary of the terrifying Red Eye flight from Dallas to Miami.

It's been exactly five months since that dreadful day and Lisa stared at her reflection as she remembered what happened after her father rescued her from Jackson.

Lisa stared at a defeated Jackson Rippner lying on the floor of her fathers' house, she turned away and entered the living room. She was physically drained and needed to relax for a moment. She sat down on a comfortable recliner and sighed heavily. Joe Reisert followed her and hoped for an explanation after taking a seat across from Lisa.

She gave a short summary to her father as she heard sirens approach the house. She promised to fill in the rest after giving her statement to the police.

Joe and Lisa walked back toward the front door when the police arrived but stopped dead in their tracks when they discovered that Jackson was no longer lying on the floor. He was gone.

She worried about Jackson coming back to finish the job but a few days later she heard the local officials announced the capture of Jackson Rippner on the news. The police found an injured man wondering the streets nearby the Reisert house shortly after the attempted assassination incident occurred. He denied being Mr. Rippner and told them that he was attacked by a group of men who jumped out of a white van. The police and hospital staff had no doubt that he was Jackson. A week later, the speculations about his identity was confirmed by someone who claimed to be a friend.

Lisa never saw him again after he followed her home with the intention of killing her but she was told by the police that Jackson would be sent to a maximum-security prison after all his wounds heal in the hospital.

She assumed that he was in prison by now. She was sure he despised her and probably dreamt of escaping to kill her. Hopefully, he would spend the rest of his miserable life in that prison and never experience freedom again.

Lisa was scheduled to get off of work over two hours ago but a situation involving two guests having a domestic dispute which ended with the police showing up made her want to stick around. A few other guests were disturbed by the outburst and felt as though they deserved a personal apology from the staff for allowing this to happen in the main lobby. Cynthia was overwhelmed so Lisa took over and did her best to calm everyone down.

Lisa realized that she had not received one call from her father today, which was unusual. Perhaps he finally received the message that she is a big girl and she can take care of herself. She still had that odd feeling in her stomach and decided to give him a quick call to see what he was up to.

The guests finally filed out of the lobby after they accepted Lisa's sincere apology and her promise to act quicker to prevent similar incidents in the future. She walked over to the phone at the check-in desk and dialed her father's phone number. She tapped her foot on the marble floor and impatiently waited for him to answer his phone. She couldn't help but feel like something was wrong.

"You have reached Joe Reisert, sorry I was unable to come to the phone. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible." Lisa sighed and hung up the phone.

She stood silently next to the phone and a million thoughts raced through her mind. Where was her father? Why didn't he answer his phone? Why didn't he call her today? Did he go someplace today and forget to tell her? Lisa shook her head, it wasn't like her to be so worried like this.

Footsteps approached Lisa and she felt a hand grab her shoulder. Startled, she jumped slightly but relaxed when she heard a familiar voice.

"Whoa, hey, it's just me." Lisa turned around and faced the petite redhead. "You okay?"

Lisa smiled and nodded, "Yeah, Cynthia, I'm fine. Just a little tired."

Cynthia gave Lisa a sympathetic smile. "You've been working a lot, she should go home. Don't worry about anything tonight. I have everything under control here."

After much convincing, Lisa agreed to go home. But first she wanted to stop by her dad's house.

Lisa walked into the nearly empty employee parking lot and headed towards her car. As usual, she inspected every inch surrounding her as she walked closer to her car. It was a habit she was sure would never stop. She always carried a bottle of pepper spray and a pocket knife in her purse everywhere she went. She was confident that she would never be violated again. Not after the rape…and Jackson. She was fully prepared now.

She slipped into the car and reached into her purse to call her father once again. Once again, she got his voice mail message.

"Hi dad, it's me. I'm just calling to check up on you. I haven't heard from you today. Well…um…I'm just going to stop by your house in a few minutes. Hopefully, I'll see you soon. If not," Lisa paused for a few seconds, "call me when you get this message." She flipped her phone shut and drove in silence.

Ten minutes later she pulled into her fathers driveway and stepped outside to be hit by a cool breeze that brushed through her hair. She could smell a barbeque from across the street and inhaled deeply. She loved the smell of steak and hamburgers cooking on the grill.

She approached the door and noticed it was slightly cracked open. Her heart leaped into her throat and the feeling in her stomach intensified. Carefully, she swung the door open and slowly stepped inside. Joe never left the door open, even when he was home. Her heart began racing rapidly and she grabbed a long, black umbrella next to the door.

Lisa walked deeper into the house. "Dad, are you here? Dad?" Lisa glanced around the room and turned on a light. Nothing seemed out of place. She walked into the kitchen and turned on the light. Lisa called out once again, "Dad?"

She took one step forward and froze. The umbrella slipped from her hand and her eyes grew wide. She covered her mouth with both hands to stifle a shocked gasp.

The entire kitchen was ransacked. Items were scattered all over the place. The refrigerator door was wide open and spilled milk covered the floor in front of the refrigerator. The cabinet door beneath the sink was ripped off. A red liquid substance covered a black frying pan lying on the ground. A drawer was pulled out and a bundle of forks, spoons and knives sat in a neat pile on a counter top. A couple of knives were scattered along the floor next to the counter top where the silverware was neatly put into a pile.

Lisa uncovered her mouth and took a step forward. She picked up the handle of the black frying pan and inspected the red liquid. She gently touched the sticky liquid with her index finger and brought it close to her face. Her eyes widened when she realized it was blood. She instantly threw the frying pan onto the floor and wiped the blood off of her finger with her shirt.

Her heart was pounding and her mind was racing. The first thing she decided to do was search the house for Joe. She prayed that she would find him alive and safe.

Lisa checked the rest of the kitchen and panicked when she saw a thin line of blood splattered on the wall. She then glanced at a chef knife lying on the floor with blood on the blade.

A loud thump came from upstairs. Lisa snapped her head towards the direction of the stairs and her breathing became heavy. Her heart rate sped up even faster and all she could hear was the beating of her heart and her uneven breathing.

She reached down and picked up the knife with blood on the blade. She turned off the kitchen light, held the knife close to her chest and crept towards the staircase.

She approached the entranceway from the kitchen to the front door and stairs and leaned against the wall. The heels of her feet were against the panel of the bottom of the wall and she slowly slide across the wall. She held the knife slightly above her head, ready to thrust it forward if her father's attacker happened to appear out of nowhere.

She took a deep breath before peering around the corner. Slowly poking her head out, she glanced around the foyer. It was beginning to get very dark outside and it was hard to see if anyone was hiding in the shadows in the corners of the room.

She slowly stepped back from the corner and pressed her against the wall. Her chest heaved up and down, her mouth was closed and she breathed heavily out of her nose. She closed her eyes and silently wished that no one was waiting in the dark to pounce on her.

She took one more deep breath and opened her eyes. She waited until her eyes adjusted to the dark then slowly turned the corner. There was an eerie silence in the house and she made sure not to make any noise so the person upstairs would not hear her.

Lisa carefully put one leg in front of the other and very quietly made her way to the bottom step of the staircase. Now it was time to sneak upstairs and find out who was in the house. She gulped and put one foot on the first step. Her hand gripped the wood railing and she peered upstairs.

It was now pitch black outside and all she could see was darkness when she looked up toward the second floor. For all she knew, someone could be staring down at her right now and she would not be aware of it. The thought of some standing upstairs, watching her and waiting for her to approach made the hair on her arm stand up.

Her palms started to feel sweaty and she clutched the knife so tightly that her knuckles turned white. She felt a prickly sensation on the back of her neck and she shivered. She stared into the blackness upstairs and started to see the outline of a figure or object. A coat rack, perhaps? No, that couldn't be it. She tensed up, she wanted to run out of the house and call for help but she could not look away. She also couldn't shake away the feeling of being watched.

Fear overwhelmed her and she felt paralyzed. She was stuck. After standing still for several minutes she worked up the courage to take another step.

The outline that she saw did not move. It was too still to be human. But what about a ghost? Lisa laughed at herself. There were no such things as ghosts. She pushed the childish thought out of her mind and put a foot on the next step.

She gently strode up the stairs and paused when she was halfway up. She saw something quickly move out of the corner of her eye. She felt a flutter in her chest and winced. Her breathing became shallow and she felt paralyzed once again.

She leaned back against the wall and held the knife with both hands in front of her chest.

Reality set in and she realized that it wasn't her dad upstairs. Whoever was in the house knew she was there. Her dad would have shown himself by now.

Lisa wanted to get the hell out of that house. The person upstairs could be armed and waiting for her. Maybe there was even more than one person upstairs. Maybe this whole thing was a setup. What if the person in the house wasn't after her father, what if he or they wanted her? Her father could have been bait. They could be holding him captive.

Lisa pushed herself away from the wall and looked at the front door. But what if she was wrong? What if this wasn't a plan? Maybe the person upstairs was her father. Maybe he didn't recognize her because it was dark. What if he is hurt and needs immediate medical treatment? She can't leave without knowing for sure.

She looked back upstairs and took one step forward. All of a sudden a loud sound screeched in her ears and she jumped back. She lost her footing and tumbled down the stairs.

She grumbled and turned her head towards the front door. The sound was coming from outside and Lisa realized that it was a car alarm.

Lisa's eyes nearly popped out of her head and she jolted straight up when she realized it was her car. Someone is trying it break into her car.

She ran outside and turned the alarm off. She glanced around the driveway for intruders but saw no one. An idea popped into her head from watching too many horror movies and she decided to peer inside the car to make sure no one was hiding in the backseat. While she was searching her backseat she heard someone behind her. She spun around and a dark figure ran passed her and crossed the street. She watched the person run towards a white van parked across the street as the door slid open and the man jumped inside. The van sped away and Lisa stood still with her mouth gaping open.

It took her a minute to gather her thoughts and she realized that was the man inside the house. It had have been. Her car alarm going off had to have been distraction so the person upstairs could escape. Someone from inside that van set her car alarm off as a distraction. It was the only rational explanation she could come up with.

Lisa grabbed her purse that was sitting in the front passenger seat and pulled out her cell phone to call the police. She noticed something before putting her purse back down. Something that caught her eye. She reached down and touched the floor of her car. She felt something hard and picked it up.

It was a VHS video tape. A small piece of white paper glued on tape had big bold red letters written in permanent marker. She read it aloud.

"Play me. P.S. do not show police if you want your dad to live."

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