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The day went by fairly quickly and they were now on the road towards Colorado. Lisa didn't wake up until after 2 pm and it made her a bit grouchy. She hated waking up in the afternoon. She felt like she missed out on so much. Not that she would've gotten anything done if she had stayed up all day. She wasn't exactly Jackson's prisoner but she still wasn't free to do whatever she wanted. Jackson was in charge of the plans and she was simply following him like a lost puppy.

The trip was quiet for the most part but neither one minded. The silence wasn't uncomfortable anymore. Now, Jackson focused on driving and Lisa stared out of the window while listening to the radio. She was no longer in her black cocktail dress. Jackson was kind enough to buy her an outfit to wear for the rest of the drive. He promised to buy her some more clothes once they reach their destination.

Lisa still couldn't get over the fact that their relationship quickly changed from enemies to business partners. There was no hint of friendship forming but they were comfortable in each other's presence and that was good enough.

"So," Jackson spoke in a booming voice that startled Lisa, "are you hungry?"

As if on cue, her stomach growled and she bit her bottom lip. "I guess so."

"Where to? Applebee's? Olive Garden? Red Lobster?"

"Wait…you want to go to an actual restaurant? In public?" She asked incredulously.

Jackson nodded his head. "Why not?"

Lisa wrinkled her forehead and wondered if Jackson had forgotten about their current situation. "Um, gee, I don't know. Maybe because there are professional killers after us and making a public appearance isn't the best way to hide?"

Jackson smiled but within a split second, his face went deadly serious. He tilted his head towards her and their eyes locked. "You need to look like you're in danger."

Lisa blinked. "What?"

"Do exactly as I say." His voice had no trace of humor, he was one-hundred percent serious. "When we pull into the parking lot, I want you to look scared, like you're here against your will. Don't smile and only look at me with fear. Cower away from me every time I get close to you. Give the waitress or waiter a pleading look. Near the end of the meal, I want you to beg me to let you use the restroom. Once you're inside, use your creativity and leave a message on the wall or mirror. Don't give away too much information. Just write that you've been kidnapped and your name is Lisa. That's it. Then, walk out of the restroom and look at the first person you see, try to talk to them. Approach them and ask for help, I will then grab you and throw you into the car. I won't be gentle about it. So I apologize now."

Lisa had confusion written all over her face. "Why?"

Jackson sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "It's part of the plan. Just do it."

"You already have a plan? Why didn't you tell me earlier? What's the rest of it?"

"I don't have it all figured out yet. I'm taking it one step at a time. Just do as I say and we'll get your father back." Jackson paused for a few seconds and looked at the sign on the side of the road that listed all of the upcoming restaurants. "Where do you want to go?"

Lisa glanced at the sign as they passed it and shrugged. "I don't know. I don't care." She spoke so fast that her words sounded meshed together. "I want to know more about this plan. You can't just shut me out and demand that I do something without consulting me first. I want to know everything you know."

Jackson looked at her curiously as his the corner of his lips tugged upward.

"What?" Lisa asked, annoyed.

Jackson shook his head and gave her a strange look. "Nothing."

"No, not nothing. What are you thinking?" She demanded.

He shrugged his shoulders causally. "I was just trying to figure out when you became my wife."

"Your wife? What?"

Jackson laughed at her bewildered expression. "Do you listen to yourself when you talk?"

Lisa rolled her eyes. "We're in this together, Jackson. I need to know what you're planning before you decide to act on it. A little preparation would be helpful."

Jackson clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "No can do."

Lisa groaned in aggravation and dramatically threw her head against the headrest. "Why not?!"

"Because your performance would be fake. Let it come naturally without any practice. The more confused and frustrated you are, the better."

Lisa lowered her head into her palms and growled. "That doesn't make any sense!" She mumbled against the palm of her hands.

"It's time." He looked over at her as he pulled into the parking lot. "Good. Act the way you are now and you'll be outstanding."

Lisa removed her hands from her face and glowered at him.

"Even better." He commented when he saw her death stare. "Let's get this show on the road, kid."

Lisa felt like reaching over and slapping the silly smirk off of his face. "You suck."

Jackson stepped out of the car and walked over to Lisa's side to help her out of the car. He grabbed her arm roughly and she yanked it back.

"Ow!" Lisa shouted at him.

Jackson no longer looked smug and playful. He had his evil mask on now. "Let's go." He said harshly.

Lisa was taken back by his hard voice but she knew it was game time. She stepped out of the car and let Jackson lead her towards the restaurant. Olive Garden. He chose Olive Garden.

"Kid?" Lisa whispered to him, regarding the last thing he said to her in the car. He tightened his grip on her elbow as they approached the doors. "What are you, like 6 months older than me?"

Jackson glared at her and whispered under his breath. "Two years older."

"Oh, wow, you must feel like a big boy now. Two whole fuc…" And she tripped. It wasn't an accident either. Jackson purposely placed his foot in front of her and waited for her tumble to the ground before jerking her back up.

Lisa cringed and smacked Jackson against his chest. "Dammit, Jackson! You know my ankle is sprained!"

He didn't say anything as he led her inside the restaurant. He peeked at an elderly couple staring at him and smiled to himself. The more witnesses, the better.

Lisa did as instructed. She cowered away from Jackson and looked repulsed when his skin came into contact with hers. The waitress looked concerned and tried speaking to Lisa with her body language. Lisa looked at her with wide eyes full of fright and indicated towards Jackson several times. The waitress even slipped Lisa a note, asking if she were okay. Lisa read it and shook her head vehemently.

Jackson silently applauded Lisa's performance but he was becoming increasingly worried that the waitress would call the police so he told Lisa not to over do it. He kicked her foot underneath the table when it was time for her to make her escape to the restroom. Lisa made sure that the waitress overheard her when she pleaded for Jackson to let her use the restroom.

On her way towards the restroom, Lisa grabbed a crayon off of one of the tables. Once inside, she rushed over to the mirror and wrote, "Please help me. I've been kidnapped. My name is Lisa."

The writing was smudged so she decided to write on the wall, also. This time she wrote, "Help me!" in big bold letters.

As Lisa was walking out, she collided into the waitress. The waitress gently pushed Lisa back inside the restroom and Lisa panicked. This wasn't part of the plan. Jackson couldn't grab her from inside the women's restroom.

"Are you alright?" The waitress asked right before her eyes flickered towards the wall the read, 'Help Me!' "Oh, my god. Okay, listen, I already called 911. They're on their way. Just stay in here until they arrive. You'll be safe. I promise."

Oh on, Lisa thought. She couldn't ruin the plan and storm out of the restroom and into Jackson's arms. She needed to think quick.

"You don't understand," Lisa said in a shaky voice. "He's going to kill me. The police won't stop him. I need to get out of here right now."

Lisa pushed passed the waitress but she grabbed Lisa's arm. "No. He's right outside the door!"

Lisa gulped. "It's okay. I have a knife. Once he brings me to the car, I'll stab him. I can do it."

The waitress shook her head. "Wait for the police. They'll take care of this."

Lisa opened her mouth to speak when the door opened and Jackson barged in. He captured Lisa around the waist and dragged her out of the restroom. "What were you doing?" Jackson whispered in her ear.

The waitress ran after them and was about to shout but the sound of sirens in the background made her pause.

Jackson and Lisa both froze when they heard the sirens. But only for a second. Jackson literally ran towards the car and dragged Lisa behind him. He opened the car door and pushed her inside. The sirens became louder and louder and Jackson could see red and blue luights flashing down the street. He ran to the drivers seat and sped out of the parking lot. Once he got onto the main road, he slowed down so he wouldn't look suspicious. Fortunately, the cops passed them and entered the Olive Garden parking lot.

"Someone probably jotted down the license plate number. We need to switch cars."

Lisa felt like she was having an anxiety attack and found it difficult to breathe.

A look of concern appeared on Jackson's face. "Are you okay?"

"Did you know that the waitress would call the cops when you came up with your stupid plan?!" Lisa spat out the words between sharp breaths.

"Of course." Jackson replied quickly.

Lisa shot him an evil look but he brushed it off.

"I didn't except you to be so convincing." He admitted. "You were supposed to look worried but you went all out."

"Oh, so this is my fault?" Lisa shouted at him.

"I'm not placing blame on anyone, Leese."

"Did this benefit your plan? The police getting involved?"

"It helps a great deal, actually."

Lisa raised her eyebrows. "How? Will you tell me what we're doing?"

"Not yet."

Lisa sighed. "Please?"

Jackson shook his head.


He rolled his eyes and turned the volume on the radio up so he couldn't hear her speak. Lisa folded her arms across her chest and pouted like a child.

Many hours later, Lisa and Jackson had already abandoned the car and took off in a stolen vehicle. They were minutes from their destination now and the tension between them was thicker than ever.

A radio announcement made them both stiffen in their seats and their ears perked up.

"Police are searching for a woman in her early to mid twenties who goes by the name Lisa. She was last seen with a man believed to be her kidnapper at an Olive Garden in…"

They listened intently and once the announcement was finished, Lisa turned her head to face Jackson for the first time since they left the restaurant. "Is that good or bad?"

"Both." Jackson replied sullenly.

"Why both?"

"Well, it's bad because we aren't only hiding from my former company anymore and the cops will eventually figure out your identity, along with the fact that your father is also missing. Now I'm going to have to change a few things to make the timeline work appropriately. It's going to get complicated."

Lisa shifted her eyes. "And it isn't already complicated?"

Jackson shook his head. "Not compared to how it's about to become."

Lisa sighed. "Great. So, what's the good part?"

Jackson clinched his jaw and avoided eye contact. "I can't tell you."

Lisa threw her arms up in the air and they crashed back down on her lap with a smacking sound. She breathed heavily out of her nose and shook her head angrily.

"Be patient, Leese."

"You know what?" She spoke loudly. "I think I'm going to come up with a few plans of my own and keep you in the dark until the last minute."

"You do that." Jackson said with boredom clear in his voice.

A couple minutes later Jackson pulled into a parking lot in front of a small shop. "We're here."

"What would you like me to do?" Lisa asked him. "Should I wait in the car? Or maybe run in screaming like a lunatic? Do you want me to draw all over his wall? What should I do, Jackson? You control me, right?"

Jackson turned the engine off and pulled the keys out of the ignition. "Just don't talk, okay?"

Lisa bit her bottom lip until her teeth punctured a wound and blood seeped out. Jackson got out of the car and walked onto the sidewalk. He turned to look back inside the car and saw Lisa still sitting there, looking extremely pissed off. He motioned for her get out of the car but she turned her head away from him and folded her arms across her chest. Jackson sighed and stomped over to her side of the car. Lisa quickly pressed down on the lock button so he couldn't open the door.

Jackson knocked on the window. "Unlock the door, Leese."

Lisa turned her head away from him once again. Jackson shook his head and sighed. "Fine. You can rot in here."

He spun on his heel and went inside the shop. Lisa waited in the car for a good twenty minutes before she finally got fed up and got out of the car. She reluctantly entered the tiny shop and saw Jackson leaning over a counter filled with guns and talking to the clerk.

The clerk was a big man. At least 6'5" and close to 300 pounds. He had a long black beard and tattoos on both of his upper arms. His voice was deep but he spoke gently.

Jackson turned his head to see Lisa approach him. "It's about time." He told her in a friendly tone. That only made Lisa even more angry.

"Lisa, this is a good buddy of mine, Olgert Capucilli. Olgert, this the woman I was telling you about."

Olgert shook her hand and gave her a weak smile. His attention shifted back to Jackson. "How long will you be in town?"

Jackson shrugged his shoulders. "A day or two."

Olgert nodded his head once. "It's best to leave as quickly as you can."

Jackson stuffed something inside his back pocket and grabbed a big silver case on the counter. "Tell Mindy and the kids I said hi." Jackson told the man as he turned to leave.

"Take care of yourself, Rippner."

Jackson glanced back at his friend and smiled. "You know me."

Olgert scoffed. "Exactly."

Jackson led Lisa out of the shop and once they were outside, she turned to face him. "That's it?"

Jackson raised an eyebrow at her. "Yeah."

Lisa walked in front of him towards the car but he stopped her. "We're leaving that here." He pointed towards an black SUV. "We're taking that."

"Lovely." Lisa said and started to walk towards the SUV.

"And Leese?" Jackson called from behind her.

She slowly spun around. "Yeah?"

"Once we get to the hotel, I'll tell you all about the plan."

Lisa tried her hardest not to smile but she was unsuccessful. "Really?"

"Really." He confirmed.

Lisa was suddenly in a better mood and practically hopped towards the SUV.

Once they were settled inside their hotel room, Jackson motioned for Lisa to take a seat at the small round table.

"You're not going to like this but it's our only chance to defeat them and get your dad back."

"Okay, go on." Lisa urged.

Jackson took a seat to her and looked her straight in the eyes. "I'm sending you back."

Lisa's face paled. "What? You're not handing me over to those guys, are you? Please tell me I misheard you."

"I told you that you wouldn't like it."

Lisa tried to stand up but Jackson pushed her back down and scooted closer to her. "We have 24 hours to go over this. Listen carefully. Do not screw this up."

"The scene at Olive Garden," Lisa said, "that was to get their attention, wasn't it? To make it look like you really did kidnap me? So it wouldn't look like I just left with you?"

Jackson nodded his head. "It's the only way they won't kill you. You're going to pretend you escaped from me and you're going to tell them exactly what I'm about to tell you. Got it?"

Lisa exhaled and closed her eyes. "Okay. What do you want me to do?"

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