Lions Can Roar, But Scouts Can Soar

Lions Can Roar, But Scouts Can Soar!

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Chapter 1: Depressed


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Mini moon







Tuxedo Mask

















(Ok so you probably all already know all of them right? Well I thought I would put them there anyway.)

Serena looked up at the sky. The moon was really bright tonight and it made her happy. She then felt something rubbing against her leg, She looked down to see Luna.

"Serena it's been two months since chaos was destroyed how long are you planning to be like this?" Sighing Serena bent and picked her up.

"I'm fine Luna I am. It's just, well I'm bored ok. Since chaos is gone there is nothing left to fight." She told her.

"Serena I am surprised at you. You finally get some peace and yet you don't want it. Why?"

"Well I've gotten so used to fighting every day that with out it life is lame."

"Sereā€¦.." Luna was cut off by the sound of Serena's communicator going off. The two of them just stared at it for a minute until Serena finally came to her senses. She jumped up to get it but being who she is fell flat on her face half way there. But for once she didn't stop to cry she just ran to it and grabbed it.

"HELLO." She called in excitement

"Serena we need your help, I know your depressed and all and likely don't want to do this but we need you." Came the voice of mercury (Amy)

"I'm on my way. Wait where at?"

"Ray's temple."

"I'll be right there" She hung up.


After she transformed she jumped the houses all the way to rays place. When she got there she didn't hear fighting so she ran round the back. When she saw that all her friends, (well the scouts and Darien) were all there around a big table with balloons and a cake in the shape of a moon.

She stared at them all.

"What's going on?"

"We decided to throw you a party since you seem all depressed. And we weren't going to throw you into another battle so soon. I mean how mean is that?" Mina told her.

"Yea meatball head so untransform." Ray piped up.

Serena changed back looking her normal disappointed self.

After the party and Serena had gone home the scouts, Luna and Artemis had a meeting.

"Guy's I'm worried about her. She didn't even pig out on the cake." Amy said.

"Pig out did she even eat anything." Lita asked. The others just shrugged.

"By my tabulations Serena is not in shock she's depressed. Anyone know why?"

Everybody just shrugged. "Luna you are with her all the time. Has she ever said anything?" Mina asked her

"Well actually before you all called she said that she was bored and missed the action."

"That is so not like Serena, she always wanted a normal life."

"Yes but she is sailor moon. I guess that when its gone you miss it but while its there you want it gone."

"Maybe," With that they ended there little meeting there was nothing they could do about if.

But little did they know they didn't have to

Across the galaxy a new enemy was brewing. One stronger then any they had ever faced before. Can the sailor scouts defeat this evil? Stay tuned

(Ok I know it was a total bomber but I was bored and I wanted to do this one so we here it is. Hope you enjoyed it. And ya I know it was short)