A/N: Hello, my Lovely Readers

A/N: Hello, my Lovely Readers! Since I'm being Harley for Halloween I've decided that in order to really get into her head I needed to write a fanfiction about her. Just to let you know this isn't the normal Animated series Harley this is my version of a Nolan-verse Harley, if that makes any sense so please review and let me know what you think because I may or may not keep this going.

I opened my eyes with a shocked gasp. I was back in our room. I looked around trying to get my bearings but it really was my old room. Our old room. As I sat up I realized that I was sitting on the bed. I twisted around wildly as all of the old memories, the good and the bad, came rushing back to me; the memories that my time at Arkham had taught me to suppress. I took a shaky breath, trying to settle myself and closed my eyes, reveling in the smell of the room. His smell. The smell of greasepaint, blood, nighttime, fire, and gunpowder were all around me making my head spin with the memory of him.

The door barely made a sound as he walked in. A tiny sob escaped my throat as all the details of my Angel's face came into view and I covered my mouth knowing what was coming next.

"Harley," he called sweetly, taunting me. I knew I had done something wrong but I didn't know what, I never knew with him.

"Y-yes, Puddin'?" He pulled out his knife as he started to walk slowly towards me with the sadistic smile that I loved on his face. He climbed on the bed and started to come towards me in a predatory crawl.

I hated myself for feeling it but I was extremely turned on and couldn't help my gasp of surprise when he straddled me. The weight of him was so familiar and, somehow comforting. What can I say? I was in love with the guy and, although it's very possible, it's extremely difficult to switch love off. A saccharine smile spread across his lips as he leaned his head in to kiss me. The smell of his breath was intoxicating and I had to keep my eyes from rolling into the back of my head from the pure joy I felt at that exact moment…

Until I felt cold steel invade my abdomen. I had completely forgotten about the knife he held. I let out a cry of pain through his kiss but he only grabbed my cheeks and held my face in place as he repeatedly stabbed me…

"Harley, wake up! You have an appointment with Dr. Leland," the guard yelled as he stood in my room with his arms crossed. I rankled at his rough tone and stood up, putting my hands on my hips.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking before entering a lady's boudoir?" I said the word with relish and laughed at how ridiculous it sounded with my slight Bronx accent. The guard, however, looked a little uneasy. I smiled up at him. Being pretty tall it was unusual for me to look up at anybody so he was pretty tall. I gave the guard a once over. He was new and young and might've been cute if you couldn't tell how dull he was just by looking at him. Perfect material for a hench- clown…

I cringed slightly. The thought of clowns in general was almost too painful. The guard gave me a look and rolled his eyes. I could almost hear him thinking the word "crazy bitch" in his head. Well anyway down to business as usual.

I tapped my foot impatiently as he cuffed me, not even trying to be gentle, and walked me down to Dr. Leland's office.

As we walked down the long corridor, I decided to ponder about myself. I was working really hard to build up my self-esteem, or at least pretend to that way I could get out of this hell hole as quickly as possible and get back to my Puddin'. I smiled at that thought with a little fear. I would go back but I would definitely be punished for getting caught. I automatically looked at my left arm. Even though it was covered by the boring white fabric I still knew that about a dozen scars were hiding under it. Several of them were in the shape of diamonds. He had decided that I needed to be marked so people would always know that I was his. I didn't really mind them that much it was just bothersome that I couldn't wear sleeveless shirts without people staring although it was great for scaring the shit outta people.

I smiled at that thought and couldn't help an escaped giggle, realizing I was freaking the new guard out.

As we passed a mirror I caught a flash of myself in it. I thought about the girl I saw because that's what she really was, just a girl. A pretty, innocent, doll faced girl who could kill you and wouldn't think twice about it, pretty much summed it up.

Mistah J loved using me for going under cover because no one would ever expect "a girl with the voice of a four year old." I hated my voice. It was too sweet! Even though it did sound cool when I dropped into the demonic octave I used when I was working.

I blew away a stray hair and suddenly wished that my hands were free so I could redo my pig tails. My hair had been looking pretty mousy and dull since I got here. Usually it was shiny and bright but the shampoo they gave us here was the crappy generic kind that smelled like too much soap. I sighed as we stopped in front of Dr. Leland's door and the guard knocked. A faint "come in" was heard from inside and we walked in.

The good doctor looked up as we came in and smiled warmly at me.

"Hello, Harleen," she said as the guard took my hand cuffs off and left. I gave her an overly fake smile back and settled in for an hour of "therapy".

It was going to be a long day.

Note to Self:

Love and Hate are both four letter words. Go figure!

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