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"C'mon, Joan," I yelled as I dragged my friend by her hand through the busy Gotham sidewalk.

"Harley, Harley sweetie…you got to (gasp) slow down…I, unlike (gasp) you can't run (gasp) in high heels," Joan panted, exasperated as I sighed but didn't slow my pace.

"Joan, they close in fifteen minutes and I wanna get there before they run out." My voice dropped into that demonic octave it sometimes did when I was really serious about something. I looked behind me to see Joan's eyes downcast as if she was thinking really hard about something.

I stopped suddenly – startling Joan, and gave a little squeal of delight as I looked in the front window of the pet store that was currently dull of Pit bull puppies. Joan rolled her eyes and looked at her watch impatiently.

"Hurry up Harl, they close in fifteen minutes."


Although I didn't get a huge salary as a sales clerk at Hot Topic, it was a pretty cool job because I got great discounts and it was enough to buy some toys, a leash, and a food and water dish for my new baby.

He was kind of small and really white with a brown muzzle but the lady at the store had said that his big paws indicated that he would be huge one day. I smiled at the thought of my baby being the biggest kid on the playground – metaphorically of course.

I had already decided to name him Gabe; after Gabriel the Arch Angel. Living in a small apartment in the Narrows, a girl had to have someone to look after her – not that the nine MM in my purse didn't help. I smiled at the thought and looked at Gabe affectionately.

A cold wind blew suddenly and I pulled my coat around me as Gabe gave me an impatient "hurry up let's go home now" look.

"Alright Baby, we'll get warm soon, I promise," I said more to myself than to Gabriel. Not that I could afford much heat anyway.

"Aw heck," I thought as Gabe sniffed the opening of an alleyway.

"Maybe we'll splurge tonight."


I turned my head as a sound came from the alley. Gabe gave a tiny growl ad his hackles raised as we walked further into the alley.

"Hello?" I called cautiously. Gabe gave a bark that echoed throughout the alley and I felt the chillingly familiar feel of someone – someone I thought I might know – behind me.

I turned around; stealthily reaching into my purse for my gun, only to find I was pointing a gun at no one.

I sighed and put the gun back in my purse. I leaned against the chain link fence and closed my eyes.

He grabbed the back of my neck and put his knife to it.

"Harley doll," he called taunting and soft. I knew it was only a game he liked to play but he was still dangerous when he was in a good mood.

In other words, these moods were only the eye of the storm.

"Puddin'," I called back, mocking his tone. He chuckled when he heard the waver of fear in my voice and turned me around to face him.

I thought the smell of his breath alone would soon make me go dizzy with desire and need so I was surprised when he pulled my pigtails towards him and kissed me.

It wasn't a tender kiss, or an innocent kiss, it was a kiss full of need. I was simply one of his outlets for all of the frustration he had inside of himself.

But it was still a kiss and I would take whatever I could get.


The vision went as fast as it came and I remember almost nothing about it. I looked down to see Gabe whimpering and shivering so I picked him up and put him in my jacket. After all, he was just a baby. I gave a nervous look around the alley and started to walk home quickly.

I got back to my apartment and set Gabe down on the floor. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and licked his nose. I rolled my eyes, smiling.

"Very attractive, Pudd-," I had started to say Puddin' but the name didn't sound right with Gabe. I didn't even know where the name came from anyway.

Ever since I had woken up at Arkham, I kept having weird visions and dreams. Joan wouldn't tell me anything about them. She said I didn't miss anything big and that I didn't have anything to worry about. I didn't know why but for some reason I doubter her.

I shook my head. It really sucked the big one to be missing a whole part of your life and not get any answers to your questions.

I sighed and took Gabe's leash off as I struggled to keep my face away from his puppy kisses.

I set some water out for Gabe and went into the bedroom to put my pajamas on. I heard Gabe's claws clacking on the un-carpeted floor and looked back just in time to see him jump on my bed.

"Gabey Pie," I said in a stern voice. I hated when dogs jumped on the bed and acted like they owned the place but when he hit me with his brown eyes, I was powerless. There was always something about brown eyes that made me go weak.

"Fine, but just for tonight," I said as I climbed into bed and grabbed a hair tie for my pigtails and put the new on.

"We apologize for the pause in your regular programming but we have just been informed of the recent murders of three local girls," the usually polished new anchor look pale and seemed slightly uneasy. I paused in rubbing Gabe's belly, much to his displeasure, and started to pay more attention to the small TV.

"The girls are believed to have been killed by the infamous villain, The Joker." I crawled forward on the bed and kneeled in front of the screen. The news woman continued in a reluctant manner.

"I'm afraid we have a video of the murders. Please, make sure there are no children present in the next few moments as the video plays." The poor new woman looked as if she was about to cry…or throw up.

I could tell the video's beginning had been cut out and it only showed the tail end of it – him talking.

The girl's laid out dead on the concrete floor beneath him, their mouths cut into horrid smiles, diamonds cut into their bare skin, their hair in pigtails…

All blonde and blue eyed.

All about my age.

The he started to speak and my whole world, everything I'd strived to build over these past these six months, collapsed in on itself.

"I'm ah addressing Harleen Quinzel," he was looking straight at the camera and looked up with his mouth slightly open.

I gaped up at the screen at the mention of my name and felt my insides curl at the familiar cadence of his speech.

"Gordon," he stopped and licked his scars.

"I know that you know where she is." I had no idea who Gordon was, of course but I listened intently anyway.

"And I want her back. By Midnigh-t," he popped the "t" on midnight and I almost started sobbing with relief. I finally knew what I was missing; who I was missing all along.

"Or else these ah murders, they'll keep happening and how Batsy Boy hates the killing of (his voice took on the tone of a womanish sob) innocent lives." He gestured to the girls.

"The docks, Gordon, twelve o'clock." He went to turn the camera off but stopped.

"I miss my Harley Doll," he said before throwing himself into a laughing fit and turning the camera off.

Brown eyes were the last thing I saw. Then I passed out.