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"Last night I was on the threshold of hell.

To-day, I am within the sight of my heaven.

I have my eyes on it: hardly three feet to sever me!

-Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

I woke up to the sound of Gabe barking and snarling at the door. I could hear men shouting on and banging but I couldn't move from my place on the floor.

I lay there, with my mouth open, staring blankly at the ceiling, wondering if what had just happened was real or just a twisted dream I had made up by myself.

I broke out into a cold sweat as I realized that Gabe was still barking and the Gotham Police Force was currently trying to knock down my door. What in the name of hell was I supposed to do?

I quickly ran through my options, which, at the moment, didn't look all too great.

I could play the helpless amnesia patient, open the door, pretend I had been sleeping, and just go on with my life.


Then I had a thought. I put my tongue between my teeth as I pondered the possible repercussions of what I was about to do. That's when I realized I just didn't care anymore.

I quickly pulled a pair of skinny jeans on and slipped my black high-top converse on. I didn't know if I'd be running or not. I sighed at my torso; the black and red polka dot pajama shirt would just have to do for now.

I went under my bed and grabbed the black back pack I usually kept under there. I reached under my mattress and took out my emergency money, just in case. I got Gabe's leash and put it on him as he wagged his tail happily.

One last check in the backpack to make sure I had enough clothes and money.

"Gotham Police, open up!"

I went to the door and got ready to put on an Oscar winning performance.

"What," I said loud enough so the cops stopped yelling.

"Who the hell are you? I – I," cue the blood curdling scream. The cops started yelling again as I pulled open the bay window, grabbed Gabe, and flew down the fire escape as fast as my feet would carry me. I figured they would take a while searching the apartment so I had just enough time to find some way to the docks.

I set Gabe down so he could walk and went through the back alley to the next street over.

I hailed a taxi and somehow persuaded him to take Gabe in the car by promising he wouldn't pee on the seats (which he didn't, of course).

Since the docks were far away I was able to close my eyes and slow down to think for a minute. I pictured the brown eyes I had seen on my TV screen and tried to remember all of our moments together.

I was backed against the bedroom wall, panting, and not in the good way. His knife was in my abdomen and his hand was on my throat. I had said something about just shooting Batman and forgetting the theatrics. I figured that if he was such an egomaniac we could settle down and adopt some kids or something. Maybe…

Apparently, he didn't like the idea of me giving him ideas. I wasn't the schemer. I was his…

Come to think of it, I wasn't sure what I was to him. I was sure he loved me. Just because he threw me around a lot didn't mean he didn't love me. I mean, the guy's crazy after all; he can't help it.

Besides, when you loved something, or someone, enough they had no choice but to love you back.

"Lady, we're at the docks."

I shook myself out of my reverie and paid the driver. I grabbed Gabe and started to walk towards the docks.

I hadn't forgotten my gun, fortunately, so I pulled it out and put it in the waistband of my jeans, just in case things got out of hand.

I did a once over of the dock entrance, scaring myself at how I immediately took in all of the exits and possible hiding places. I walked past all of the boardwalks towards the old warehouse in front of the abandoned amusement park. There was a piece of plywood nailed to a post with two black circles and a red smile painted on it. I smiled and gave Gabe a small pat on the head.

I noticed a figure come walking out of the warehouse and my breath caught as I realized who it was. He walked slowly, with his arms swinging lazily at his sides as he whistled tunelessly. I stood frozen in place as I came to terms with what I was doing. Everything in my body was screaming at me to run. I knew who he was. I knew what he was capable of. It was really pathetic but I loved him them. I couldn't have helped it if I tried. He was so incredibly flawed but he was my perfect match. There was absolutely no way around it anymore; I would always and forever belong to him whether he wanted me or not. Nothing could ever take me away from him.

He stopped about two feet in front of me and folded his arms. There was a tense moment where I could tell he was debating with himself whether to kill me or not. I took a deep breath in and let Gabe's leash slip form my hands. We stood there for a while until something crucial snapped in my right before a strange sad noise ripped from my throat and I ran at him and embraced him fiercely. I took in his smell, the feel of his velvet jacket beneath my fingers; I felt his wiry strength under me. I could tell I had taken him by surprise because he didn't hug me back right away but I pulled myself closer to him when I felt his arms wrap around me. I laughed contentedly and smiled because it felt good to.

He lifted up my chin and kissed me and I threw myself into it.

I was finally home. I didn't care that home to me was a broken down amusement park and a crazy man who dressed up like a clown. I didn't care that the cops were coming and I could hear sirens.

I. Didn't. Care

Harleen Quinzel was dead now but Harley Quinn..

She was very much alive.

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