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Author's Note: This is my version of the Legend of Mana story line, some parts will be kept the same and some parts will be different so don't expect it to be exactly word for word the same. I didn't really like how the girl, who I named Delphine for obvious reasons, was dressed so I've changed that in my story. She now resembles Emeralda, but instead of her hair and clothes being plain green their more blue-green or aqua green (think Bulma from Dragonball Z's hair color.) The reason I am doing this is because besides hating her outfit Delphine means dolphin so her looks now go with her name.


Domina Meliv Caverns

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Legend of Mana

Chapter One: The Lost Princess

By Delphine Pryde

Sunlight fell onto a bed's occupant from a crack in the window's curtains that was located on the opposite side of the room. Slowly Delphine awoke. She sat up in her bed yawning. "Wakey time," said L'il Cactus happily from it's position in front of the window.

Throwing her covers off, the blue-green-haired girl muttered something about an unnamed plant being far to chipper. Suppressing another yawn Delphine quickly got dressed in her Arabian type blue-green pants and top, then she brushed her hair and put up into a waterfall ponytail with a small gold tiara that had an aquamarine gem cut in an oval shape in the middle of the tiara. After she was clothed in appropriate attire, Delphine headed down stairs to leave the house. Before she left she made sure to grab her money and staff.

On the path in front of her house walked a sproutling. Sproutlings in general are harmless even if they are a bit strange. She went to greet this being that seemed to always be hanging around her house. She was surprised when he answered her instead of running away like he usually did. He gave her some colored blocks and said something about being able to shape the world with your imagination. Shrugging at this confusing explanation, Delphine thanked him and headed off away from the house she had grown up in.

Delphine had always thought it strange that she never had any parents, the only beings that had been around were sproutlings, flowerlings, and L'il Cactus. Flowerlings had taken turns raising her and teaching her what they knew, sproutlings had been her playmates, and eventually a newly growing L'il Cactus became her closest friend. She didn't even know who her parents were, just that her home was connected to them in someway. There were books and manuals in the house that taught her about an outside world that she had never seen. Today was the first time Delphine had ever dared to venture out into the world. Concepts like money were strange to her but according to her books it was needed and so she took what she thought she needed before leaving.

Delphine stopped a distance away from her home before she remembered the colored blocks the sproutling had given her. Putting her emerald topped staff under her arm; Delphine reached into her satchel and pulled out the blocks. The sproutling said that the world is shaped by imagination so maybe if I imagine a town or something? Deciding that it could not hurt to try, Delphine concentrated on the colored blocks. You know they really do look like town. In her imagination she could see a lively town filled with interesting people.

The colored blocks started to glow suddenly. She gasped as they flew out of her hand and were soon covered by a cloudy mist. What's happening? Is this what the sproutling was talking about? As if to answer her question the mist parted to reveal a town similar to the one she had pictured. "Well I'll be an elemental," she murmured to herself, "I guess the sproutling was right."

Placing her staff back into her hand, Delphine approached the town. She noticed a sign as she entered the town that said, "Welcome to Domina." Domina, that must be the name of this town. Delphine reached a clear spot that was circled by building. In the clearing she could see two people speaking. One resembled a kid with and onion head that held some kind of glaive or spear in his hand. The other was very different. From her books, Delphine knew this one was a male and from the looks of the jewel placed on his sternum he was a Jumi, the jewel people. The Jumi had jewel cores that if they where taken or broken it could prove fatal, jewel hunters was one of the reasons the Jumi were so few now. This Jumi was dressed like a warrior down to the sand cape on his back, so Delphine concluded that he must be a Jumi Knight. Jumi's often worked in pairs, a knight and a guardian, attacker and healer. Delphine frowned slightly as she studied the handsome man. If he's a knight then where's his partner?

Curious, she edged closer to hear their conversation. To her disappointment, when Delphine got close enough to hear anything their conversation had already come near an end. The Jumi Knight had already started to walk away. The onion headed person called out to the Jumi, "Hey! At least give me your name!"

The Jumi Knight paused for a moment and slowly faced the onion headed person. "…Elazul," the Jumi answered a bit coldly before he headed into a building.

"Jeez…He makes me sick," muttered the onion headed person.

The onion headed person started to walk the opposite way from where Elazul went. Hurrying up to him, she introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Delphine!"

He regarded her with an appraising look before speaking. His voice was filled with an arrogance that was almost comical. "I am Duelle, Onion Warrior! My friend Teapo is in the shopkeeper's house. Meet me there if you want to talk," he said before heading on his way.

Onion Warrior? Why am I not surprised? Deciding that the Jumi Knight Elazul was much more interesting than the onion warrior was, she decided against going to the shopkeeper's house. Instead Delphine headed for the building that Elazul had entered. A sign on the front of the building proclaimed the pub was named, "Amanda and Barrette's." When Delphine opened the door to go inside she was bowled over by a rather fat looking rabbit-type person. "Out of the way, it's important to share," he told her, before hopping away without even offering to help her up.

What a rude person! These people are so different from the Sproutlings and Flowerlings. I have a feeling it won't be so easy to get by in this world than I thought. Picking herself up and brushing of the dirt, Delphine muttered something about how delicious rabbit soup is.

As soon as she entered the pub, Delphine spotted Elazul harassing a fairy-like girl. She decided to find out the situation, but as soon as she cleared her throat to speak he turned his anger to her. "Silence! Do not interrupt!" he shouted at Delphine before turning back to the fairy girl. "Speak up! Don't make me angry…"

"…" the girl frowned at him, visibly shaken.

"What are you hiding!" he demanded from her.

Wanting to know what had put him in this state, Delphine asked, "What happened."

He glanced at her, obviously surprised that she had not left at after his rude greeting. "A friend is missing," he said a bit more gently to her.

Sensing his worry, Delphine prompted him to continue, "A friend?"

"She wears a white dress and has long hair. She's like a sister to me…" he described with his emotions visible in his eyes. "I am worried."

"I'm sorry," Delphine said, "I'll help you look for her."

He once again was surprised only this time from her kindness. "Together with me…? But you mustn't…No, I would be grateful!"

The fairy like girl hummed thoughtfully. Elazul looked at her questioningly. "What?"

"Here…" she said handing a jade egg to Delphine, who was a lot less frightening then the Jumi Knight.

"So…?" Elazul asked as her studied the jade egg in Delphine's hands. "What's this…?" he drew closer to her and the egg. "It smells like Pearl…" he said, before looking up in alarm. "Let's hurry!"

He was already out the door by the time Delphine had pocketed the jade egg in her satchel. "Hey, wait up!" she called after him, running to catch up.

Elazul stood waiting for her just outside the pub. "You could have waited," she muttered as they headed out of Domina.

He glared at her with his worry. "You're to slow," he complained.

"No, I'm not," she told him, "You're just to impatient. Relax a little, we'll find Pearl."

"I can't relax, not until I know she's safe," he said.

Tilting her head, Delphine said smiling, "If you keep worrying you're gonna get gray hair."

He stared at her in disbelief. She giggled at his expression. "It was just a joke, but seriously you shouldn't worry because everything will work out in the end."

"I hope you are right," he said almost to low for her to hear.

It suddenly occurred to her that they had never exchanged names. "You know," she said, "We never told each other our names. I'm Delphine."

"Delphine…I'm Elazul."

They reached a short distance from Domina before Delphine stopped. "Why have you stopped," he demanded, "We have to find Pearl!"

"We are going to," she told him. Delphine reached into her satchel and pulled out the jade egg.

"What are you doing?" he asked her, confused by her actions.

"The sproutlings believe that the world is shaped by our imaginations," she said as she gazed at the jade egg that had begun to glow. Like the colored blocks, the jade egg shot from her hands and was soon was engulfed in a cloud of fog.

"What…?" Elazul asked in surprise.

When the cloud parted the Mekiv Caverns could be seen. "This is what the sproutlings mean," was all she said.

"So you mean that none of these this exist that they're just part of the imagination?" he asked.

Delphine shook her head. "I don't think that's it. I believe that it's just that everything is perceived differently by different people."


Giving the silent Elazul a glance, Delphine noticed not for the first time just how attractive he was. Delphine, don't think that way! Shaking her head a little, she head for the caverns with Elazul following.

They stopped at the entrance when Elazul said, "I sense a brilliance nearby…It must be Pearl!" looking at his temporary partner he said, "We should hurry!"

Delphine nodded in agreement and the two raced off. The came across a few enemies, but nothing Elazul's Iai Strike and Delphine's Paint it Black techniques couldn't handle. They finally reached a cave that had a blond woman wearing a green dress in it. Could that be Pearl? No, Pearl is supposed to have a white dress.

"You sure are late…Pearl is this way. Hurry, go help her," spoke up the woman.

"Who are you? Why do you know Pearl's name?" asked Elazul suspicious.

"The name is Sandra," she said. "One more thing…You'd best stay away from these people," she told Delphine.

"Hey! How is it you know of us?" Elazul demanded.

Ignoring him, Sandra continued to speak to Delphine, "Hope you don't get turned to stone or anything…"

An alarmed expression crossed Elazul's face. He opened his mouth to speak but shut it quickly as an unknown female voice screamed out, "Aaaaaaa!"

"Pearl!" shouted Elazul as he recognized the voice.

He ran to the entrance of the next cave, intent on saving Pearl. Sandra winked at Delphine, "What a cutie huh?" Smiling slyly she told her, "You better not fall in love with him, Jumi aren't the most loving."

With a disturbed look on her face, Delphine ran after Elazul. She nearly ran right into Elazul who was standing just in front of the entrance. "Pearl!" he called out.

A loud roar shook the cave. "Somehow I don't think that was Pearl," Delphine muttered.

A giant ape like monster landed in front of the two with a loud thud and shaking of the cave. "It's Du'inke," Delphine said surprised at how larger he looked in life.

Elazul took out his sword and Delphine put her staff up in fighting position. "Let's get this over with," she said to Elazul.

He nodded in agreement. As he attack the Du'inke with his blade while Delphine powered up Paint it Black.

Many blows and techniques later the Du'inke lay dead. "Pearl! Where are you!?" yelled Elazul worried.

His core started to glimmer. On the other side of the cave a core glimmered in response. Pearl, who was hiding behind a rock formation, walked timidly out from her spot. "Elazul?" she asked softly.

"Is your core alright?" he asked her.


A relieved expression crossed his face before it was quickly replaced by anger. "I told you not to go wandering by yourself! How did you end up here?"

"I was, um, just thinking about things…," she said hesitantly, looking at the ground in shame.

"You don't need to think anymore. Right now you should just stay safe by my side."

"But…" protested Pearl.

"That's enough!"

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," she muttered.

"Pearl, Elazul's right, you shouldn't be so careless," Delphine spoke up.

"I know," she said. Pearl gave her a curious look. "Who are you?"

"I'm Delphine, I helped Elazul find you."


"…At any rate, don't leave my side, alright?" asked Elazul.

"Alright…I'm sorry…" Pearl apologized again.

"Well then, let's go."


"See you around," he said to Delphine.

Acting on instinct, Delphine gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Take care," she said.

"You too," he said in shock, his hand touching where she had kissed him. He headed out of the cave with a dazed look on his face.

"Um…Th-thank you…" Pearl said shyly, her face turned red.

"We're going!" called out Elazul.

"I'm sorry…I'm going too," she told him before turning back to Delphine, her face going even redder, "Thank you, Delphine. This is for all you've done for me."

She handed her a stone eye and a firefly lamp and then left to follow her partner. I'd better leave to.

Delphine rushed up the stairs of her home. She told L'il Cactus of all the adventures she had had that day. "Fun to get lost," L'il Cactus said.

She learned later that it had begun to document her adventures.

Delphine fell asleep, dreaming of a certain Jumi Knight.

Cactus Diary: Lost Princess

Fighting a monkey in the Caverns and saving a girl! Wow, that sounds like something out of a movie. But the girl was really shy and turned red, and I guess that was too much for my master.