Author's Note: This would have been up sooner but my disk totally messed up my almost complete chapter and so I had to do it all over again! Man, I am so pissed off about it. *Fumes* I wasn't able to find time to redo it so instead I've just done a short interlude, hopefully the next chapter will be up sooner without complications.

Legend of Mana

Chapter Eight: Interlude: Planning

By Delphine Pryde

Morning at our favorite heroine's house is interesting in a way for nothing ever happens the same. Bud may screw up yet another spell, which back fires and blows up right in his face. Lisa may break another lamp or dish as she tries to help out by cleaning the house. Or, as it was this morning it could involve L'il Cactus ruining a romantic moment between Delphine and Elazul. This could explain why the blue-haired girl was running after a frightened L'il Cactus with trimming shears.

"Get back here!" she screamed as she nearly knocked Bud over as she flew down the stairs.

The little elf-boy was luckily for his sister was there to catch him before he could go headfirst down the stairs, which would most likely result in a broken neck. "Jeez, if I wanted this much danger I'd go fight a monster," he complained, loudly as they finish walking down the stairs. "At least then I'd stand some chance of getting away in one piece."

"Well look on the bright side, at least she's not as blue…well, uh, let me rephrase that, at least she's not as depressed as she was when she got back from Gato Grotto," Lisa pointed, slapping her brother on the back, hard, before she headed off to the kitchen to scrounge up breakfast. The elf-girl didn't even notice that her powerful back slap had knocked her brother to the floor face-first.

"I hate mornings…" Bud declared from his position on the floor.


The sound of loud footsteps alerted Lisa to her approaching brother before he even entered the library. She didn't even bother to look up from the book she was reading, Gems and Their Uses in Magical Instruments. "Did you come to read or are you just bored and wanted me to play a game with you," she asked with her violet eyes still scanning the words one the slightly yellowed paper.

"I just wanted to get away from the lovebirds," he defended. "All that smooching and touching, eeeewwww…." He shuddered.

Lisa glanced up at her brother with a small smile on her lips. "You won't think that way in a few years."

The elf-boy shot her a disgusted look. "No way! I'm never gonna fall in love. Not in a million hundred years."

His sister didn't bother to counter his statement, after all she hadn't she once felt the same way when it came to romance? That was before *blush* Clover, a boy she had met when she and Bud were still attending the Magic Academy in Geo. (A.N.: I didn't remember the names of the Magic Academy's students so I just threw in this name, maybe it's right and maybe it isn't. *shrugs* Doesn't really matter to me.)

Lisa shut her book with a thud. "Well, since you're here you might as well help out."

Frowning, Bud asked, "With what?"

"Helping me figure out which land we should go to next in our search for Pearl."

"What does it matter, she gets so lost she might move onto a land we all ready searched," Bud pointed out.

"Which is why we make sure to have the people of the lands we visit to keep an eye out for her," spoke up a female voice.

Bud whirled around and spotted Delphine and Elazul standing by the library's door. "Yeah, I guess that would be a good idea," he admitted.

Clapping her hands together, Delphine said, "Well then, lets get started!"

And so they plotted and planned for the rest of the day. Eventually they came to the decision to split up. Delphine and Lisa would first check out Mandora Beach and then return to Gato Grotto to see if anything had been heard. Elazul and Bud would go to Lake Kilma and then swing around to double check the Luon Highway.