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The Key

Light knew someone would be keeping an eye on him when he was taken back to the hotel, but this was a bit overboard. Ryuzaki saw no problem in being handcuffed to him, but for all Light knew he was gay or bisexual. Light had no problem with that though, after all he was bi too. The only problem would be the fact that he would be chained to L 24/7 wich would undoubtably lead to a bit of a problem.

' I hope that when we take a shower I don't get hard when I see him naked...oh crap.' The moment that picture came to his mind his pants started feeling a little tighter. ' Ok think of things that turn you off...Misa at that time of the month...Misa randomly glomping you...Ryuzaki in a thong...NO! Ok Light try again...' Light kept trying to think of things to get rid of his problem, but everytime he tried thoughts of Ryuzaki would come along and bring his problem back. All he could do was hope Ryuzaki wouldn't notice.

"Is there something wrong Light?"

"I-I'm fine..."

"You don't sound fine. Did you want a peice of cake?" Ryuzaki asked as he held an uneaten peice of cake towards Light.

'And it is that naive, childlike, innocent behavior that makes me want to take him. No, stop thinking about doing bad things with Ryuzaki!' Light inwardly shouted at himself.

"I'm not hungry Ryuzaki." He said as he pushed the cake away. Ryuzaki took the cake and sighed thinking a little more. Then he saw what was wrong with Light.

"Light do you need to go to the bathroom?" Light looked at Ryuzaki, and noticed Ryuzaki was staring at the bulge in his pants.

"Yes, if it isn't to much trouble..." Ryuzaki stood up and walked him to the bathroom.

As soon as Light got to the bathroom he shut the door in L's face. He knew he couldn't reach the shower, so he solved his problem the only other way.

On the other side of the door Ryuzaki's mind was trying to figure out what casued Light to develop his problem. It could have been horomones, or that thoughts that were extremely perverted repetidly crossed his mind, but why would Light be thinking of Misa like that right now?

"Ryuzaki..." He heard Light moan slightly. Hearing that caused him to freeze. That ment that Light was probably bisexual, why else would he date so many girls yet masturbate thinking about him? H eaited about five more minutes for the moans and whispers of his alias to stop. As soon as the door opened he asked

"Why were you moaning my name?"

"Promise you won't tell anyone. Not Misa, not my dad, anyone in the task force, Watari, or anyone else you know or ever meet." Ryuzaki nodded, Light sighed and continued "I'm offically straight, but I'm secretly bi."(Thank you BB for that line!)


"That's it? Ok? You aren't going to freak out?"

"Why would I? I'm gay after all." Light froze, then lifted his chained wrist, seeing the chain in a whole new way. He then stared at Ryuzaki.

L was fairly certain of what Light was thinking and blurted out,

"I'm not going to rape you if that's what you're worried about." He then pulled out a hadcuff key form his pocket. "But if at any time you are worried about that you can use that key to unchain yourself, unfortunately I will have to raise the percentage of you being Kira if that ever happens." He handed Light the key.

"So instead of holding the key to your heart I have the key to your handcuffs? This will make things much more interesting." He said smirking. 'Oh the things I could do with him with these handcuffs...'

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